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If the Shoe Fits, Wear It...

Posted on Thursday, July 26, 2001 by Barak

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Hey, I always get the ├ęS accel model. I know there are similar shoes out there, take dc manteca for example. I know they are all around the same price and are the companies "cheap" version of the shoes. Are there any real differences between buyin a 60 dollar pair of accels then buying the more expensive shoes? like the Kostons? Alright thats it, thanx for your time. Jimmy

My response:


The Es Accel shoe is a plain, simple, feel your board shoe. A lot of people like it for its grip and comfort. The Koston shoe has an airbag in its sole, a little more technology, and it may hold up a little better.

Some shoes have more "bells and whistles" on them, which can jack up the cost. The rubber toe cap, airbags, synthetic leather, etc. All that stuff is expensive. Therefore, the shoes are going to cost more. The price is going to be a little higher on most pro model shoes, as well. Don't forget, Koston gets residuals every time someone buys a pair of his kicks.

I really don't think the DC Manteca is a "cheap" version of the Accel. The Manteca is very similar to the Accel, but not sub par. It has a lot of the same features and a simple look.

There are a lot of shoes out there made by different companies that are just as good as the Accel, but you have to try them to find out. Here are just a few ideas for similar shoes with a good price: DVS Riot, DVS Revival, Osiris Gamma, Adio 50-50, and Etnies Rap.

I hope I have been helpful. Good luck shoe shopping.

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