School's Out Jam 2008 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

School's Out Jam 2008

Posted on Monday, June 16, 2008 by MikeD

Photos and Captions by Mike Derewenko

Robbie Kirkland, kickflip frontside board. All right, I just realized something, I only know three people's names here. FYI: If your skating in a contest like this and your trying to come up, and you see someone taking photos of you, maybe drop them a line and give them your name, because I'm not researching it
Nice flash etiquette, dude. Kickflip over the rail
Backside flip down the set, which I can honestly say was a make. Good job, kiddo
360 hucker, to ride away
Frontside bluntslide
This was one of Scotty's weird deals. Apparently she got fifth for walking across the course with a board
Some kid does a frontside nosegrind on the bump to bar. Wonder if he's got it on the flat box?
Some kid does a crooked grind with the lights out
Women wait for the Product God, Scottcrases
Jorge tells the kids why he likes pink
This looks like it could be a cult meeting, with Scotty as the crazed ring leader
Some parents are going to send their kids off to school looking shiny Monday
Jeremy Knibbs! Ha - I knew another one, did I spell that right? "Hey man can you do a kickflip over that pyramid?"
Backside 180 nosegrind. How did this kid not make the cut again?
This was one my favorite shots from today. I don't know who you are but I would guess you're from St. Pete. Frontside bluntslide
DP, how did you make this with your foot off the back? Is this an amateur version of the pro trick, a backside noseblunt?
Yes! Front lip
Blown out...I don't know if this is nollie or fakie, flip
Chris Jata! I know this kid, mostly because he bothers me most of the time, haha. Nollie heelflip
Dylan Perry did a nice frontside flip for the camera
Mystery Science Theater 3000 crooked grind
Sepia, backside smith
Backside Tailslide, is that Easy E?
Chris Jata: Fakie flip
Jeremy Knibbs: Backside 360
Some kid: Caballerial


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