Go Skateboarding Day 2008 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Go Skateboarding Day 2008

Posted on Saturday, June 21, 2008 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

You know about these Wacom tablets that graphic designers use? I am far from a graphic designer as you can see, but I did get one as a toy. I was going to start drawing all my silly captions and stick figures on chill cam dumps, but it's too time consuming so I hardly ever get to use it. Anyway, the top photo is the parking lot entrance to the Bro Bowl. The city took the time to put up barricades to the entrance the night before to keep the public from using this public park. Wow, I'm pretty ashamed and embarassed of where I live right now. None of it mattered anyway because it rained all damn day
So, we all just went to the Park for a fun session and a BBQ. A serious photo shoot was going down on the Game of SKATE obstacle
All this crazy software I wrote to run all our bid'niss operations here at the Skatepark provides some interesting information for us on a daily basis. One report we get in our inbox every morning is the most clicked on photos for the previous day. When I put the Tech Deck sequence up from Damn Am, it was the number two most viewed photo on the site for some reason. Today, this Tech Deck marketing army showed up out of nowhere. Rainy days are good for finger boarding, I guess
It's still raining. The first thing I saw when I woke up this morning was a few cop cars at the Kanten Russell rail way off in the distance back there. Word on the street is that apparently the flyer was fake. Ronald McDonald pulled a fast one on us and the Tampa Doofy Department. Officer Doofy, maybe next year we should work together to create something fun for the children in the community that you're attempting to protect instead of playing a cat and mouse game with them?
Speaking of downtown, have you seen all those Red Bull Flugtag signs everywhere? By some miracle (thanks Red Bull Sarah), Skatepark of Tampa was approved to have an entry in this wacky event. Basically, you have to build something to send off a big cliff into the bay that is judged on how far it can fly with no mechanical power, among other restrictions. Unfortunately, I'll be in Amsterdam for that, but Clem is staying behind with the SPoT staff to run our rediculous act that day. Officer Doofy's going to be hyped on this one


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