Red Bull Flugtag Derewenko Photos Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Red Bull Flugtag Derewenko Photos

Posted on Friday, August 1, 2008 by MikeD

By Mike Derewenko

Clements now knows what it's going to be like to be bald, and apparently it required constant sun screen applications
Mmmm. REALLY hot donuts
I overheard a bystander saying that Barak was the most convincing as a cop. Ha.
I like the 2nd Fun Fact
There was quite the crowd gathering in front of the officers
This was our view from the Red Bull "cool person" area
Red Bull provided us with plenty of food and beverages in the "cool person" area
These guys won, and I'm pretty sure I heard they spent like eight-grand on their craft. They went 109ft., while the world record is 130ft.
There were a couple boats there
The hang-glider technique was a popular one, but not always the most effective
All day I saw people over at Harbor Island fanning themselves. Maybe the people that live over there go out in the sun too much
It's kind of hard to see, but a lot of teams made their crafts with 2x4's. Have you ever been hit or fallen on a 2x4 from 25ft. up in the air?
Man, hanging out in that nasty water is insane!
UT had a clever Spartan design and skit
All right, a little fun fact about this water: Years ago when I tried to get a diver to dive for boards for this art show I was doing, I was quoted $3000 for the dive. They claimed that due to the water's toxicity levels the diver would need a full body suit
Wait, I think this is the one that was eight-grand. It blew smoke and raised its pilot up in the air...then it broke and they had to all carry it...haha
The Derby Darlins won the text vote and the "Most Pollutants in the Bay" award
Stripping was a big part of a lot of skits
It looked a little hot to be wearing black uniforms
Hi guys - L to R: Angel, Barak, Body, Jorge, and Clem
The customary interview with Vin Diesel and some semi-hot chick that ran out of things interesting to say three crafts into it
Part of the skit was Angel ollieing over the pig (Body - how appropriate) that's frying on the ground
An Angel attempts flight
Killer tattoos for your viewing pleasure. On a side note, I'd like to thank Sarah from Red Bull for all the accomodations and making sure I had the right credential for free beverages
Some kid that was spilling everyone's beer
My girl...real or fake, what was the final word?
Sarah in work mode
Psyched to be done


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