Altamont Weekend 2008 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Altamont Weekend 2008

Posted on Tuesday, August 12, 2008 by Angel

Words by Ryan Clements
Photos and Captions by Angel Carela and Ryan Clements

It was an eventful night at Skatepark of Tampa. The Altamont Team showed up on time (thanks, fellas) and ripped with the locals for well over an hour. Andrew took off, but the rest of the crew (Regan, Figgy, Theotis, Kenny, and Garrett) hung out late into the evening as we handled the Steaz Bowl Jam. Check out Angel's photos and a couple of additional photos from SPoT lurker Andres Ramirez. If you were here, thanks for coming out and being part of a damn fun time. Thanks to Toby from Steaz for the idea of having us sweat our asses off in the Bowl on a hot summer Friday night.

Garret Hill - nollie 5-0
If you ever get a chance to talk to this kid, you'll realize the he is one of the nicest kids you will ever meet. Theotis Beasley - frontside flip
Theotis Beasley - backside heelflip
Justin Figueroa is still getting taller - kickflip 50-50
Kenny Hoyle - nollie front noseslide. Make sure you check out his part in Transworld's "And Now." It will inspire you to take your skating to a whole new level
Andrew Reynolds - frontside flip from the step-up to flat
Andrew Reynolds - kickflip shifty to flatty. The Boss always delivers
This kid had a full bag of tricks and let them all out during his runs...back to back, trick after trick. Great job
Haze Miller - alley-oop melon over the hip
Marlee Miller - okay, so I have no idea what she's doing right here
Even though this photo pretty much sucks, it passed the editing process only because it's Goonie Giles and we need to inform the world that Mr. Total Carnage himself actually talked a girl into marrying him. He and Nina are now engaged
Jamie Foy was one of the most exciting kids to watch rip the Bowl. Unfortunately this was not a make, but he did land the next one
Alex Sorgente - backside ollie over the hip
I'm sure that they forgot about Ethan when the Contest runs were set to "skate 'til you fall." This kid seriously ripped the Bowl for a good four minutes before he finally fell off his board. Nine-year-old Ethan Clothier with a Rob Meronek-approved lien melon on the hip
Ethan Clothier - one foot tail grabber
Anthony Henderson - 3rd place 15 & Under
Alex Sorgente - 2nd place 15 & Under
Ethan Clothier - well-deserved 1st place 15 & Under
Steve Rosa - it might not have been pretty, but somehow he pulled this invert to fakie
Jeff Macar - snaking the hell out of everyone earned him 3rd place in 16 & Up
Ryan Seaver - oldest dude in the Jam got 2nd place in 16 & Up
Steve Rosa - 1st place 16 & Up
Another little ripper on the come up - Dalton Dern with a kickflip melon...not sure if it's Meronek-approved because the photo was taken a split-second early
Dalton Dern - tuck-knee Indy over the hip
Levi Combs broke his board so he had to use Barak's for this lien melon
Jeremy Knibbs with the best possible frontside crail snatcher ever
Jeremy Knibbs just before he tweaked the hell out of this fs air over the hip
It took a few tries, but Jeremy Knibbs made this nose grinder into the hip look good
Top three in Sponsored - (L to R) Jeremy Knibbs - 1st, Levi Combs - 2nd, Dalton Dern - 3rd
These photos were sent in by Andres Ramirez
If you've never seen Garrett Hill skate in person, then you don't know what you're missing. Here's a bs 180 nosegrind
Figgy knows how to throw it down when it's demo time. This nollie crooks is one of many, many tricks that he did
Looks like Kenny Hoyle has a nollie crooks, too
I know that this is the second photo you're seeing of The Boss doing this kickflip shifty to flat, but it's definitely worth an additional view
Andrew Reynolds goes the wrong way off the step-up with a monstrous fs flip to flat
SPoT employee PJ Castellano with a nollie bs flip over the pyramid hip


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