Sierra's Teenie Bopper Skater Boi Chill Cam Dump

Posted on Tuesday, October 28, 2008 by Rob

Photos by Rob Meronek and Seirra
Captions by Rob Meronek

Oliver from Tampa joined us on this trip. Our first stop right off the plane was the Volcom house that has an empty pool in the backyard. Tonight there was a firepit in there
The house is more like a mansion from the 60's or 50's. There's weird stuff like a small wading pool under the stairs. The garage is about to collapse, but we still hang out in there anyway
Every room in the Volcom house has bunk beds and skate supplies for people passing through town
When was the last time you saw a house with a bomb shelter? It's basically a small full pipe under the house. Looking up at the end of it leads to a hole that comes up in the front yard
Mean Gene, Brian Schaefer, Allen Russell, and Sierra. We're on the road to trouble
A few people mentioned that Clem looks like the coach from the Lakers, so this year we decided to make that our group costume. Here we have Steve Stratton, Porpe, Jason Rothmeyer, Ryan Clements, Barak Wiser, DJ Wade, Brian Howard, Vern Laird, Brian Schaefer, Brian Young, and Rob Meronek
No only did DJ Wade run this the entire day, he wore this out to the bar later that night
Two creepy looking brothers - DJ Wade and Brian Schaefer both dressed as Kobe
Clem, Vern, and Schaefer are responsible for all the politically incorrect jokes on the mic all weekend. Thanks so much for the laughs
ASEC had a bus at the Contest with a bunch of solar panels on top. It powered all the sound and equipment used at the Contest
This is Jason Rothmeyer's least favorite part of his job as SPoTlight Productions head judge
Big Al is part of the crew that's been swinging hammers all week to get the course set up in the parking lot so you can get your switch nasty on
All weekend long, there was an amazing free buffet courtesy of Volcom
Mob sent a truckload of grip that was also given out all weekend long
Here's the text messages of the week. On the left side in white are Lee Loughridge and David Loy's replies to me posing as Sierra on her phone on the right in green. Lee was speechless for a bit
Seirra took over the chill cam for a day and came back with a ton of photos. This is her and her new BFF Lacey Baker
Sierra says this is some mom that was at the Contest. Wow, welcome to So Cal
That could either be the line of people waiting for food or the line of teenie bopper skate boi's waiting to hang out with Sierra
This is what David Loy would look like if he hung out with DJ Wade for a weekend
Anthony Schultz is looking more and more like a south Florida resident every time I see him
I wonder what words of adult wisdom Mean Gene has for Sierra
Luis Tolentino and Kechaud Johnson are the Ollie Pop champs for the weekend
When you have the chill cam, it's your responsibility to pause for a foot fetish every now and then. Good job, Sierra
Sierra, as your part-time Dad, I don't think I approve of you hanging out with Sammy Baca
Sierra's got bad aim on the foot fetish. Plus, she needs to make everyone turn them sideways. You can can't effectively gear check people like this
The entire weekend, it was always a crew of like 20 dudes plus Sierra. She's joining the new jocks here all gathered in the hotel room to watch a bunch of fat dudes swing a stick at a ball
I saw many wizard staffs that night. What's in those cans?
I approve of Tyler Adams-Hawkins hanging with Sierra
Looks like Felix stepped in a red paint bucket. Felix, thanks for bringing your crew to all our events
Check out Filmer Sara's footage here
I wonder how many of these skater boi's make the cut for Sierra. I spy at least five Tampa kits
I bet Seirra secretly wishes Lee Loughridge was Riley Hawk right now
David Loy, winning the Damn Am twice still won't get you a date with Sierra
Okay, the camera is back in my hands now. Thanks for the shoe hook-up, Cons
Who farted? Only a P-Stone gas cloud can have this effect on that many nearby people
Gabe Clement and Schaefer aka Pinocchio. How does Pinocchio whisper something in your ear with that nose?
The Damn Am name tags were abused by all the skate boi's that are fighting for a date with Sierra
I thought Louie Lopez was going to win it
If you wore a costume, thanks for joining us in the Halloween antics
Porpe, thanks for all the hard work all weekend, except for right here where you're posted up with your girl on top of the Volcom RV
Wet Willy and Devil Man are friends now
If you were in this product toss crowd, thanks for coming to our skateboard shindig
Jake Duncombe showed up dressed as DJ Wade and fooled everyone
Vern's legs and Schefer's legs look the same. I wonder how far up the leg Schaefer went with the paint?
Congrats David Loy for winning another Damn Am at Costa Mesa. See you all at Tampa Am in December

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