Harvest Jam 2008 Presented by Xing Tea Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Harvest Jam 2008 Presented by Xing Tea

Posted on Tuesday, November 18, 2008 by Rob

Photos and Captions by Rob Meronek

Before the Contest got started, we all had to get the full debriefing in Clem's office on all the glorious websites that the Xing Tea girl is on. Her name is Kenzi Marie in case you want to use that one website that starts with "g" to get more, uh, info on her
Today my goal was to be "in to" photography, so I piled up all my gear in a 700 pound backpack and brought it to the Park. I started to take some off camera flash photos like this. That's when I quickly realized I'm more in to joking about the photos I take rather than taking good photos
The blur in this kid's kickflip represents how focused I am in photography. I could probably draw better stick figures than the photos you're about to see. Look, he's even giving me a thumbs down. Thanks, kid
I didn't see a single Mongolian cruiser all day. Amazing. One thing, though, nosegrabs like Cameron Miller here is doing are standard for the tykes under 10
Wow, this photo was so horrible I had to do the black and white trick to it so it now appears as though it was an intentional masterpiece of artsy pompousness, or maybe something like those photos of Bigfoot and the Lochness Monster. Anyway, I needed to use this photo to illustrate my point of nosegrabs being the new mongo. It's okay if you're a little kid, but if you're doing stuff like blunt nosegrabs, you might want to reconsider your trick selection if you have facial hair or edit it out of your footage if, say, you want to get into Tampa Am
I like this kid's style and attitude. He slammed at the end of his run right here and just remained there for the entire kid's next run
Body made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and delivered them by airmail to random people in the crowd. I think he should make a Shaqueefa logo with muffin tops
When Barak throws that deck into this sea of little tykes, you know what's going to happen, right? They will all grab it by the nose
These are the 8 and Under winners. They haven't skated in over an hour by the time the awards for their division comes, yet they still rep the helmets. I like how they wear them like hats. You know they went home wearing those. I love little kids. I wish I could think more like them
This is the 9 to 12 Division winners. You like how I gave the Asian kid the yellow ribbon?
Rosie O'donnel, Jodie Foster, and the white Pochahontis won the Girl's Division
This is Kevin Sykes doing one of many mandatory frontside feeble grinds you must see at every skateboard shindig
Wow, must be amazing to have dreads before you lose your virginity. This is Shane Carter feeble grinding
Shane Carter again. Put this one in the nosegrab category. I don't believe I've ever seen a combo of deads and a benny. Can I say it again? I love little kids. You have to be careful with that - you can say you love little kids and it's fine. Get specific with it like, "I love 12-year-olds," and suddenly you're on some list and you have to tell the gub'ment whenever you move into a new neighborhood
Who dat? Yet another feeble grind. Wait, what's that in the background in the crowd?
Oh man, it's Yosemitie Sam and he made cheerleading sign for his kid using the SPoT logo. Sweet. He loves little kids even more than me. Go Dimitri!
This terrible photo is here just as an experiment. $100 says he still uses this as his default MySpace photo
Let's take a break and check out the Snack Bar. Thanks Xing Tea for hooking it up. The Snack Bar now looks like the bachelor pad of a high class lady killer
We have a new Parents' Lounge, too. It's looking like a fishbowl. Kind of reminds me of the holding room I was in the night I was in jail
That's Ryan O'Rourke crooked grinding in what could possibly be the worst angle ever to shoot from. I'm awesome at this picture taking thing
Xing Tea brought a full crew of girls, Kenzi Marie included. She looks much better in person vs. her internet "work." I thought it would be the other way around
Anthony Henderson gets a photo at every Contest. Why? Because he asks me. You should ask me, too. If you want a photo, walk up, smack me on the back of the head, introduce yourself, and tell me to point the camera. I'm down
This is Jake Miller on a back tail from another horrible angle
Here's a decent angle. It's Kenzi helping with the product toss
That's the 13 to 15 Division winners and you know they're going to Google Kenzi. Hope the parents got that Net Nanny running
I've been trying to use the fisheye a little more. A fish will make even the most busted photographer look somewhat legit. That's Dalton Dern
I like this kid's style. Josiah Portillo - 360 flip from another angle that's not so hot
I believe this is Clay McGuiness threading the needle in traffic on this bump to crooked grind. I want to see a little tyke do a nosegrab crooked grind
Remember H-Street's Hell Concave? It looked like Dalton Dern's back hand right here. Never heard of H-Street? What, are you under 30 or something?
Two things you don't often see - a black man as President and a black man that does frontside feeble grinds. This black man does them feet together looking like a ski jumper, another thing you don't often see black dudes doing
Kenzie's sidekick, Cannon Kelly, spent some time on the mic with Body. I like how she holds that thing
Thanks Xing Tea, we enjoyed your beverage. What kind of alcohol should we put in it?
That's Dimitri doing a switch heel down the stairs. Not sure if it's the same Dimitri from the cheerleading sign
Who dat? 360 flip down the stairs
You will see Brandon Knowles in Tampa Am this year. That's a backside flip
After working a full two days packing it in the ASS (Asian Sweat Shop - online order packing), I have discovered that PJ Castellano has a hard time correctly pulling items that have been ordered online out of the Shop. He does not have that problem with kickflips over kids doing yoga. You'll see PJ in Tampa Am also
Who dat? Not a bad looking 360 flip
Here is where I started playing around with all the buttons on the camera. All it did was make Timmy Knuth's face look like it melted off on this kickflip crook
How does Porpe nollie while nearly fully standing up?
Who dat? Another melted face front feeble
Maybe I should take better notes. Who dat? Kickflip
Jacob Portillo and his brother do not share clothes. That's a pop shuv over the rail
Can I go back to saying I love little kids without being creepy? I became a fan of Ethan after seeing him skate at the Surf Expo Mini-Ramp Jam. The Mini-Ramp Jam there is now cancelled by the way
One time I actually tried to learn varial heels like Destin here. It didn't work out
The first time I ever saw a photo of myself doing a 360 flip, I was so bummed at how weird it looked because my feet were so close together
Who dat? Another not bad looking 360 tyke flip
I think this is Joey Pelligrino? The back smith is looking good
Not many people touch this rail during an All Ages Contest. Doesn't matter now because it's gone. More on that later. That's Dylan Perry frontside nosesliding down it
Jereme Knibbs has his Tampa kit on and his pinky in the air like he's sipping tea at fine Sunday brunch
Billy Burke killed it in Sponsored. This is a crooked grind pop over in yet another Tampa kit
Who dat? I think it's Marcus. Kickflip frontside boardslide
Marcus again - kickflip back lip
Marcus piled right after the last frame of this kickflip back smith. I didn't have time to get the legit make
Alex Pelligrino made this kickflip back lip first try
This is Tyler Hunger winning the 8 and Under Division with a kickflip rock fakie from kahuna to bank to wall. I cut out the delay of game frames, but still, pretty good for an eight-year-old. One more time - I love little kids. I wish I was one of them
I'm pretty sure this Brent Sowinski. Montesi put him in Tampa Am this year. That's a switch front blunt
I know, it's odd to put the word "baby" in front of "Body," but this kid was dubbed "Baby Body." Daddy Body can't do that bump to back smith, though
16 and Up Winners with Body showing you how many PB&J's he ate per hour
Some random etchings on the ramps. For a good time, call...
Sponsored Division winners. By this time in the day, I have the attention span of the kids in 8 and Under. Let's get out of here and head to the After-Party
It almost looks like Porpe is buying drinks. It almost looks like Dylan Perry has alcohol. Neither is true
I wonder what mom or Xing Tea girl these two are discussing right now
It was not a 100% dude fest as usual. I had the pleasure of hanging with Seirra and Brittany. Check Sierra's screen saver on her phone - David Loy. Aww, she loves little kids, too
Alex Bowers aka Miami Jackson, is now back working in Innetech with us. That jacket would go good with Kenzie on your arm
I spy two former employees of SPoT here
Jeff Lako holds it down with boxing up all the stuff you order online. We've had a crazy few days with this sale going on. Time for an extra drink
Yep, Robbie Kirkland still has Florida on his forehead. Boston has been right there with Lako and I taking it in the ASS (Asian Sweat Shop - online order packing)


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