Rodney Mullen vs. Grind King Song

Posted on Friday, July 27, 2001 by Barak

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I own a pair of Tensors. My friends all say they're the best. I want to buy some Grind Kings, but they say grind kings suck. Is this true? What are the pros and cons of the two trucks?


My response:

Dear Jak,

I'll tell you the differences in the two brands and you can figure out what's good for you. The question is, "What do you look for in a truck?"

Tensor: Rodney Mullen (the inventor of Tensor) made the axles with no threads on the very end for less chance of messing them up. Tensors have a plastic slide plate on the base-plate for easier nose, tail, and blunt slides. If you break your kingpin (which are guaranteed not to break) you can't buy replacements. Unfortunately, you have to send your truck back to the manufacturer for a new base plate. That's kind of lame, but if you get them at the SPOT, we replace them right then and there. Oh yeah, they have a guaranteed no-slip axel, too.

Grind King: These trucks have a recessed allen-key kingpin head. The nut is on the bottom of the base-plate, therefore it won't get grinded down. This may eliminate some kingpin maintenance problems. Each truck comes with a coupon/sticker that you mail in for a free Grind king t-shirt. Yeah!!! As far as being the king of grinding, I don't know about that. The axels are guaranteed not to slip on these babies, as well.

Summary: I weighed both the trucks and they're about the same, but Tensors do cost a buck more than Grind Kings. Also, I have never skated either of these trucks, so I can't tell you how they turn. We sell a ton of both brands, so they must be worth something to somebody. If you like your Tensors, maybe you should keep rippin' it up on them.

Keep on truckin',

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