Don't Mistake "Clements" For "Clemency" Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Don't Mistake "Clements" For "Clemency"

Posted on Wednesday, September 11, 2002 by Ryan

Don't Mistake "Clements" For "Clemency"

September 11, 2002
By Ryan Clements

     Okay, so now I’m “ignorant” and “redneck.” That’s not so bad, I’ve been called much, much worse. One of my favorites from high school is “Scumbag,” but that’s a whole other essay. It’s ironic how you’re instantly offended, but don’t hesitate to offend those undesirables that drive trucks with rebel flags, chew tobacco, and work with their hands for a living. Or don’t I know the official collegiate Webster definition of “redneck?” Have we all forgotten what happened? I certainly haven’t. Will, you’ve known me for 10 years. I may not be a scholar, but I’m a far cry from “racist,” as you suggest. I’m just calling it how I see it.

     Here’s what I’m suggesting through our generic marquee and titles (and here’s another generic one): Fight Fire With Fire! Our country, and thousands of innocent people were attacked, and died. They’re dead. Don’t you get it? They’re never going to see their wives, children, or friends again. Isn’t that real enough for you, or have you really bought into the “World Peace” ideals? Although a great theory, I’m sorry to inform you, but that’s not going to happen. In addition, I should mention that the damage has cost billions and billions of dollars and commercial building liability insurance has more than doubled. Do not fret; we won’t raise the cost of admission at SPoT.

     Take a good look at this photo. It sucks to be hated, doesn’t it? People such as those pictured HATE us, and are willing to die for their cause. Maybe I should offer these guys the “peace” sign and some flowers and they’ll personally forgive me for what they think our country has done to them, right? I don’t think so. But I was born here and I can’t change that. I also can’t control the actions of our government in the past 50 years, but I’m still proud to be an ass kicking, Milwaukee Best drinking, F-150 driving American. I’ve been to one third world country, one time, and that’s enough for me. I’m not going back and I’m not going to be a flower wearing, peace-signed, bell-bottomed, 1969 hippie about this situation.

     Those who attacked our symbols of freedom, their supporters, and those that harbor them, want the United States of America to fall and YOU AND I TO DIE. I’m not cool with killing innocent people, but I’m much less cool with being a victim along with my fellow Americans.

     Sorry if I’ve offended you, but if you don’t take offense to a small group of Middle-Easterners coming into our country, taking advantage of our freedom, and carefully planning, plotting, and executing a horrendous act of terrorism, then we’ll just have to ‘agree to disagree.’ I heard that on 9/11/01 there were anti-American rallies hosted by Middle-Easterners on the USF Campus. Maybe there’ll be one today, too. If you’re anti-American and hate our government, I suggest you go join them. Otherwise, Barry, Rob, Brian, myself, and other SPoT staff members are having a Memorial Bowl Session today at 5:30pm and you’re welcome to join us.



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