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Posted on Thursday, October 10, 2002 by Rob

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What's Up At Skatepark of Tampa This Month

We've been nerding out as much as skateboarding over the last several months getting our online store ready for the world. Check it out at to see our actual live inventory that's in the shop, for sale on the site. We think it's the best thing going out there and hopefully you will, too. When you geek out for that long like we did, you can do stuff like hook a computer deal up so there's no backorders. Tech dogs on the computers - like whoa, uhhh (we know, it's a joke, hip hop's dead). We also give away more free stuff than anyone, so all of you freeloaders can get in line for a chance at some gear from the likes of DVS, Matix, and Lakai, among others. Too bad the closest to Puerto Rico we'll ship stuff to is Key West. Sorry, no international orders.

We're having an All Ages Contest on November 23rd as well as the usual Day After Thanksgiving Sale on November 29th. If you can't get off the couch, the same sale is happening for the online store. Click on it right from your Lazy Boy, you slacker. Save a little of mom and pop's loot and you're bound to get better Christmas gifts.

Right after the holiday season, get ready for Tampa Am 2002, just a few weeks later. It's also our Ten Year Anniversary. We'll see you and your fake ID's at Masquerade in Ybor City on Friday, January 17th, 2002 for the SPoT Ten Year Anniversary Party. It will be the place to be that night. Hopefully you aren't skating first heat Saturday, because if you are, you may as well get your name scratched now.

Rob Meronek
4215 East Columbus Drive
Tampa, Florida 33605

Matt Giles Profile

Skatepark of Tampa, Volcom, Emerica, Real, and Spitfire (flow)


How long skating?
About five years.

Is that a yellow rice rocket you're rollin' in?
Yep, $h!t's dope.

That doesn't go with the busted ass Camaro cut you're rockin'. When are you going to finally cut your hair?
When this gay ass Asian dude interviewing me decides to give me $50.

(Giles and I are in a hair growing contest.) Are you ever going to get a job?
The way things are going, most likely not.

How does a fat ass 17 year old like you pay for food and stuff?
Grandma hooks it up.

Funny how shorts just kind of dropped out of the gear selection for most skateboarders today. But, the other day I saw you rocking some cracker jean shorts. What, did your grandma not do laundry that day?
Here in Tampa it’s just too hot some days. You just have to rock the shorts.

Are you still going to be skateboarding when you're fat, old, bald, and in your thirties? What will you be doing? Is the yellow rice rocket going to last that long?
I’m going to skate until I can’t. I’ll probably be skating some busted ass back yard ramp or a ditch somewhere. Yellow rice rocket will be peaced out for a Caddy.

Yeah, right. Grandma's not going to keep you on the flow team that long. Tell us how you ended up starting skateboarding? Did you ever rollerblade or scooter before skating? Don't lie bitch.
I got a board for Christmas and I have my own scooter camp where I give private lessons.

How come you got fired from the Skatepark of Tampa so many times?
I will never keep a job for long, no matter where it is.

Frontside air

Frontside flip

Hurricane Grind

Asian With the Camera: Rob Meronek