Volcom's Wild in the Parks

Posted on Monday, July 6, 2009 by Ryan

Pics by Dorsa
Words and Captions by Clements

10 good things about Volcom's Wild in the Parks Contest Series coming to Skatepark of Tampa:

1. Our judges, Scotty, Pat, and Gonzo, got paid more than they do at an All Ages
2. The crowd did not have to listen to me (Clements), Schaefer, or Scotty on the mic since they brought their own MC, Jeff Arnold
3. Free food and drinks
4. Free skating for everyone
5. Free entry into the Contest
6. The Best Trick-style format was sick
7. The top seven finalists in each Division are invited to the Finals in AZ in September
8. The prize packs were proper
9. Cash was handed out to the top three in the Open Division
10. Their coverage of the event at volcom.com is stellar

For more pics, results, and a proper PRESS RELEASE on the event, please check out Volcom's site.

Thanks to Jeff, Brandon, and Jared from Volcom for coming out and making it happen.

Alex Pelligrino - back smith
CJ Dixon - frontside flip lipslide
CJ Dixon - nollie boardslide
Dylan Perry - backside 360
Ian Gow - frontside flip noseslide
Jacob Portillio - pop shuv 50-50
Kevin Sykes - frontside feeble
Jereme Knibbs - backside 360
Jereme Knibbs - back lip frontside 180 out
Tommy Presley - nollie crooked grind
Sean Jeffries - backside 180
TJ Sparks - backside heelflip
Travis Glover - frontside feeble backside 180
Travis Glover - nollie front board
Who dat? Varial heel
Who dat? 360 flip lipslide
I think that P. Steiner is going to start getting called PBR Steiner with that beer belly there. You're catching up to me, Pat
What is Body doing you ask? Well judging the Tech Center obstacle during the Jams of course
Even though I had no good reason to announce since Jeff from Volcom had it all handled, I still wanted to hear my own voice on the mic. Scotty was asking how long until lunch break
I think that Dorsa the photographer has a man-crush on CJ Dixon after looking at this photo
Let me get a dog, dawg. Our Volcom reps handled the BBQ. Thanks fellas!
L to R - Scotty, Soomi, Todd, Barak, and Jeff all get hot dog fever
The tents helped during the torrential down-pours that bombarded SPoT for about two hours in the late morning
Proper prize packs
Pat, Scotty, and Gonzo represent with Excalibur, which apparently came from some party the night prior
14 & Under winners...I see a couple of "sponsored" skaters in there
15 & Up winners
T4Prez won the "Hype of the Day," which was $50 cash and some shades from Electric
Open winners
Skatepark of Tampa's finest...El Cuerpo, Ian Gow, and DMFP