Stalker Steve's View of The Moat Show 2009

Posted on Thursday, August 20, 2009 by Stalker

By Stalker Steve

Since everyone has had just about enough airport security and $10 sandwiches at Surf Expo, SPoT decided to just host their own trade show and throw in a Best Trick Contest over the pyramid and tech center, respectively.

Torey Pudwill and Josiah Gatlyn came out and skated well the whole time on both obstacles, as did locals Jereme Knibbs, Dylan Perry, and Orlando's Sam Bianchini. The Contest broke down in 20-minute jams with top three winning cash and loose bills being tossed out to Honorable Mentions who ripped, but didn't quite rip hard enough to place.

Commerce flowed like wedding wine as all the potential booth space was packed tight and foot traffic was at an all time high. People came from all over down to Tampa for a 100% skateboarding show. I think with these lean times slimming everything down and keeping it minimal is a great idea. Let's do this relatively often now.

That being said, thanks to everyone for coming out to the first ever Moat Show. And yes, there will be a next time.

Moat Show Throwdown Results

Honorable Mentions
- Eddy - 360 flip noseslide
- Kevin - fs smith kickflip out
- Johnny Ceano
- Sammy from Gator Board Shop

- 1st - Torey Pudwill - feeble to fs boardslide shuv it
- 2nd - $200 - Brent Sowinski - kickflip backside tailslide bigspin out
- 3rd - $200 - Aaron Collier - backside lipslide sugarcane

Honorable Mentions
- Aaron Collie - bigspin boardslide fakie
- Mike Espinosa - switch 360 flip
- Alex Brawley - hardflip bs revert

- 1st - $400 - Torey Pudwill - bs 360 ollie kickflip
- 2nd - $300 - Josiah Gatlyn - frontside flip to flat
- 3rd - $200 - Shawn Hale - cab fs boardslide 270 out

Thanks to our friends at Red Bull for the support with supplying the purse

Tim Kulas - ollie up to frontside 5-0

Tim Kulas was doing front feebles into the bigger quarterpipe on the end here, but really, can you actually concentrate on anything but Body’s belly?

Tim Kulas - frontside disaster from low to high

Dan Pensyl probably made a bunch of new friends here in Florida with that camo hat

Mickey Reyes and Dan Pensyl

Former Tampon Bucktooth Will lives in DC now, but came down for The Moat Show

Jereme Knibbs - ollie out to backside lipslide

John Montesi was doing some business all weekend

AlBow in party mode

George Evans - kickflip melon

Jake Mednik from Kayo Corp

Clem and his friend Jim Shubin

Frank Branca, AKA Silent Frank from Gator Board Shop, enjoys some of the free Asahi beer

Frank and Ryan Dodge from Nike SB posing with two good friends

Dylan Perry - backside 180 nosegrind

Torey Pudwill, nollie backside 360 heelflip

Josiah Gatlyn - frontside flip to flat. Holy crap!

Body was trying 360 hippie jumps over the pyramid. Too bad he didn't land it

Mike Espinosa switch 360 flipped the pyramid straight to an Honorable Mention and some cash

Shawn Hale got 3rd place on the pyramid with a full cab front board 270 out

Josiah Gatlyn got 2nd place on the pyramid with his insane frontside flip to flat

Brent Sowinski got 2nd place on the tech center with a kickflip back tail bigspin out

Clem and Schaefer with Sowinski and Pudwill

Product toss time!

This kid came out victorious in the board toss

Half a dozen 15-year-olds fighting over a board

Awkward grappling maneuvers between these kids fighting over a board

Dan Pensyl killed Frosty's quarter to wall, so 5boro bossman Steve Rodriguez went to check it out

Sam Bianchini enjoying the free Asahi beer

Schaefer and Pete Kelly enjoying the fee Asahi beer

Ichabod enjoying the free Asahi beer

Joe Pelham and Steve Buggica footage:

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