A Photo Shoot for Frontside Grind Magazine

Posted on Wednesday, September 2, 2009 by Rob

By Stalker Steve

On Monday after work we all convened upon Jorge's tropical, and unbelievably fast, backyard mini-ramp for a friendly session. For a late August day in Florida, the weather was surprisingly nice, by which I mean not unbearably hot. Between the hours of 8am to 5pm most of the esteemed members of the SPoT staff are mainly, if not strictly, business. So it's always nice to cut free from the office and enjoy the simplicities of a backyard mini-ramp session.

The next day we waited until 7:30pm and then all met up at the Park bowl for a session. "If you're down to get a photo just let me know, but I don't want to just shoot photos and have the flash go off without you knowing," I told Schaefer mid-session. "I'm a professional, it's not a problem. You shoot away." Brian jokingly replied, then popped over the hip and did an 8’ frontside 5-0.

Good times and good people. See you at the next session.

The Management having a laugh

Frosty - layback front rock

Ian Gow - frontside crailtap on the extension

Jacob Krajewski – feeble grind

Ybor City is photogenic

Barak Wiser - backside ollie onto the extension

Jacob Krajewski - beanplant

Barak Wiser - lien to tail

Ryan Clements - I told Ryan, "We need to get a photo. The only thing I got yesterday at Jorge's of you was a tail block." He had absolutely no interest in another tail block photo and promptly front 5-0'd around the corner

Brandon Knowles - Brandon is down to skate anything, so when a street sesh didn't materialize, he had no problem going back to the bowl. Front blunt pop over the hip

Frosty - you may not think this is that hard, but after working all day doing manual labor, it's a lot harder than you think

Brian Schaefer - Brian was ripping all night, even with new trucks. Off the hip to front 5-0

Brandon Knowles - if the am shuffle is a front board body varial to regular boardslide, I think this is the pro shuffle. Back blunt to back noseblunt

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