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Posted on Thursday, August 23, 2001 by Barak

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Sent: Wednesday, August 22, 2001 8:19 PM
Subject: Just Grin and Barak

wazup im just a begginer and just lurning how to skateboard and would like to know what is the best size board , wheels and grip tape and what is the best trucks to get. can u send a picture of the skate park by u please ?

My response:

Wazup Beginner,

When you start out skateboarding it's hard to decide on what size deck to get. A good "starter size" for the average kid is about 7.75 in width. From there, you can determine if something wider or narrower may be more comfortable or easier to skate.

As far as wheels go, begin with some 54mm. Once again, you can determine a better size after rollin', flippin', and jumpin' around on them for a while.

Truck size should be proportional to the width of your board. You don't want the truck to be wider than your deck. I suggest Independent, Thunder Strikes, or Destructo trucks. All of these trucks are durable, have non-slip axels, and grind very buttery, which is what I look for in a truck.

Grip tape is a very standard selection, so you shouldn't have a hard time picking that out. Although there are many grip-tape companies (too many to list) out now, I recommend Jessup because its inexpensive and has the perfect amount of grip.

Check out our website to see photos of the SPoT.

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