Austin's Art War Notes: December 2009

Posted on Wednesday, December 30, 2009 by Rob

Austin rolled up in the ride below and I shot some more photos from his notebook.

Two whips on opposite ends of the highway spectrum are outside Innetech right now. Adam Kearley's kidnapper van and Austin England's Vespa. Both can be used to pick up chicks. One needs a v-neck and the other needs some duct tape and rope.

I'm seeing a pink Santa Claus hand puppet making the devil horns with a purple lemon as a body with Popeye arms tattoos. Austin said someone else drew that side. The right side looks like Sinclair's dog, Chubbs on date night.

What's for dinner, honey? Fettuccine and electric skulls with brain meat.

What's for desert, honey? Cookies and skull ice cream. Eat too much ice cream and even your skull will get fat.

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