Larry Perkins on the Come Up Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Larry Perkins on the Come Up

Posted on Tuesday, January 12, 2010 by News

LP's Nike SB Dunk Release is March 14, 2010 at SPoT

Tony Hawk confirms LP has the new world record high ollie at 50 inches and Chris Cole steps up to LP's game of SKATE challenge in this interview at Shred or Die. LP's shoe drops this Sunday at 11am.

Larry Perkins Calls

Years ago, David Loy was in a Jeep commercial with Tony Hawk. LP is calling David Loy to try to get some of that Jeep money.

LP calls the Habitat filmer to try to get some footage in the next Habitat video.

Ernie Torres might be on to who Larry Perkins is, so LP has to use his Eddie Smalls alias when he calls Ernie Torres to try to get some Adio shoes and challenge him to a phone game of SKATE.

LP broke his board at The Berrics and wants a new one from Target. After Larry tries to get the Target employee to take this broken board back, she turns to her manager and says, "This guy broke his skateboard doin' tricks n' $h!t, can he return it?" After a bit of a hassle, LP then gets her to check with the manager to see if back noseblunts are covered under warranty. How is this girl taking him seriously? Of course he tries to get on the Target Team so he can join, "that Lion King lookin' mutha' f*#@a on da snowboard."

Sometimes LP has to conceal his identity when making the call because people who've been around for a while are wise to LP's ways. On this call to Mike Maldonado, Larry's trying to come up on some of Mike's crossbred dogs with alligators, get his Welcome to Hell DVD signed, and maybe crossbreed a Pug.

Times are tough and Larry's got bad credit so he calls Theotis to get his mother's maiden name and social security number. Find out how Theotis handles Larry's business propositions.

Times are tough and LP has to call the "Skateboard Department" at Target to get on the team.

Times are tough, pro skaters are getting budget cuts. That's why Larry calls his favorite chow down joint, KFC, for a job.

This classic call is to High Grade Distribution (Satori) where LP calls to thank them for a little surprise he got in his box.

This classic call is to Skatepark of Tampa where former employee Brian Sloane handles Larry's request to skate Tampa Am.

This classic call to 411 is where Larry's trying to get a filmer (Collin Kennedy?) to meet him at the Long Beach ledges. After the filmer explains that they knobbed the ledges, he doesn't really know how to take Larry's reply of, "I got tricks ova da bumps, baby! Kickflip krooks over da bump..."

Larry Perkins prank calls Bill Weiss at Digital to try and get up in there.

Larry Perkins prank calls 411 to try to come up on some coverage.

Larry calls DC Shoe Company and insists that DC stands for "damn crazy" because, "that Danny Way, he damn crazy!"

Larry Perkins calls ATM Skateboards because the ATM machine done ate his damn card...

Larry Perkins Interview in Thrasher

Below is Larry Perkins' interview from Thrasher's April 2001 issue. Click to enlarge.

Larry Perkins Interview in Big Brother

Below is Larry Perkins' interview from Big Brother's May 2002 issue. Click each page to enlarge.


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