A Walk in the Park at Curtis Hixon, Tampa

Posted on Tuesday, January 26, 2010 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

We all met up at Skypoint across the street from Curis Hixon Park where Elisha took over the lens for a bit.

Not even Red Bull Cola can get my little cousin, Quinton, excited. I was going to loan him my cruiser so he could come to the Park with us, but he replied, "The police officer yesterday told us skateboarding isn't allowed." We had already been asked to stop skating the day before by a very polite police officer. What a nice kid Quinton is. I'm a nice guy, too. There are just certain pointless rules I like to break just to freak out uptight people that need to ungrow up. That's my mission today.

Angel representing the FSEC on the Skypoint balcony.

Elisha's view of Curtis Hixon Park from Skypoint.

So who has the camera now? I don't know, but Elisha's ready for the mission down there.

If I had more time, I'd turn this one into an "Anatomy of a Photographer Trying to Skate" like that Thrasher feature. That's Stalker Steve - view his Curtis Hixon story here.

Austin's making my cruiser board do things it's never done. Actually, my regular board never does that either. We have a small gang of un-skateboarding women with us ready to descend on what's called "Tampa's living room." If it's our living room, they're lucky I put pants on for this stunt.

Everyone in Skypoint has a lap dog.

That's Seamus. His outburst is what prompted Mayor Pam Iorio to add, "Except for skateboarders," to her speech she was giving to the community.

This was no surprise, of course. There was skateboarding going on elsewhere and then these guys came in hot on Schaefer and Elisha who were sitting on the lawn. Both sides explained their case and it ended with us simply leaving. No big deal, it happens all the time. We still enjoyed our Sunday on skateboards.

Skateboarding? Whatever. There are bigger problems in Curtis Hixon Park like rule number six here. Keep your mud butt out of our Park.

So we're at The Hub now - Melissa, Brittany, Charlene, and Schaefer are getting loose for some nightlife cocktails.

Wait, it's not nightlife, it's daylife. After the Curtis Hixon incident, some of us went to skate and some of us went to party. Guess where I went?

You can find some interesting things on the girl's bathroom wall at The Hub.

Charlene passed out Philipino cigars and we called it a day. See you on wheels in Curtis Hixon Park.

Some Footage from Our Day at Curtis Hixon

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