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Posted on Tuesday, February 9, 2010 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

I have always found it interesting how certain skater profiles on our site get viewed more often than others and how certain events in skateboarding affect that. Here's a listing of the 400 top viewed skater profiles and their ranks over the last three months along with some random trivial observations on a few.

Skater Jan 2010 Rank Dec 2009 Rank Nov 2009 Rank Notes and Banter
Rodney Mullen1st1st1stConsistently in first since I started tracking clicks.
Paul Rodriguez2nd3rd2ndClick him in person at Tampa Pro next month.
Cory Kennedy3rd2nd3rdBerrics nerds.
Jamie Thomas4th6th7thConsistently at the top since day one.
Mikemo Capaldi5th5th6thMust be all those sports Tweets.
Luan Oliveira6th4th10thDamn Am of the Year, won Tampa Am twice, just signed up for Tampa Pro.
Terry Kennedy7th10th8thPersonality goes a long way.
David Gonzalez8th9th5thLast part in a major video ups the rank.
Lizard King9th15th9thNicknames work in skateboarding.
Riley Hawk10th11th15thTeenie boppers still love and click him.
Sean Malto11th7th11th
Corey Duffel12th14th13thShampoo commercials get clicks.
Ryan Sheckler13th12th16thSlow decline in interest lately, but generally always at the top.
Arto Saari14th39th32nd
Nyjah Huston15th31st19thIs he 12 yet?
Antwuan Dixon16th27th24thBeing a pile sells skateboards.
Shane O'Neill17th34th22nd
Chris Haslam18th33rd14th
Chris Cole19th19th20th
Dustin Dollin20th29th26th
Mike Vallely21st22nd4th
David Gravette22nd69th37th
Kareem Campbell23rd42nd25th
Nick Trapasso24th64th58th
Andrew Reynolds25th32nd36th
Marisa Del Santo26th18th46thZero video part upped the rank by 28 back in December.
Louie Lopez27th13th29thIs he 12 yet?
Ryan Gallant28th56th75thSteady increase since November. Welcome back to Expedition.
Bryan Herman29th48th30th
Tosh Townend30th50th28th
Jimmy Carlin31st45th17th
Cody McEntire32nd52nd45th
Chaz Ortiz33rd47th23rd
Daewon Song34th53rd44th
Gilbert Crockett35th30th42nd
Brian Slash Hansen36th70th59th
David Loy37th8th47th
Larry Perkins38thn/an/aMaking a comeback in 2010, playa.
Billy Marks39th63rd48th
Mike Carroll40th94th63rd
Josiah Gatlyn41st49th27th
Daniel Espinoza42nd118th117thRecently welcomed by Lakai which led to a 76 spot climb in rank.
Eric Koston43rd89th38thProbably too many angry tweets caused this 51 place decline from November to December.
Tom Penny44th80th34th
Jamie Tancowny45th82nd108thSteady increase since November thanks to the Zero video.
Cody Davis46th58th33rd
Tom Asta47th57th98th
PJ Ladd48th107th60thDoes anyone care anymore?
Kenny Anderson49th87th62nd
Nick Dompierre50th51st79th
Theotis Beasley51st40th40thEverybody be clickin' him.
John Rattray52nd113th148th
Jim Greco53rd65th105thShould one-up Corey with a make-up ad. Oh, Spanky already did that. Or was it shampoo?
Dennis Busenitz54th81st71stHis low rank means most people who skate don't understand real skateboarding.
Curren Caples55th41st31st
Stevie Williams56th95th93rd
Braydon Szafranski57th117th77th
Sammy Baca58th121st94th
Tommy Sandoval59th98th74thWears sweatpants in public.
Torey Pudwill60th62nd43rd
Dan Murphy61st217th155thRecent move to Foundation caused a large rise in clicks.
Don Nguyen62nd142nd76th
Nick Tucker63rd36th21st
Joey Brezinski64th66th66th
Jereme Rogers65th72nd55thGlad the joke is over and we can all move on.
Greg Lutzka66th88th49th
Alex Olson67th73rd50th
Dylan Rieder68th85th53rd
Chad Muska69th75th68thStreetwear can save skateboard careers. Amazing.
Garrett Hill70th67th70th
Elissa Steamer71st93rd81st
Tyler Bledsoe72nd114th80th
Dylan Perry73rd84th35th
Leo Romero74th100th61st
Tony Trujillo75th106th72nd
Bam Margera76th97th65th
Stefan Janoski77th79th96th
Jeff Lenoce78th164th131st
Rob Dyrdek79th104th52ndToo old for MTV traffic to bump his rank up.
Collin Provost80th105th41st
Matt Miller81st196thn/a
Justin Figueroa82nd125th90th
Harold Hunter83rd44th86th
Lacey Baker84th16th12th
Grant Taylor85th96th82nd
Jereme Knibbs86th108th54th
Kevin Spanky Long87th122nd103rd
Ben Hatchell88th17th129thUp 112 spots from November to December. Probably because he got arrested. Or, because of getting 2nd in Tampa Am.
Lem Villemin89th92nd89th
Felipe Gustavo90th20th64th
Bastien Salabanzi91st99th57th
Darrell Stanton92nd129th83rd
Ryan Decenzo93rd150th173rd
Adam Dyet94th138th100th
Leticia Bufoni95th28th69th
Chris Pfanner96th278th261stSerious coverage explosion over the last three months.
Ali Boulala97th126th104th
Geoff Rowley98th158th87th
Justin Brock99th90th85th
Jerry Hsu100th134th110th
Jon Dickson101st181st166th
Jacob Walder102nd110th97th
Mikey Taylor103rd143rd118th
Steve Berra104th177th67th
Shane Cross105th119th78th
Abdias Rivera106th130th51st
Alex Mizurov107th152nd165th
Ishod Wair108th25th138th
Anthony Ragdoll Scalamere109th131st133rd
Mark Suciu110th21stn/aWas a "Who Dat?" prior to showing up at Tampa Am in December and turning heads.
Fletcher Renegar111th186th299th
Mario Saenz112th231st95th
Jake Duncombe113th120th101st
Omar Salazar114th179th197th
James Brockman115th128th290th
Evan Smith116th60th199th
Lindsey Robertson117th140th132nd
Ray Maldonado118th35thn/a
Marius Syvanen119th111th127th
Pat Duffy120th303rd181st
Rick McCrank121st191st126th
Marquise Henry122nd155th324th
Ben Nordberg123rdn/a230th
Ramiro Furby Salcedo124th189th134th
Greg Myers125th220th146th
Jake Johnson126th61st111th
Cato Williams127th213th156th
Daniel Castillo128th167th174th
Tony Cervantes129th141st109th
Robbie Kirkland130th235th222nd
Alex Midler131st123rd88th
Danny Cerezini132nd185th112th
Andrew Pott133rd160th124th
Kevin Romar134th46th128th
Mark Appleyard135th163rd102nd
Taylor Smith136th83rd84th
Donovan Strain137th182ndn/a
Christian Hosoi138th157th154th
Levi Brown139th288th143rd
Marc Johnson140th214th176th
Chris Troy141st133rd119th
Tim O'Connor142nd192nd162nd
Anthony Pappalardo143rd151st149th
Eric Fletcher144th193rd91st
Evan Hernandez145th346th212th
Tony Alva146th268thn/a
Scott Pfaff147th238th189th
Ronnie Creager148th258th193rd
Chris Roberts149th172nd175th
Al Partanen150thn/a380th
Brad Cromer151st86th224th
Bucky Lasek152nd315th161stThe first vert skater on the list.
Guy Mariano153rd200th216th
Angel Ramirez154th159th169th
Keegan Sauder155th184th122nd
Bobby Worrest156th276th235th
Silas Baxter-Neal157th222nd305th
Andrew Langi158th68th56th
Devine Calloway159th201st203rd
Anthony Williams160th188th107th
Louie Barletta161st211th186th
Emmanuel Guzman162nd257th192nd
Johnny Romano163rd202nd73rd
Brent Atchley164th282nd232nd
Brian Anderson165th176th137th
Rodrigo Tx166th242nd160th
Jimmy Cao167th178th196th
James Hardy168th212th114th
Shuriken Shannon169th173rd239th
Anthony Van Engelen170th137thn/a
Richie Jackson171st233rd240th
Kenny Hoyle172nd262nd286th
Sheldon Meleshinski173rd194th288th
Tony Tave174th162nd135th
Rune Glifberg175th311th227th
Caswell Berry176th259th333rd
Johnny Layton177th174th168th
Donovan Piscopo178th116th191st
Shane Sheckler179th136th145th
Tony Panici180thn/a325th
Kellen James181st313th257th
Sean Conover182nd340th312th
Chima Ferguson183rd127th123rd
Timmy Knuth184th112th92nd
Mark Gonzales185thn/a210th
Jon Allie186th243rd171st
Kevin Booker187th284th254th
Tony Hawk188th210th179thThe differences in places between Tony and Rodney Mullen is amazing.
Pete Eldridge189th223rd374th
Darren Navarrette190th225th140th
Erik Ellington191st215th142nd
Wieger Van Wageningen192nd317th314th
Colin McKay193rd341st291st
Wade Desarmo194th250th280th
Steve Nesser195th298th223rd
Jake Brown196th195th178th
David Bachinsky197th245th113th
David Reyes198th148th217th
Todd Jordan199th320th258th
Zered Bassett200th260th120th
Brian Wenning201st54th39th
Omar Hassan202nd267th294th
Brandon Biebel203rd244th182nd
Scott DeCenzo204th248th260th
Nick Fiorini205thn/a330th
Ben Raybourn206th286th229th
Jason Dill207th316th275th
Manny Santiago208th146th136th
Daryl Angel209th216th228th
Brian Schaefer210th204th141st
Julian Davidson211th236th208th
Nick Merlino212th77th180th
Josh Kalis213th275th219th
Ryan Smith214th263rd342nd
Sierra Fellers215th175th115th
Filipe Ortiz216th170th151st
Lenny Rivas217th337th242nd
David Clark218th171st190th
Davis Torgerson219th168th99th
Lyn-Z Adams-Hawkins220th166th163rd
Brandon Turner221stn/a207th
Wes Kremer222nd239th306th
Adrien Bulard223rd43rd209th
Kevin Taylor224th266th238th
Kenny Hughes225th271st269th
Jordan Hoffart226thn/an/a
Shawn Hale227th38th356th
Yaje Popson228th344thn/a
Peter Hackett229th366th338th
Clint Walker230th132nd130th
Giovanni Reda231stn/an/a
Ed Templeton232nd229th225th
Peter Ramondetta233rd323rd213th
Josh Harmony234th301st250th
Andrew Elliott235thn/an/a
Austen Seaholm236th224th194th
Steve Caballero237th378th265th
Chad Tim Tim238th270th233rd
Ethan Fowler239th355th302nd
Heath Kirchart240thn/a279th
Adam Alfaro241st304th267th
Grant Patterson242nd221st188th
Ben Gore243rd218th125th
Colt Cannon244th382nd264th
Donny Barley245th274th309th
Nate Principato246th371st370th
Brandon Westgate247th252nd198th
Brad Staba248th302ndn/a
Chase Webb249th24th144th
Matt Mumford250thn/a214th
Rob Meronek251st253rd237thWastes a lot of time over-analyzing stuff.
Louis Moose De Los Reyes252nd312th159th
Adrian Lopez253rd296thn/a
Jeron Wilson254th240th315th
Nilton Neves255th297th351st
Danny Renaud256thn/an/a
Nate Sherwood257th379th263rd
Bob Burnquist258thn/a318th
Ed Selego259th325th234th
Anthony Furlong260th234th205th
Terell Robinson261st392nd252nd
Tom Remillard262nd322nd277th
Kyle Berard263rd334th187th
Pierre Luc Gagnon264thn/a345th
Dan Plunkett265th78th195th
Lewis Marnell266th324th377th
Kyle Walker267th103rd152nd
Chris Gregson268th197th147th
Albert Madrid269thn/an/a
Alex Trainwreck Gall270th375thn/a
Andrew Allen271st380thn/a
Frank Gerwer272nd265th317th
Patrick Melcher273rdn/a206th
Raymond Molinar274th369th341st
Kerry Getz275th387th184th
Antoine Asselin276th290th211th
Gailea Momolu277thn/an/a
Rob Gonzalez278thn/an/a
Brian Sumner279thn/a316th
Benny Fairfax280th339th204th
Marty Murawski281st254thn/a
Karl Watson282nd350th385th
Jason Adams283rd328th328th
Gareth Stehr284thn/a249th
Adam Taylor285th329th226th
Guru Khalsa286th367th387th
Sid Melvin287thn/an/a
Pat Stiener288th291st293rd
Adelmo Jr.289th362nd383rd
Dominique Johnson290th241st158th
Eli Reed291st281stn/a
Ernie Torres292nd364th246th
Anthony Shetler293rd394th357th
Keelan Dadd294th207th292nd
Boo Johnson295th154th358th
John Cardiel296th381stn/a
Chico Brenes297th363rd283rd
Dan Drehobl298thn/a390th
Willy Akers299th161stn/a
Nick Palmquist300thn/a386th
Rammy Issa301st124th150th
Aaron Jaws Homoki302nd331st221st
Billy Rohan303rdn/a372nd
Corey Sheppard304thn/a281st
Andrew Cannon305thn/a295th
Luis Tolentino306th165th259th
TJ Rogers307th26th285th
Willy Santos308thn/an/a
Chet Childress309thn/a343rd
Kevin Coakley310th345thn/a
Danny Way311thn/a384th
Ian Gow312th372nd201st
Javier Nunez313thn/an/a
Austyn Gillette314th198th300th
Matt Beach315th335th334th
Windsor James316th309th268th
Jared Lee317thn/a352nd
Austin Stephens318thn/an/a
Anthony Schultz319th203rd202nd
Justin Eldridge320thn/an/a
Gino Iannucci321st354th323rd
Mike Barker322ndn/an/a
Kyle Leeper323rdn/an/a
Trevor Colden324th101st348th
Mike Peterson325thn/a310th
Reese Forbes326thn/an/a
Duane Peters327th338th276th
Matt Berger328th23rd220th
Ryan Reyes329th397th284th
Justin Strubing330th383rd247th
Vincent Alvarez331st342ndn/a
Nick Mullins332nd294thn/a
Kris Markovich333rdn/a289th
Chet Thomas334th358thn/a
Morgan Smith335th280th167th
Richie Belton336thn/a379th
Jani Laitiala337thn/an/a
Danny Fuenzalida338thn/an/a
Devin Appelo339thn/an/a
Ben Raemers340thn/a394th
Jesus Fernandez341st359th256th
Adrian Mallory342ndn/an/a
Fred Gall343rdn/a329th
Tyler Hendley344thn/an/a
Danny Supa345thn/an/a
Kelly Hart346th292ndn/a
John Motta347th208th215th
Jake Donnelly348th209th389th
Salman Agah349thn/a391st
Jeremy Wray350thn/a308th
Milton Martinez351st272nd121st
Will Fyock352ndn/a382nd
Aaron Suski353rdn/a344th
Alex Gourdouros354thn/an/a
Nick McLouth355thn/an/a
Derek Elmendorf356th256th337th
Nick Garcia357th255th369th
Danny Rosario358thn/a339th
Matt Ball359thn/an/a
Mike Maldonado360thn/an/a
Travis Glover361st227th243rd
Connor Champion362nd314th327th
Clint Peterson363rd393rd273rd
Chris Miller364thn/an/a
Truman Hooker365thn/an/a
Jeffrey Marshall366th261st153rd
Eero Antilla367thn/an/a
Lincoln Ueda368thn/an/a
Ron Deily369th180thn/a
Alex Perelson370th373rd245th
Marquise Preston371stn/a376th
Matt Hensley372ndn/an/a
Evelien Bouilliart373rdn/an/a
Paul Shier374thn/an/a
Tony Silva375thn/an/a
Ryan Clements376th376th350th
Chaz Pineda377thn/an/a
Mike Frazier378thn/a251st
Forrest Kirby379th349thn/a
Aaron Artis380thn/an/a
Nate Broussard381stn/an/a
Ryan Lay382ndn/a366th
Vince Del Valle383rdn/a388th
Mike Anderson384th391stn/a
Greg Haidl385th277th116th
Justin Schulte386thn/a353rd
Alex Chalmers387th368thn/a
Chris Lehman388thn/a313th
Jackson Curtin389thn/a311th
Nestor Judkins390thn/a301st
Shaun White391stn/an/a
Jason Rothmeyer392ndn/an/a
Jimmy The Greek Marcus393rdn/a164th
Yonnie Cruz394th115th170thHad a ripping opening part in the latest Dango video, but clicks fell off a cliff in January.
Matt Allen395thn/a371st
Taylor McClung396thn/a393rd
Apollo Cutts397thn/an/a
Anthony Amedori398thn/an/a
Youness Amrani399th55thn/aTons of attention for his 5-0 360 flip out at Tampa Am. After that, no one cares.
Mike Espinosa400th396thn/a


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