Munny to Blow Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Munny to Blow

Posted on Monday, March 1, 2010 by Stalker

By Stalker Steve

The cool thing about art is that you can do a lot of different things. You can totally trip out and let your mind get out there, making a really abstract piece of art, or you can keep it conventional and make something within a confined space, like a canvas.

When I heard the concept for the Munny Show, I thought it might just be a lot of conventional pieces on the Kid Robot Munny dolls and maybe a few more elaborate pieces. I'm happy to say the Tampa art community killed it and did some great work. From several Munny figures in a fake Whack-A-Mole arcade game set up to many of the artists adding onto their Munny figures with plaster (or anything else), every Munny was different.

Everyone came out and had a great time. Thanks to Asahi and Berentzen for supplying social lubricant, Red Bull for supplying the energy, and DJ Blenda for playing some sick jams all night.

See you at the next art show.

The show was all ages, and in our Snack Bar, so in addition to the art crowd, the Snack Bar crowd was out. Jereme Knibbs held down his seat.

Dylan Perry always appreciates a free Asahi. Thanks again guys. Domo arigato.

Chad Cardoza put the Show together and it looked awesome. Here he is with Suzie, otherwise known as Mrs. Cardoza.

Justin Ryan on the left worked the door on his birthday. Here he is with his co-worker for the night, Afro Jim.

Innetech bros, Austin England and Jeff Lako.

Welcome home, Bowers!

Adam Kearley was holding it down for the arts all night.

Giles, Welch, Lako, and Peewee Kirks - OG SPoT.

Giles and Welch are tight homies.

This kid skated all day at the Park while I was working and once I was walking around shooting photos he asked me to teach him to drop in. I told him the way to put four wheels down, but I brought Wizard in to help as well. We had to cancel the skating on the kiddie course for the Party, but the kid came up to me later and exclaimed, "I rolled down the big roll in! See you next Saturday!" Welcome to getting hyped on skating, buddy.

Barak was in the building.

Devon and Catherine held down the bar all night. Let's hope you all tipped.

Little Manny Amorelli was ripping in the bowl while the arts were being supported.

Dylan Perry - cruiser board frontside grind.

Griptape impresario Dylan Perry.

The Sanford and Son of Tampa Skateboarding, Little Manny and Big Manny Amorelli.

Like a true redneck that only drinks American beer, Giles brought his own Budweiser.

This is my buddy Mitchell. We were neighbors when I lived in North Lakeland as a kid. I didn't realize it was him until after a few times of him skating at the Park. Funny coincidence.

You'll be seeing Durke, on the right, holding down The Bricks, which is opening next month. You'll be seeing Giles holding down a trucker hat and a Budweiser today, tomorrow, forever.

A scooter posse was riding the kiddie course so I snapped a photo of this bar spin.

Posse pride, Bristol is down for Skull Rash.

Big Manny was ripping the bowl and took a slam. Hesh life.

"Check out my gut." Sean Cullen.

In addition to tools, ramps, and a desk, Frosty has swords in his Dungeon.

The Deacon's were out for the arts.

Julio Fernandez was skating the vert wall and asked for this photo. Frontside kickturn and grab the pole.

This is one of the kids who skates the Park a lot. I call him Lil' Ice Cube. He repped his set for a photo.

Lakeland in the house. Serpico, Adam Washell, Pat Stiener, and Matt Dockery.

I was in the Dungeon and saw Giles messing with Frosty's tools. No biggie, Giles is always playing with tools. Next thing you know he's drilling Porpe's board to the wall.

This Munny figure was waiting on the Great Elephant.

This Munny is from Toy Story.

I was hyped how Ally Atchison's Munny didn't look like a Munny at all.

These sci-fi Munny's were pretty detailed in person.

These Munny's are a good example of people adding onto their Munny figures.

The Whack-A-Munny piece, one of my favorites.

The tattooing Munny.

I was leaving and saw Goodwine in his car and told him to rep his set. This is what I got. Not so gangster, Goodwine.


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