Day By Day At Tampa Pro 2003 - Tuesday March 11

Posted on Tuesday, March 11, 2003 by Rob

Day By Day At Tampa Pro 2003
Tuesday, March 11, 2pm

Well, it sure must suck to have to experience Tampa Pro by reading about it on some website. I'll do my best to make you feel like you're right here with as many photos and videos as possible.

You can tell the pros are not as eager as many of the ams because barely anyone is here on Tuesday. The Park was already getting pretty full during the Tampa Am 2003 week by Tuesday. So far I've seen Caine Gayle, Chad Bartie, Elissa Steamer and Matt Milligan skating along with a Brazilian crew that's turning heads, as usual. Check out Elissa and Matt in the new FMII Video out now.

Brian Schaefer and crew have been busy getting the course ready and building new spectator areas.

Check back later for more photos and video.

Photos And Video From Tuesday

Not sure who this is yet - one of the Brazilian guys - 360 flip lipslide on the ...

Not sure who this is yet - one of the Brazilian guys - gap noseslide ...

Street course preparation includes everything from general cleanup and construct...


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