Day By Day At Tampa Pro 2003 - Wednesday March 12 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Day By Day At Tampa Pro 2003 - Wednesday March 12

Posted on Wednesday, March 12, 2003 by Rob

Day By Day At Tampa Pro 2003

Wednesday, March 12, 11pm

Last night my wife and some of her chick friends stopped by the park to check out some skating and apparently also to get a leg up on all the other pro-hos rolling into town. While we were out last night, all the ladies were asking everything they could think of about Caine Gayle - what's up with him, is he single, etc. So I guess he's a pretty good looking dude. I'm now on some kind of photo hunt duty/assignment from these girls to get mad photos of Caine Gayle. Whatever, on to the skating.

Ryan Sheckler has his own website now - he just arrived today. Is he going to be skating in the Pro? We'll see about that later. It's not even noon yet so check back later for some photos and video from today's skating.

Wednesday, March 12, 8pm

Sorry kiddies, too much work means no photos for today. The day is over and we're heading out to Masquerade to watch some crazy wrestling match or something going down over there at 8:30. By the way, here's the details on Masquerade and other night life if you're planning on spending some time lurking out this weekend.
  • Thursday, March 13
    • Masquerade in Ybor City - no cover with SPoT wristband, doors open at 8pm. Find out if any pros that shut the bar down make it for their heats the next morning.
    • The Orpheum in Ybor City - doors open at 8pm for you fools to check out these bands: Dukes of Hillsborough, Tim Version, Anchor, and Rehasher (featuring Roger from Less Than Jake).
      It's FREE and all ages so I'll see you and your little sister there.
  • Friday, March 14
    • Masquerade in Ybor City - no cover for anyone and it's all ages, doors open at 8pm. Check out the Sten Guns featuring Lance Mountain and Lance Mountain, Jr. along with Ampline, Icon, Ready Set Go and Super Power Abuse. Getting in is first come, first served so don't slack.
    • The premiere of the Tampa Am Experience 2003 video will also be at 9pm. That's all ages and free also.
  • Saturday, March 15
    • There's an art show and live band at the Covivant Gallery and Studios - 4906 North Florida Avenue, Tampa, (813) 928-4661. Last year I went to this and it was pretty fun and yes, there was beer!
    • Masquerade - Hip Hop with DJ Fader, no cover with a SPoT wristband. This one's all ages also - bring your other little sister.
    • The St. Patty's Day Parade thing is also going on in Ybor on Saturday night.
  • Sunday, March 16
    • Masquerade in Ybor City - Contest After-Party. If you missed the chaos and great times at the Tampa Am After-Party, make up for it this time and join us.
  • Masquerade is hooking it up all weekend with $1 Pabst Blue Ribbons, $2 Coors, and $3 Heinekens.
  • You'll also find pros and industry heads taking over the best sushi place in town, Samurai Blue, all weekend. That's in Ybor City also.
Wednesday, March 12, midnight

Damn, that wrestling thing turned out to be some serious entertainment and pure comedy. Check out some photos from the night below. Oh yeah, and there's some skateboard contest or something this weekend, too. Maybe I'll actually have some photos of that tomorrow.

Some meathead about to get smashed ...

You have no choice but to somke when you're in Masquerade - it's either going to...

Brian Schaefer and Gabe Clement have a beer while some fat chick or something ju...

Yeah, we were cheering for Mr. Tuesday ...

Caine Gayle with some wresler that has ketchup all over his face ...

This sums up the night... ...


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