Skateboarding is Everywhere: Galapagos Islands

Posted on Thursday, April 15, 2010 by Rob

Photos By Rob Meronek and Brittany Decarolis
Captions by Rob Meronek

Right off the plane in Quito, this thing was there looking like the top of the Mega Ramp.
Following that, right off the plane in the Galapagos Islands, the dingy that takes you out snorkeling is being circled by sharks. We're told they're harmless so everyone just dives in.
Go for a stroll on the islands and you run into creatures like these land iguanas fighting and getting territorial on each other, just like humans at skate spots.
Look up and you see wacky things flying through the air, just like a modern day vert contest.
I was there with SPoTlight Productions Head Judge, Jason Rothmeyer. He out-nerds me when it comes to photography and nature.
Skater Profile: Jason Rothmeyer
It's amazing how none of the animals have a fear of humans. Fish don't scatter when you're swimming, iguanas just stare at you, sea turtles swim right up to you, and sea lions snort right in your face.
I spent 11 days with this naked ass Euro. They love their banana hammocks, even when they're not swimming.
These marine iguanas exist no where in the world except for the Galapagos Islands.
The shark bites are not the same as the ones you get from a runaway skateboard.
One of the islands, Santa Cruz, has a small town. Would you eat chicken that involved a hair dryer as part of the cooking process?
This quarter pipe connected to a basketball court on Santa Cruz island had absolutely no marks on the coping. I don't think it's actually every been used by a skateboarder.
Maybe that's why there's no marks. They think the quarter pipe is the grandstands.
Right down the street, there's this thing.
I call this stuff Philipino barbed wire. They smash bottles and push the glass pieces into wet concrete to keep people from climbing the walls. This is back in Quito on the mainland in Ecuador.
Some harsh bank stairs in Quito.
On the streets of Quito, this dude somehow had a pile of Blind Reaper patches he was selling.
Imagine how awesome it feels to walk up to this spot without your skateboard.
It's super easy to get up to.
On the streets of Quito, it looks like the budget Neckface was here. I bet the vomitorium is where you go after you drink the water here.
This kid is earning his allowance in a metal shop I passed by on the streets of Quito.
This Galapagos Islands trip was one of the most amazing and eye-opening things I've ever done. There's more photos and some stories on my personal site if you're interested.

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