With the Four Horsemen Ride Article at Skatepark of Tampa

With the Four Horsemen Ride

Posted on Friday, April 16, 2010 by Ryan

Photos by Ryan Clements and Cullen Traverso
Words and Captions by Ryan Clements

Everyone's busy. But sometimes you've got to take some time out for yourself. Cullen and I had been talking about this trip for many months prior to actually taking it. I had been going strong several weeks straight with work and a break was much needed, so the trip got scheduled and as the date approached I was highly anticipating it.

There aren't really too many people in our area that ride motorcycles and skateboards, so our four-man crew was from four different cities representing Tampa, St. Petersburg, Lakeland, and St. Augustine. It's been a week since the trip as I type this and I can't wait to go on another one. Got a motorcycle, a tent, and a skateboard? Hit me up and join us for the next one...


8am Friday morning L to R outside of SPoT - Aaron Austin, Justin Ryan, Cullen Traverso, and Ryan Clements.
We took 41 out of town, otherwise known as Nebraska. On the corner of Hillsborough this lady had a sign asking for money, but claiming that she's an out-of-work, non-drug user, non-drinker, facing foreclosure.
Amen. Obviously still on Nebraska. I asked Cullen at this stoplight, "Have you ever been to this part of Tampa?"
Brooksville was the first stop for breakfast. This shack was next door to the restaurant. Really, it just needs a little work.
Cullen was our road map and took us on back roads the entire time. This is on the way to Ginnie Springs, just outside Gainesville.
This guy was buddying-up with us, talking to us at the stoplight. Then right up the road he just about rear-ended a car and ate it when he was trying to tell us what way to go.
In the middle of nowhere we saw these gems at this dealership.
Aaron knows how to have a good time when riding.
When you get out of the cities, Florida is filled with this type of scenery.
Setting up camp and getting ready for a swim in Ginnie Springs.
That's when we found out that Aaron and Justin have the same tattoo. Cute.
You know you're a redneck if your float is as big as your living room. Let me tell you...that water was really cold.
We rode into Gainesville to skate and Kyle Berard met us for a quick meal. He's up there building a skate park.
Skater Profile: Kyle Berard
This quarter-pipe at Gainesville Skate Park is no joke and Cullen front rocked it with ease.
Backside nosegrind pop-in for Aaron.
After skating we hit the auto parts store so Aaron could get new plugs for that crazy chopper he rides.
Our cooler at the campsite each night was Mother Earth. Justin was a Boy Scout.
Hot dog! Those didn't look too good to me.
After working on his exhaust pipes the following morning, Cullen cleansed with leftover brew.
On the way to Jacksonville, Cullen took us down some great, rural roads.
For Sale - Great Price - Needs Some Work.
Cullen killing it with an ollie up to noseslide at a park in Jax.
Backside tailslide for Aaron.
Gapping over the step-up to noseblunt slide. Aaron was killing it.
From Jax we rode down to St. Augustine and stopped at a pub for an early dinner.
Camp was set up and then we headed over to Treaty Park in St. Augustine for an evening session.
Cullen got himself a nice fs grinder.
When we rode back to camp the gate to the state park was locked, but that didn't stop Aaron.
Cullen had the code for the rest of us with slightly larger motorcycles.
The Boy Scouts cranked up a fire, but I wasn't feeling so hot, so I downed some cold medicine and hit the sack.
My whip was parked about 3' from my tent, and when I woke up at sunrise on Sunday morning the first thing I saw was a raccoon foot print on the side of my bike. Looks like someone was checking things out.
Cullen was like, "I'm going to stash this beer off the side of the road and come pick it up later," since he actually lives pretty close to the campsite we stayed at in St. Augustine.
The 1.5 mile ride from the campsite back to the paved road was sketchy as usual.
After breakfast we stopped for some gas and for Aaron to work on his bike once again.
The ride into downtown Daytona is a nice one.
Time to skate for the final time on the trip. Boardslide to fakie for Aaron on the interesting quarter at Bethune Park in Daytona.
Cullen gets a fs grind in the weird, but fun, bowl/pool.
Justin and I headed out on our own back to Tampa because it was Easter and I had some family stuff to do. This is while we were riding over the St. John's River.
Meanwhile, Aaron ran out of gas in the middle of nowhere and Cullen helped out.
Aaron's bike has a tiny tank and doesn't really get good mileage per gallon, so running out of gas is to be expected.
I could tell you that Heath Kirchart was with us and you would believe it with this picture, but it was really Justin.
Back at home in Ybor City, we did an adult version of an Easter egg hunt with product that Tony Hawk sent us.
I texted Tony the location of the hidden prizes and he tweeted the info to his 2mil followers. This dude was trying to figure out where the good stuff was hiding.
Found it next to the parking garage!
We made this guy climb a tree for his prize.
The kid got a Birdhouse backpack directly from the Birdman himself.

Video from the Tony Hawk Easter Egg Hunt: http://gallery.me.com/jasonturk/100598


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