Thursday at Maloof Money Cup: Check-In and Course Construction

Posted on Friday, June 4, 2010 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

It was a long hectic day of behind the scenes work for the contest involving finalizing how we're making the format as simple and easy to understand as possible, meeting with Fuel TV guys, making sure our planning over the last few months actually makes sense now that we've seen the real course, and other general admin bid'niss type stuff. On top of all that, a few skaters checked in today where I make sure sponsors and other info are correct and shoot a headshot photo for the site. Tomorrow during practice all day, it will be a ton more. It's nearly midnight and the workday is still not over. It's all worth it to witness some damn good skating this weekend. Not to mention sneaking in a session on the course before leaving.

Looks like Mark Waters is already partying at noon. He's shooting photos and writing about things online all weekend. Sounds like a real comfortable partying position to me.
The course is still under construction on Thursday afternoon.
The course is still under construction on Thursday afternoon.
Ishod Wair has a contract in the works for those shoes on his feet right there.
Skater Profile: Ishod Wair
The replica of the grate at the real Flushing which is about 1,000 feet away.
It's super dusty from concrete cutting and sanding. People are giving the completed parts of the course a full bath.
The Volcom tag team, Jake and Remy.
Skater Profile: Remy Stratton
Who's got the street gap to rail?
Who's got the street gap to rail?
Where's that fire hydrant going?
I don't know about that flat rail right there.
Ishod Wair.
Skater Profile: Ishod Wair
Shane O'Neill.
Skater Profile: Shane O'Neill
Caswell Berry.
Paul Rodriguez.
Skater Profile: Paul Rodriguez
Curren Caples.
Skater Profile: Curren Caples
Louie Lopez.
Skater Profile: Louie Lopez
David Loy.
Skater Profile: David Loy
Geoff Rowley.
Skater Profile: Geoff Rowley
Ryan Decenzo.
Skater Profile: Ryan Decenzo
David Gonzalez.
Skater Profile: David Gonzalez
Evan Smith.
Skater Profile: Evan Smith
Ron Deily.
Skater Profile: Ron Deily
Late into the afternoon, course construction was still going on.
Porpe and I got to take a break and skate the course for a bit. Things get going at 1pm on Saturday. It's all practice up until then.
Skater Profile: Jorge Angel

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