Damn Am Minneapolis 2010

Posted on Monday, June 14, 2010 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

Dylan Perry's Chill Cam Footage

Jason Rothmeyer, our head judge, took the classic fall back in the leaning chair spill to start the day off. Good morning.
Skater Profile: Jason Rothmeyer
James Capps is here from San Francisco.
Skater Profile: James Capps
It's only going to be a couple more years before I finally stop getting Tyson Bowerbank and Alex Longcamp confused. This is Tyson and he's growing up and getting damn good.
Skater Profile: Tyson Bowerbank
Miles Canavello from Warp Skatepark - front crook on the bump to big ass barrier.
Skater Profile: Miles Canavello
Ethan Loy is following in this brother David's steps, but doing it without talking as much.
Skater Profile: Ethan Loy
Tabari Cook - 360 flip.
Skater Profile: Tabari Cook
How long is it going to be before DJ Wade uses iPads, too?
Skater Profile: DJ Wade
Dylan Perry - frontside noseslide on the bump to big ass barrier.
Skater Profile: Dylan Perry
Glassy ears, part one.
Glassy ears, part two.
Glassy ears, part three.
Steve Nesser says, "Yes, I was here."
Skater Profile: Steve Nesser
The Lair.
Dalton Dern pumped his life away to get speed for this.
Skater Profile: Dalton Dern
Thanks to Red Bull, Indy, Arnette, Mob, Transworld, Dean Guitars and Swiss for helping us not lose as much money as we could have on this Contest.
The Dean Guitars were sick. I think with my metal ass hair, I should be entitled to one of these.
Next door at JJ's, we all got roped in by the Minnesota pull tabs. They're the northern redneck lottery tickets.
What were we thinking renting this party bus?
Colin Clark brought the entire city of Boise with him.
Skater Profile: Colin Clark
When we arrived downtown from that party bus, there was nothing organized going on, so we just wandered around and ended up in some club where we don't belong. There was a fashion show and girls weren't wearing pants. At least that was cool.
If you end up dancing by yourself at the jock star club, you probably deserve to lose your phone.
Skater Profile: Jorge Angel
If you'd rather dance with a strange dude than by yourself, well...
Skater Profile: Colin Clark
Yes, we had to go. Colin loves these Japanese tourist photos like this where you just stand in front of something.
Skater Profile: Colin Clark
Markus Jalaber has a tribue to Steve Nesser and Emeric Pratt with this kickflip meron.
Skater Profile: Markus Jalaber
DP's got a history of bloody hands at Damn Ams.
Skater Profile: Dylan Perry
David Loy had the pileup of the weekend.
Skater Profile: David Loy
The fakie 360 shuv is a classic old guy move, usually done on flat with no pop if you're over 30. Paul Hart shows you how to snap it and make it look good.
Skater Profile: Paul Hart
These days, a good sign of growing up is when you start flipping out of tricks other than 50-50's. Tyson Bowerbank demonstrates.
Skater Profile: Tyson Bowerbank
Top three for the 8th Annual Damn Am Minneapolis were Timmy Knuth (2nd), Jack Olson (1st), and David Loy (3rd).
Skater Profile: Jack Olson
8th Annual Damn Am Minneapolis Zumiez Destroyer winner was Jereme Knibbs.
Skater Profile: Jereme Knibbs

Chill Cam Footage

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