Red Bull Manny Mania Orlando 2010

Posted on Tuesday, June 15, 2010 by Rob

By Stalker Steve
Footage by Joe Pelham

This year's Manny Mania Florida stop was at City Walk in Orlando, a shopping and partying area which is part of Universal Studios. The idea was to hold the event in a public place. We arrived at the Contest location at 10am to find that Big Al and Jona from Hazard County had already set up the manual pad, which was basically a mega-ramp for manny skaters.

In a really cool scheduling move, we were served delicious Moe's burritos before the starting any of the heats. So after some delicious food, the Contest got going. All the usual suspects and two wheeled killas were out and balancing their asses off all day. Heavy hitters included Jimmy Lannon, Bert Wootton, Jack Moran, and Yonnie Cruz. Actually, one of the Red Bull girls pointed to John Montesi and asked if he was skating in the Contest. Mistaken identity?

There were six, jam-style heats and the top 12 overall were tapped into the Finals, which consisted of four, three skater heats. The Finals had some bangers from everyone, with highlights being Jack Moran's nollie 180 fakie manny frontside bigspin out on the banked lily pad, Bert Wootton's front lip frontside 270 manual out on the curved rail to cheese wedge bank, and several other banger-ass tricks from Bert.

One thing I have to mention about the event is the good vibe. Everyone was in a good mood and really hyped. Maybe it was the good skating, maybe it was the beautiful Red Bull girls running around, or maybe it was people discovering the huge draft beers for sale right in City Walk, but people were feeling great and it made Manny Mania a really fun time.

In the end Bert Wootton took the cake and got 1st, Jerry Cadet got 2nd, and Jonny Scianneaux got 3rd. Big ups to Red Bull for taking such good care of us and to Converse and Skateboarder for supporting the event.

Thanks to Red Bull for putting us up in the Double Tree.
After a long night at BBQ Bar, Pat had to get motivated. This is him skating to catch up with us on the way to the Contest.
Skater Profile: Pat Stiener
Surrounding the Contest site was all sorts of touristy stuff. This is NBA City, which is appropriate with the Finals going on. Not to jock out like Vern, but go Celtics!
More touristy stuff. The Hard Rock is a sick music venue. I saw Morrissey play here a couple years ago and it still holds the title as “best concert ever.”
Clements and Pat discussing the event before the manny maniacs started skating.
Photographer Ryan Flynn was shooting for Red Bull. He grabbed my camera while it was still around my neck and snapped off a few shots. Most were out of focus, but this is a pretty sick photo of his mouthpiece.
John Montesi bought a camera recently and had Flynn show him the ropes.
Skater Profile: John Montesi
Scotty, one of the greatest storytellers of our time, telling a story about slipping out on an oil spill, a car running over his board and the guy not apologizing for it, and how he then threw a Gatorade at the vehicle.
Skater Profile: Scotty Conley
Judge Cullen Traverso feeling the pain from the record setting heat.
This was part of my meal I got for the free from Moe's and Red Bull. Thanks again.
Some of the crowd. These are my homies from Gator Board Shop.
Jona from Hazard County Skatepark. Thanks for the shades. They protected my eyes from harsh UV rays.
While this isn't a manny, any Jimmy Lannon photos or footage is good photos or footage. Frontside noseslide. Click to enlarge.
Skater Profile: Jimmy Lannon
Jimmy Lannon - backside 180 fakie nose manual. Click to enlarge.
Skater Profile: Jimmy Lannon
Jimmy Lannon - nose manual. Click to enlarge.
Skater Profile: Jimmy Lannon
Andre McKenzie and his homie.
Skater Profile: Andre Mckenzie
Felipe Gouveia and I partied the night before the Contest. Half cab noseslide to manny backside 180 out. Click to enlarge.
Skater Profile: Felipe Gouveia
Bert Wootton killed it all day. Back 5-0 front 180 switch manual. Click to enlarge.
Skater Profile: Bert Wootton
I forgot this guy's name, but he provided some good entertainment with a fakie bigspin footplant manual. Click to enlarge.
Skater Profile: Who Dat?
Yonnie Cruz - switch 180 manny backside 180 out. Click to enlarge.
Skater Profile: Yonnie Cruz
The skate and non-skate crowd.
Old homies, John Montesi from Westside and Jake Mednik from Kayo.
Skater Profile: John Montesi
This is my homie everyone calls Project Pat from small town Florida who moved to Orlando recently.
Maybe the event was so fun because so many Florida homies were there. This is a guy who makes everything fun, my buddy Tyler Ogborn. He's in a skate crew called Trailer Park Mafia. This is Florida.
Filmer Jon Christopher and Yonis Molina were hyped. Yonis was hyped on his Tupac style bandana (which was actually a chilled towel, a lifesaver in the heat) and Jon was hyped on the guy getting BGP's in this photo.
Skater Profile: Yonis Molina
Jack Moran has killed it for a long time. This was one of the day's bangers - 180 nollie fakie manny frontside bigspin out. Click to enlarge.
Skater Profile: Jack Moran
Yonni Cruz - back lip switch manny. Click to enlarge.
Skater Profile: Yonnie Cruz
Bert Wootton - gap to nose manny. Click to enlarge.
Skater Profile: Bert Wootton
Bert Wootton - gap 180 switch manny the hard way. Click to enlarge.
Skater Profile: Bert Wootton
One of the illest tricks of the Contest. Bert Wootton - manual to front 180 switch manny. Click to enlarge.
Skater Profile: Bert Wootton
Bert Wootton landed loads of tricks in the Finals. Front lip to nose manny. Click to enlarge.
Skater Profile: Bert Wootton
Bert Wootton closed out the Contest with this trick. I didn't get the first frame of it, but you can easily tell it's a front lip to 270 manual out. Wow. Click to enlarge.
Skater Profile: Bert Wootton
Johnny Scianneaux overheated and had to rest. This is one of the many nice Red Bull girls helping him cool off.
Skater Profile: Johnny Scianneaux
Jerry Cadet got way too hot and had to do the water spray.
Skater Profile: Jerry Cadet
Scotty is always down to help out. Here he is spraying down Jerry Cadet.
Skater Profile: Scotty Conley
Top L to R: Jerry Cadet (2nd), Bert Wootton (1st), and Johnny Scianneaux (3rd).
Skater Profile: Bert Wootton
Scotty and Clem killed it with the announcing.
Skater Profile: Ryan Clements
Ryan O'Connor was out slangin' Rip N Dip t's. Here he is with filmer Dan Wheatley right after he said, “F#%k Tampa.”
Filmer Joe woke up hungover (hungJoever) and was feeling the effects at the end of the Contest.
Miami homie Jack with Jerry Cadet.

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