Hot Summer Skate Camp With Wizard

Posted on Wednesday, June 16, 2010 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

When the little kids are taking their shirts off, you know it's pretty hot. I stopped and shot some photos today while Wizard Smoke was with a group of skate campers in the blazing hot warehouse.

Wizard Smoke was with about 20 kids that were having Skate Camp today. Looks like Wizard has some royalty checks on the way.
Skater Profile: Wizard Smoke
I spy ANOTHER Wizard Smoke board. Kids are hyped. See you at the next Skate Camp and hopefully I will have time to shoot more photos. It's been a bit stressful with all this grown up bid'niss crap we got going on here.
Yep, the Florida heat is here. Even the kids are rolling shirtless. Alejandro just learned frontside 360s. I was a little too up in his face on this angle here.
Skater Profile: Alejandro Burnell
This kid disappeared before I could talk to him and get his name. He's got the classic tyke style kickflip which also happens to be how your kickflip in your mid-30's looks.
Just like with the grown ups, when one person goes shirtless, somehow you feel it's your ticket to follow. Justin Zaragoza - keeping cool on a 50-50 back 180 out.
Skater Profile: Justin Zaragoza

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