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Posted on Friday, August 13, 2010 by News

Joe Maloof Announces Million Dollar Bonus for Any Skater Who Wins Four Consecutive MMC Men’s Pro Street Contests

(Irvine, Calif. – August 13, 2010) -- Maloof Money Cup Creator Joe Maloof, owner of the Sacramento Kings and Palms Casino Resort, today announced that any pro skater who wins four consecutive Maloof Money Cup Men’s Pro Street titles will earn an unprecedented one million dollar bonus, on top of what is already the largest first prize in the history of professional skateboarding: $100,000.

“This is really a challenge to all the pro skaters out there and something absolutely within reach of all these guys,” said Maloof. “If you win four MMC contests, consecutively, we’ll give you a million dollars. We want to continue to push the progression of skateboarding in all aspects, and offering a million dollars, something unheard of in skate contests today, puts skateboarding on par with other major sporting events.”

The Maloof Money Cup is the world’s greatest skateboarding event, offering the richest purse in skateboarding history. In 2011, the Maloof Money Cup has plans to expand to four U.S. cities, including a return trip to Queens, New York.

“In 2011, we’re launching the Platinum Circuit, and looking to bring the Maloof Money Cup to four U.S. cities,” said Maloof. “We’ve currently received interest from 27 cities in the U.S. and around the world who want to host MMC events. We’re working to narrow that list down to three new cities that will host MMC events next year.”

The first-ever MMC world skateboarding championships will be held in Kimberley, South Africa Sept. 30 –Oct. 2.

“From the beginning, we’ve said we want to do this right. From the largest purse in skate contests, to letting the skaters take the lead on every aspect of our event, to giving back to the community by building these greatly needed skateparks and working with the host cities to leave them behind after the contest,” said Maloof. “This is the future of the Maloof Money Cup – leaving behind a legacy for the kids and the entire community to enjoy.”


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