Tampa Am 2010 Sequences Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Tampa Am 2010 Sequences

Posted on Monday, December 6, 2010 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

Nick Zizzo - wallride.
Cameo Wilson made this 360 flip during Best Trick. Leading up to that, he worked for it and took plenty of spills like this.
Wow, Matt Berger. This backside 180 to fakie 5-0 is scary just to watch.
One of the most difficult tech combos of the weekend was Felipe Gustavo's nollie flip backside noseblunt slide. It's even crazier that he came out regular.
Kevin Romar has perfect nollie back heels.
Jon Cosentino turned a lot of heads this weekend and landed in 3rd after stuff like this hardflip down the stairs.
Kevin Romar finished off one of his runs with this nollie heelflip frontside crooked grind.
Julian Christianson has a big switch snaps. He used it on things like this switch bluntslide during his run.
Do you know any 16-year-olds doing grown man tricks like this fakie 50-50? Elijah Berle was really refreshing to see on the course in an am contest.
After Ben Hatchell did this cab flip in his run, he did it with an extra varial thrown in during Best Trick.
Shawn Hale was Saturday's Golden Ticket, with difficult things on the elbow ledge like this smith front 360 out.
The frontside pop shuv is my go to trick. It looks nothing like Jeffrey Marshall's though.
A serious way to start a run. Elijah Berle's 50-50 up was just a start to his very difficult run including crooks pop overs and 5-0's to switch crooks to forward down the escalator, all while looking damn good of course.
A fakie frontside nosegrind when you come in fakie is hard enough, especially when you do them like Evan Smith. Coming in regular and going all the way up on the deck like this is just amazing. Elijah Berle was so good to watch.
Ishod Wair shows you how to way overcrook.


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