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Skatepark of Tampa Facebook Statistics

Posted on Wednesday, December 22, 2010 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

I have been buried in customer service mode for this busy time of the year online, so I haven't had much time for site banter. I'll be back up to speed soon. For now, I just saw that we are about to hit 35,000 people on our Facebook Page. I dug through some of the interesting stats on fans. Jakarta and Bogota are our second biggest cities behind Tampa? Wow. 82% dudes? No surprise. A lonely 2% of you are above 45. Check out the rest of the stats below.

This first graphic shows how many new people have clicked the "Like" button in the last month. Welcome all 6,528 noobs. The cart below that shows spikes in the number of comments due to Digital Product Tosses. Thanks to all the companies that have contributed products for those.

This next graphic shows an interesting breakdown of demographics. Of course, it's a big 'ol dude fest in anything skateboarding. Our Facebook page is no different. Still, 17% of the total being female is pretty good. Looks like most of you are not even legal yet. I'm a distant four columns away from you all. It sucks getting old, but skateboarding sure keeps you young. Whenever I meet other people my age that don't skate, I find it amazing that they already seem older than my parents do to me. In the words of my friend Durke, "Skateboarding is the fountain of youth."

Okay, so what's going on in Indonesia and Columbia? Jakarta and Bogota are the two largest cities behind Tampa for the number of fans. Wow. We take what we do to a lot of places around the world, but it sounds like we need to make some new stops. DJ Wade will be first on board for Damn Am Columbia.

So there you have it on our stats. Thanks to the 35,000 of you that have clicked Like on our Page. It seems most bid'niss folk out there are very secretive when it comes to statistics like this. A lot of people seem to think releasing this information and how you go about your media and marketing strategies might put you at a competitive disadvantage. I think if that's the case, you have a pretty generic ass business, or at least one that isn't geninue in what it presents as a mission. Or, maybe I'm the only one interested in boring numbers? Nah, everybody loves numbers. Here at SPoT, we are just doing skateboarding the way we have always known and love it. I guess as long as that still pays the bills, I feel like skateboarding hasn't gone too far off the deep end of weirdness and normal society stuff. If you're down for the same, we're glad you're a part of what we're doing and we thank you for the support.

For comparison, here are a few random pages I looked up and the number of Fans/Likes they have accumulated so far:


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