The Best Skateboard Wax Gimmicks

Posted on Tuesday, February 1, 2011 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

Shake Junt's fried chicken wax is looking pretty tasty and you can pick it up here.
This made me think of all the best wax gimmicks over the years. Let's look at a few we've had come through the doors at SPoT Skate Shop. From newest to oldest, first we have Almost. They made boobie wax.
Santa Cruz made the screaming hand wax. Is anyone that old waxing stuff?
Pig made glow in the dark wax. Our product photos were so terrible back then that you can't tell, though.
Skate Mental was not the first or the last to make poop.
We make wax with a candle wick in it so when you get old and quit ledges, you got a nice mantle piece.
Baker made gold bars.
Lucky made dice.
The Firm made brass knuckles wax. I think this was during the time Body was taking product photos. What were we thinking with that background and lame effect?
Darkstar made wax wheels.
Remember Monkey Business? They made the first poop wax that I know of, or maybe it was World Industries.
Consolidated's Ledge Butta. Butta that ledge, son, but not at Skatepark.
Emerica made wax in a fancy pouch you could probably use as a manpurse these days.
And of course, countless other companies made boring wax of just their company logo. And there's your brief history of wax. We've had some crazy skateboard wax over the years. One last thing. Look at what you get when you use Google Images for skate wax.
Compare that to what you get when you do surf wax. Pretty boring and ordinary. It's the same for snowboard wax. Skateboarding is clearly more childish, raw, and immature. Cheers to that. It's such a good time being a skateboarder.
Do you have any other crazy ideas for wax? I think it's time to make some police badge or maybe nightstick wax.