Scene Report: A Quick Update on SPoT Skate Shop in Ybor City Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Scene Report: A Quick Update on SPoT Skate Shop in Ybor City

Posted on Thursday, February 24, 2011 by Stalker

By Stalker Steve

Hopefully you all are keenly aware of our presence in Ybor City with The Bricks and SPoT Skate Shop at this point. We've been dutifully providing you with excellent food, drinks, coffee, and entertainment at The Bricks while simultaneously offering up the finest hardgoods and softgoods there is to offer at SPoT Skate Shop next door. Here’s a quick visual pop-in for you to check out to let you know what we've been cooking up. Come on by any time.

If you're one of our faithful sneaker-head customers, we're doing all of our in-Shop only Nike SBs in Ybor nowadays. Come on out for the next big (re)release we're throwing March 4th. You can get a pair of RESN (Gucci) Dunks at 9pm and enjoy a free hip-hop show next door at 10pm.
One of my favorite brands, and one you can only get in the Ybor Shop, Brixton, has all sorts of good stuff from t’s to hats, button-ups and accessories available.
Come on in and nerd out on our limited Nikes. Some of us on the staff refer to them as the "fancy" Nikes.
Vans is doing some really sick stuff in the chill shoe department. This is the new Style 31. Available online here as well as in the Ybor Shop.
I regularly refer to the Ybor Shop as a "grown up skate shop" with all of our high-end items we offer. This Nixon pocket watch is the perfect example.
In addition to all the modern boards we sell, we have these cruisers and throwback boards in the mix as well. That Santa Cruz is a slick bottom.
Tom and I play only the finest video selections for you to enjoy in the Ybor Shop. Come on in and say hello and check out Blueprint Skateboards’ latest offering “Make Friends with whe Colour Blue” sometime. That's Kevin Coakley hitting a wall in a good way on our TV screen. You can order it here.


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