Digital Product Toss Results: A Pile of Volcom Socks Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Digital Product Toss Results: A Pile of Volcom Socks

Posted on Monday, May 2, 2011 by Rob

After taking all 262 emails in The Pile of Volcom Socks Digital Product Toss and randomly sorting them, lod1088 came out on top. If you're a comment troll, here's all 262 wisecracks that were submitted. Only the first few characters of your email are displayed for privacy. Thanks for participating. Watch for another DPT soon!

rob@me: Cant wait to run these with my flip flops. 04/28/11 09:15 AM
grueli: my socks are so torn like a hobos cuz theres a hole on the bottom of my shoe :( 04/28/11 09:18 AM
matthe: im too old to not wear socks. no more stinky vans. 04/28/11 09:21 AM
BlueSq: feet are for walking. feet are for biking. feet are for boarding. feet are for socks. I want those socks :) and a cookie :O gimme a cookie!! 04/28/11 09:21 AM
smilor: feet smell 04/28/11 09:21 AM
zachgo: Rob, have you gotten your shoes licked yet? 04/28/11 09:25 AM
timbur: you need socks for alot things look and see! why socks are important to me!- whack a sock!, jack a sock!, heelfips! dont let em rip!, 04/28/11 09:25 AM
leonel: need new sox for my feet, for bigheelz :D 04/28/11 09:26 AM
shanej: I want some black socks so I can walk around like Clements Jr. 04/28/11 09:26 AM
rustyl: homie dont play dat 04/28/11 09:29 AM
mmanni: no more stinkie feet 04/28/11 09:30 AM
sstarr: my kid has the stinkiest feet EVER. please help by sending clean socks. theyll go nicely with all the shoes he buys at SPoT. 04/28/11 09:30 AM
Logos9: Cats… I mean socks are cool. 04/28/11 09:31 AM
kthugh: Do you think new socks will get rid of the smell skater feet? 04/28/11 09:31 AM
sambop: i mean gimme or im gonna forkin buy em instead of beer....don't do that to a brother...i mean i shake little kids upside down for lunchmny 04/28/11 09:31 AM
rayroa: I been using my old socks when Ive ben licking the lizard. I really need some I can wear. Thanks man. 04/28/11 09:32 AM
mark@t: A Haiku poem: 30 year old feet. How the mighty have fallen. Dance motherforker. 04/28/11 09:32 AM
Wjusti: Feet are the skateboards heart. With out feet the spot wouldnt be alive 04/28/11 09:33 AM
khari_: g sheet, I hate when the toe right of the big toe is longer than the big toe itself on a girl. TELL ME YOU GUYS FEEL MEH! sheets weird 04/28/11 09:35 AM
Bruce_: i think that there are some crazy lookin feet some people have 04/28/11 09:35 AM
matt.s: I wish they were moat-proof. 04/28/11 09:35 AM
cheese: feet are made of meat and are very sweet 04/28/11 09:39 AM
Dcharl: Ima use these socks to do an all Black version of SIFL 04/28/11 09:39 AM
jagex3: get collin provost to wear a pair 04/28/11 09:41 AM
wyattq: feet are for poser i use my fingers 04/28/11 09:44 AM
tpak12: you know what big feet mean...big kickflips! 04/28/11 09:49 AM
nlanag: if what they say about big feet is true, i should start buying bigger shoes 04/28/11 09:51 AM
rbobli: Why did the mother snake buy tennis shoes for her little snake? Because the doctor said hed grown two feet! 04/28/11 09:51 AM
suesal: Feet smell bad but thats okay because the thing you love (skateboarding) makes them that way. 04/28/11 09:54 AM
chrisg: Need some volcoms for my crusty busties hook it up SPOT for life 04/28/11 09:55 AM
leonar: with these socks i could probably hide my crusty ass feet from the world 04/28/11 10:08 AM
Timsmi: I really have never understood foot fetishes and once when I was younger a much older man took a photo of my feet now I wear socks 24/7. 04/28/11 10:12 AM
pip.24: a foot on a board, a foot on the ground. a pair of volcom sock, makes the world go round 04/28/11 10:13 AM
Risann: My kids feet smell like he is 50!!!!! 04/28/11 10:13 AM
dgdani: *insert comment about feet here* 04/28/11 10:13 AM
stryke: My feet have no arches in them so they look like huge rabbit feet, its forking crazy 04/28/11 10:14 AM
all52w: My feet deserve these. My hands dont so I guarantee I won't use them as gloves. 04/28/11 10:15 AM
Skater: Ineed this ): 04/28/11 10:25 AM
awmein: socks make me a happy person 04/28/11 10:27 AM
kenkwo: One day i will win a DPT. Socks? This could be the one! easy on the foot fetish 04/28/11 10:27 AM
gallow: Now my girl wont complain about the toes socks i've been wearing since Christmas! 04/28/11 10:35 AM
cycleh: my feet are beggin for volcom comfort 04/28/11 10:39 AM
alex78: Those will be great for yankin off into! 04/28/11 10:44 AM
Pingsk: I double-sock it when I skate, so technically, this is only 4 and a half pairs of socks. 04/28/11 10:45 AM
enjoid: Volcom > Sex 04/28/11 10:46 AM
shadow: feet are nasty man they need to be covered up 04/28/11 10:51 AM
nocomp: Pickled Pigs Feet 04/28/11 10:52 AM
underw: 04/28/11 10:55 AM
penouf: 04/28/11 10:58 AM
twalke: these dogs need cover! 04/28/11 10:58 AM
gbohne: yay 04/28/11 11:11 AM
meghan: Ghost Foot - when I take my socks off, it looks like theres still a foot inside, sheet is held up with crusted sweat like a plaster cast! 04/28/11 11:18 AM
Dstryt: I dont like your feet. Please don't put your feet on me. 04/28/11 11:22 AM
monks.: cold feet are sad feet 04/28/11 11:22 AM
dtigla: cool 04/28/11 11:23 AM
theama: Feet are gross, thats why we need socks. 04/28/11 11:25 AM
overth: mhmmm socks 04/28/11 11:26 AM
Celery: Whoopn!! 04/28/11 11:41 AM
ryanr2: its like my gift from my grandma...sock 04/28/11 11:44 AM
Dander: imma fill these socks with sheet and beat up bums ... 04/28/11 11:52 AM
Bernar: Lmao, these could come in handy. Some of my socks have holes in the flick area. 04/28/11 11:56 AM
picket: The doctor said he would have me on my feet in two weeks. "And did he?" "Yes, I had to sell the car to pay the bill." 04/28/11 12:11 PM
sk8fol: Ill pop dat trunk on yo butch ass! Well..... wheres you car parked? 04/28/11 12:11 PM
Jbraul: I need socks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 04/28/11 12:27 PM
collaz: if i win these not only will i fill them with batteries and beat my parents with them, but id film my own series on bumfights,Prize=newsocks 04/28/11 12:27 PM
jpenic: Well, Ive had constant athlete's foot since '86 when I started skating. I have to change my socks every session, or every time I take a poo 04/28/11 12:38 PM
Manuel: An irishman walks out of a bar 04/28/11 12:39 PM
aaronw: i need those volcom socks to keep my feeties warm right now! 04/28/11 12:48 PM
shaque: remember in minnesota when we had the stripper in the room and she peed on schaefer and then he paid her 50 bucks to jerk it on her feet?OMG 04/28/11 01:00 PM
sean.b: volcom volcom volcom volcom volcom atx 04/28/11 01:05 PM
royboy: Feets dont fail me now... 04/28/11 01:10 PM
chocla: If i got this whole messa volcom socks my feet would be lookin as FARESH as chimas. 04/28/11 01:16 PM
lbb899: I once recieved a footjob from a woman with no legs. Talent. 04/28/11 01:45 PM
justjv: i like skate-decking, its nice :) 04/28/11 01:52 PM
ishbu1: I find nothing funny about feet. Theyre disgusting...that's why mine should be covered by those awesome socks! 04/28/11 01:53 PM
goodma: What is 6.9? Something that is ruined by a period 04/28/11 01:54 PM
ram4ly: 04/28/11 01:56 PM
n.nguy: I <3 socks 04/28/11 02:12 PM
eastco: Shred for life brah smoke beer 04/28/11 02:39 PM
tresha: Do we get brian too? 04/28/11 02:40 PM
haloce: sweet all my socks are blown out on the heels 04/28/11 02:40 PM
andrew: i hate feet but maybe volcom socks could take that phobia away 04/28/11 02:43 PM
tmurph: pink socks up in dis bihhh 04/28/11 02:52 PM
mass.v: i have enough hair on my feet to not even need socks. but theyll look good anyways 04/28/11 03:05 PM
scottg: feet poop 04/28/11 03:08 PM
easter: 9 Pairs! Thats like 27 socks! 04/28/11 03:25 PM
humant: my socks make my feet stank! 04/28/11 03:28 PM
ijusts: Q 04/28/11 03:35 PM
dane_i: socks are for pussies. 04/28/11 03:55 PM
slapsh: my feet keep getting cut up from my ripped socks 04/28/11 04:15 PM
andybu: come on give one to the old guys Austin steels all my black socks. 04/28/11 04:22 PM
legits: Cant skate good without comfortable socks!! 04/28/11 04:49 PM
gravit: Five Dollar Foot Long!!!!! 04/28/11 04:55 PM
ghalda: my feet stink 04/28/11 05:07 PM
bertan: feet have toes 04/28/11 05:09 PM
derick: 04/28/11 05:15 PM
chrisb: tickle me im swedish 04/28/11 05:57 PM
alecsa: my socks are yellow with sweat 04/28/11 06:33 PM
Highli: i love clean new socks. Volcom Stoned! 04/28/11 06:56 PM
aydyyo: yoyoyoyo FREE SOCKS OMG!!! staaammpppeeeeddddeee 04/28/11 07:33 PM
Melvin: I should win cuz my feet dont smell like Jamacins 04/28/11 07:40 PM
tub741: this wrap tastes like ziti 04/28/11 08:48 PM
bfrizz: i have had corns on my foot for a year and Im still suffering until now 04/28/11 08:48 PM
rthska: i have 9 toes. 04/28/11 08:58 PM
csayal: I have 2 feet 04/28/11 09:02 PM
glenny: Feet are cool, feet are great; the stench from mine can inebriate. 04/28/11 09:07 PM
jakzol: my feet dont have socks. i sometimes go nude. im tired of being exposed and naked. my feet need to be covered 04/28/11 09:17 PM
jrj071: its hard to find a sock that fits my size 13 foot. maybe this will work out :D 04/28/11 09:43 PM
odbfor: no comment 04/28/11 09:57 PM
thehow: Im female 04/28/11 10:00 PM
thehow: female 04/28/11 10:02 PM
maltob: holy sh...... volcom socks! if i get those i can finally put socks on my 18 family memebers. we only have one on each feet 04/28/11 10:07 PM
rremsi: time to throw out the crusties 04/28/11 10:07 PM
mc6553: those socks in the pic look like mine standing up by themselves in the closet. Mine were whiteish at one point in time, I think. 04/28/11 10:28 PM
cs2521: Nine pairs of socks, nine rocks! Word to your mother 04/28/11 10:31 PM
Tymard: Pro socks will give you Ernest like powers 04/28/11 11:04 PM
jebedi: I have 9 friends with 18 cold feets. And you are the only one that can help us. Please? 04/28/11 11:15 PM
jmyers: diamondmantellem 04/28/11 11:51 PM
black_: My feet are forkin naked! Help a nigga out! 04/29/11 01:36 AM
crawfo: grab some toast for my toe jam 04/29/11 02:23 AM
fred.f: With all those socks I can use my old one to start up a sock puppet theater and do some sifl and olly realted youtube videos. 04/29/11 04:49 AM
plutos: I do not possess the wit, to make you laugh. 04/29/11 07:28 AM
tntkc1: Big feet Big??? 04/29/11 07:40 AM
tntknc: Big feet Big ??? 04/29/11 07:44 AM
tntknc: Big feet Big Board 04/29/11 07:44 AM
wyattd: volcom will knock out the nasty stank out of my foot cuz volcom rocks! 04/29/11 09:11 AM
gzak@j: Socks? those look like 9 new hand puppet friends to me 04/29/11 10:07 AM
mrsanf: I took one shoe/sock off because I hurt my ankle skating and a bum seriously robbed me of just one sock. One smelly and holey sock. 04/29/11 10:44 AM
the_as: my socks disappear after a while. idk where they go 04/29/11 03:16 PM
chanth: It sucks to have big feet because when your friends get hooked up and try giving you some free shoes your ass cant fit in them 04/29/11 03:36 PM
micahj: so many silly geese still commented on the FB page anyway, guaranteed losers! 04/29/11 03:51 PM
gabedi: what has 9 legs, 4 feet and is orange?.................nothing. 04/29/11 04:10 PM
chirii: I bet shes being a royal pain in the ass right about now. 04/29/11 04:36 PM
eliotv: what 04/29/11 04:56 PM
e25fts: If one is only wearing socks, are they technically naked? 04/29/11 06:12 PM
msende: damn this will complete my sock puppet family atlast 04/29/11 06:50 PM
sk8er-: My feet would be so stoked if I got some of those socks. Theyd also keep em pretty warm too. 04/29/11 07:34 PM
Chrism: Jello 04/29/11 08:50 PM
buletp: swag me the fork out with them Volcom socks! 04/29/11 08:53 PM
crawfo: I need some odor proof socks for my camel toes 04/29/11 10:02 PM
mullet: hopefully these socks are 1 size fits all cause its embarrasing saying what size my cock sock is... 04/29/11 10:26 PM
ed.sla: I dont know anything about funny feet. Unless you count Mitch Hedberg, dude's whole body was funny. Jereme Rogers Sucks Toes. 04/29/11 10:47 PM
easter: is there anything funny about feet? 04/29/11 10:53 PM
wetwil: poop on my feet is foot feetish 04/29/11 11:14 PM
tjbsk8: i <3 volcom 04/29/11 11:35 PM
Fancy1: I forked your dad 04/30/11 12:08 AM
charli: i <3 footjobs 04/30/11 04:17 AM
sk8ter: Brian knows Feet 04/30/11 08:24 AM
mnelso: sweet feet 04/30/11 08:38 AM
iaog11: My feet hurt, from walking but skateboarding just gave me a massage! ;) 04/30/11 08:42 AM
sh1tst: I need new socks to jerk off in 04/30/11 08:46 AM
dmccla: so my feet are deadly, im not even allowed to go in some of my friends cars like all my socks are super old with the craziest holes in them 04/30/11 08:46 AM
jaysol: yeea boii haha 04/30/11 08:47 AM
JR@hob: I have smelly feet. I need fresh socks. Pick me. 04/30/11 08:55 AM
lod108: free socks hell yes 04/30/11 09:02 AM
stefan: I need some socks! 04/30/11 09:06 AM
Almost: Sick 04/30/11 09:14 AM
benwag: leme suk dem toes 04/30/11 09:16 AM
u-shk-: these socks make me volcum 04/30/11 09:17 AM
Ygnewy: Maybe I can give my friend a few pairs..his socks are so holy youd swear he caught the holy ghost!not even being funny! 04/30/11 09:24 AM
Nathan: wayyoo 04/30/11 09:24 AM
nickel: I like turtles. 04/30/11 09:27 AM
dheads: Sweet socks 04/30/11 09:28 AM
paulfe: lots of sox 04/30/11 09:31 AM
brianu: UPAPONGPONG...would like some to wear. 04/30/11 09:34 AM
kpiepe: volcom feet feel the heat. 04/30/11 09:37 AM
clilly: i waaaant those like a chocolate cake 04/30/11 09:47 AM
doodoo: feet are disgusting 04/30/11 09:50 AM
travis: Just wanteed to say that SPoT is sick. Its like that skatepark that get all the hoes like everynight, and all the other parks are alone 04/30/11 09:51 AM
Gareth: I need socks my dog ate my whole sock drawer 04/30/11 10:02 AM
skatei: these would be great cause i have a real foot fetish. 04/30/11 10:04 AM
jayxx9: 04/30/11 10:05 AM
iyurci: getting drunk and waking up next to a dude and a pile of volcom socks... apparently I went drunk shopping. 04/30/11 10:26 AM
imlimp: Man, I NEED SOME SOCKS! i tattooed for so long outside at the Tampa Pro, MY socks are all sweaty and nasty and s**t ! Hook a Rooster up! 04/30/11 10:37 AM
jamesh: what are you doing with your life, oh true thats cool yeah me no im just gonna be a poor homless person 04/30/11 10:44 AM
grantg: i definitly wont use those to beat the meat 04/30/11 11:17 AM
bkinca: My stinky feet could use some new threads 04/30/11 11:27 AM
misske: I win these socks and I will make a YouTube video of receiving them... I have 1 million views on YouTube - great marketing opportunity! Woo! 04/30/11 11:57 AM
c1rca1: i wanna make my feet warm with these bad boys 04/30/11 12:16 PM
louisw: What do you say to a woman with no arms and no legs?A. Nice tits! 04/30/11 12:16 PM
octavi: feet are the sheet!! 04/30/11 12:17 PM
tyboy1: i like your mom :) 04/30/11 12:22 PM
brand0: VOLCOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM! 04/30/11 12:42 PM
vanden: The record for the worlds largest feet go to Matthew McGrory who wears a US size 23.5! Dont think he can wear these socks! 04/30/11 12:51 PM
planbs: Feet are the weirdest thing on your body but they help you alot in skating, they help you get that steeze as you throw a hardflip on a stair 04/30/11 12:53 PM
cor3yc: my socks are looking like some swiss cheese... im in need of an upgrade. 04/30/11 12:57 PM
harold: nice socks for my feet! 04/30/11 01:01 PM
Jhall7: Those socks would look great on my feet and double perfectly for my NBA sock puppet theater. 04/30/11 01:53 PM
nunezd: pika boo! 04/30/11 01:59 PM
Jeremy: Not only do my Jankoskis have holes in them! but my socks do too! i'll be traceling to s.p.o.t. on may 29th,hopefully wearing volcum socks! 04/30/11 02:54 PM
nskate: Dude, I need these. My dog has eaten all my socks and I am tired of skating bare foot. My feet are so raw I have to push mongo. 04/30/11 02:56 PM
brando: Socks! 04/30/11 03:04 PM
oldcit: Did you know socks make a great cooking container for fish when you boil them at a campfire. 04/30/11 03:22 PM
dillon: I just sat on my balls!!!0_o 04/30/11 03:52 PM
Arc547: My jacked feet are in concrete daily building parks for Grindline on the east coast. Help my feet cause. Adam C. 04/30/11 06:02 PM
mydads: your can take off your shoes but if your feet stink your sitting out side 04/30/11 06:27 PM
Foltz7: I think feet are disgusting, EVERYONE should wear socks to cover those nasty things! 04/30/11 07:07 PM
halo95: Oh my Lanta Volcom Socks! Well my girlfriend broke up with me because i wore my volcom socks not the ones she bought me from hollister! lmao 04/30/11 08:05 PM
leedwa: Got socks? on my feet 04/30/11 08:38 PM
babalo: What the hell is this... i just need some socks. im Jewish so please hook me up. Damn thank god for JEWs 04/30/11 09:05 PM
Street: My feet are extremely sweaty and smell like sheet and the smell never goes away so it really sucks help me? 04/30/11 09:42 PM
nikola: i got like 3 pairs of socks left, and they each got holes in em haha 04/30/11 10:57 PM
nelson: i neeeeed thisss 04/30/11 11:04 PM
miller: i love socks do u love sucks becuz i no i do :) 04/30/11 11:17 PM
liam.b: Mine all have holes. All my shoes have holes in the same places my socks do. I hate turning my shoes red. 04/30/11 11:55 PM
sam.ha: feet are like hands but kickass 05/01/11 12:28 AM
timnou: i love you 05/01/11 01:37 AM
brw020: i like socks 05/01/11 01:56 AM
iam4g1: thats effin crazy. that sh-t has fungux wrighten all over it 05/01/11 03:00 AM
dtigla: just socks but whatever 05/01/11 03:18 AM
CPSant: my feet are so stinky it makes bleu cheese smell like a french beauty salon. and that still isnt saying much about the french. 05/01/11 07:18 AM
kfongy: yeeeee, forking socks 05/01/11 08:56 AM
outoft: Why do ducks have webbed feet? to stomp out fires Why do elephants have flat feet? to stamp out burning ducks 05/01/11 09:46 AM
richar: My dog, a little slobbering mutt ate off my left big toe. i was dreaming of sausages and syrup and didnt awake. my dog ate my toe dude! 05/01/11 09:59 AM
leko.a: cool socks for cool guys 05/01/11 11:01 AM
phanto: look up "hair at the base" on urban, its my term. 05/01/11 11:05 AM
r630sh: feet are fun 05/01/11 11:14 AM
OldVer: Sweet Feet are awesome 05/01/11 11:52 AM
yoho.g: irish wrist watch. say 3 times rapidly 05/01/11 12:11 PM
ruiz1.: Yo lemme get those socks! 05/01/11 12:31 PM
swiggz: feet ole feet u stink u smell like lizard kings sheets u get me through tresandbails myfeet neverfail foreveri pushyour softas grandmas tush 05/01/11 12:37 PM
connor: feet are perfect for putting shoes on 05/01/11 01:15 PM
mg341@: ill have a sock for 18 days cuz im an alien and i have only one foot 05/01/11 01:24 PM
mike_f: i remember viva la bam when tat lady sucked don vitos toe. he needed this 9 pack of volcom socks for sure 05/01/11 01:30 PM
blitzk: socky socky 5 dolla! 05/01/11 02:13 PM
lilnic: sometimes long sometimes short whenever you sweat you will always snort 05/01/11 03:00 PM
ch13ff: i like turtles. and socks 05/01/11 03:12 PM
sbowes: 18 socks. 05/01/11 04:10 PM
mdubya: the big toe is like the king of the other toes. 05/01/11 04:39 PM
connor: I need these socks to get laid.I have big, hairy, stinky feet. All Im trying to do is smash and sawg out while doing so.Can I hear a Amen? 05/01/11 05:08 PM
andrew: make me win if you think lebron is a butch 05/01/11 05:25 PM
mathew: give to me the sock man i am smelly feet of blisters for no sock give to me the sock man i thank you family 05/01/11 05:27 PM
russel: Im on a semen diet. I see men, I eat them. 05/01/11 05:50 PM
markad: straight up funk!!! 05/01/11 05:52 PM
bright: sock it to me 05/01/11 05:55 PM
nineta: These are my feet, there are many like it, but these are mine. Without me, my feet are useless. Without my feet, i am useless. 05/01/11 06:04 PM
auburn: volcom is the sheet 05/01/11 06:26 PM
mlab80: come on Im from hazard county skatepark 05/01/11 06:28 PM
slindg: i have athletes foot and always going through new socks :/ 05/01/11 06:48 PM
engelt: hook me up homie! 05/01/11 07:15 PM
atr502: Now me and a friend can dress up like the Red Hot Chili Peppers... 05/01/11 07:28 PM
ted@tr: Feet are for skateboarding! 05/01/11 07:39 PM
dumbpr: i need free sheet i jus got sent to cali and am running low on clothes 05/01/11 07:41 PM
l_howa: please pick me... my sister put meat in my other socks and my dog destroyed them. 05/01/11 08:12 PM
vajdab: my feet would look so great in these socks because i just stepped in sheet 05/01/11 08:16 PM
brown_: excuse me sir may i please have volcom stuff 05/01/11 08:33 PM
thefro: i like volcom, i like socks. this DPT doesnt sock'! 05/01/11 08:40 PM
leotay: my girl wanted something that went from 0-100 in 3 seconds.. so i got her a scale.. 05/01/11 09:20 PM
coonar: My feet dont smell so bad but everyone elses do... 05/01/11 09:26 PM
captbi: 05/01/11 09:37 PM
dlxpla: Your new motto- "Fighting Stank Ass Feet since 1993" 05/01/11 10:39 PM
najeeb: guys probably gives better handjobs than girls 05/01/11 10:43 PM
emmcap: athletes foot is caused by the fungus trychophyton, it makes you're feet smell like fungus 05/01/11 11:16 PM
iloveh: osamas dead 05/01/11 11:38 PM
humpdr: Acording to, About 75 percent of Americans will suffer feet problems in their lifetime. Please dont let me be one of them! 05/02/11 12:49 AM
moises: dude please i need some good damn socks i have so many old ones with holes my only good ones are my sweet feeets which are the best socks 05/02/11 01:00 AM
keachi: feet are the sheet! 05/02/11 02:44 AM
andrew: That many socks will last me at least a day!! lol I needs some new socks fo summatime! Hook it up SPOT!!! 05/02/11 03:49 AM
mathew: i could cover all my fat butches feet and cankles with those socks. 05/02/11 08:17 AM
raspyc: Hopefully they have some kind of Acid Protective barrier, because my foot fungus is Gnarly. 05/02/11 08:32 AM


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