Maloof Saturday PRO Qualifiers Jams

Posted on Thursday, June 2, 2011 by Rob

Get the full weekend schedule for Maloof Money Cup here. The top most 12 people from last year's Maloof NYC that can make it this year go directly to the Semi-Finals and are not in these Jams. Those are: Keegan Sauder, Ryan Decenzo, Greg Lutzka, Caswell Berry, Sierra Fellers, Eli Reed, Dennis Busenitz, Alex Olson, Garrett Hill, Pete Eldridge, Johnny Layton and Adam Dyet. The Pro Qualifiers get going at noon on Saturday with a live webcast at

Jam 1

Bryan Herman
Victorville CA
Emerica, Baker, Pharmacy, Spitfire, Thunder, Ogio, Altamont
Cory Kennedy
Lake Stevens WA
Girl, RVCA (flow), Nike SB (flow), Spitfire, Royal
Manny Santiago
Lowell MA
Ammo, Famous Stars and Straps, Venture , Hubba, Axion, Pioneers Board Shop, Seige Adio, Quinton
Jordan Hoffart
Vancouver, B.C. Canada
Powell, Bones, Swiss, Quiksilver, Theeve, Active, 9Five, Neff
Anthony Shetler
New Bedford MA
World Industries, Spitfire, Thunder, FKD, Solstice Skate Shop, All I Need Apparel

Jam 2

Danny Falla
5Boro, Adidas, Rockstar Bearings, Brixton, Broadcast Wheels, Venture, Paradox Grip Tape
Andrew Reynolds
Lakeland FL
Baker, Emerica, Independent, Active, Boost Mobile, Altamont, SKF Bearings, Roughneck, Nixon
Danny Cerezini
Curitiba Brazil
Cons, Silver, FKD, Blind, Active, Matix
Emmanuel Guzman
Santa Cruz CA
C1RCA, Santa Cruz, Independent, Spitfire, Bill's Wheels Skate Shop, Mob Grip, DAF Skateboarding, Chrome Bags
Theotis Beasley
Hawthorne CA
Baker, Nike SB, Altamont, Thunder, Spitfire, Active, Flik Griptape, Ashbury, Mountain Dew, Neff, Bones Swiss, Dakine, Skull Candy, Markisa, Stance Socks, Shake Junt, Meister Watches

Jam 3

Darrell Stanton
Houston TX
Element, Theeve, Diamond, Furnace Skate Shop
Nick Merlino
Atlantic City NJ
Foundation, Dekline Footwear, Pig Wheels, Krux, Neff, RPM
Rodrigo Tx
eS Footwear, Fury, Ricta, Sigilo, Odyssey, Diamond Supply Co., MOB, LRG
Fred Gall
Sewaren NJ
Habitat, Domestics, Ipath, Independent
Omar Salazar
Sacramento CA
Alien Workshop, Nike SB, Independent, Spitfire, Bones

Jam 4

Bobby Worrest
Krooked, Spitfire, Independent Trucks, Roughneck Hardware, eS Footwear, PitCrew
David Gravette
Issaquaa WA
Creature, Volcom, Independent, Bones, Bones Wheels, Spirit Skate Shop, C1RCA, Skatepark of Tampa Party Team
Geoff Rowley
Long Beach CA
Flip Skateboards, Vans, Ricta, Independent, Volcom, MOB, WerdLife
Justin Brock
Mt Airy NC
Real, Thunder, Spitfire, Nike SB, Roughneck Hardware, Huf, Quiksilver, Stratosphere
Shuriken Shannon
San Diego CA
Black Label, Billabong, Revolution Wheels, Independent, Pacific Drive Skate Shop, FKD

Jam 5

Brian Anderson
Girl, Four Star, Nike, Spitfire, Independent, CCS, Skate Mental
Dustin Dollin
Collingwood Victoria
Vans, Baker, Volcom, Spitfire, Independent
Jackson Curtin
Washington D.C.
DGK, Gold Wheels, LRG, Venture, FTC, Mob Grip
Stefan Janoski
Vacaville CA
Analog, Habitat, Venture, Nike SB, Liberty Board Shop, Mob, Bones Bearings
Zered Bassett
Zoo York, DVS, Hubba Wheels, Red Bull, Swiss, Tensor

Jam 6

Brandon Westgate
Wareham MA
Zoo York, Emerica, Venture, Hubba, CCS
Collin Provost
Huntington Beach CA
Toy Machine, Emerica, Volcom
Justin Figueroa
Irvine CA
Active Ride Shop, Independent, Altamont Clothing, Emerica, Baker, Baker Wheels
Tony Trujillo
San Francisco CA
Anti-Hero, Spitfire, Independent, Vans, Fourstar
Vincent Alvarez
West Covina CA
Lakai, Chocolate, Spitfire, Royal, Elwood, Utility Board Supply

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