Clem's Texts From Street League Kansas City

Posted on Sunday, June 12, 2011 by Rob

Clem is at Street League in Kansas City right now blowing up my phone with texts. Here's a few from his day so far. Street League is live at 4pm California time today.

Clem's at Street League and texting me photos of that man crush guy.
Skater Profile: Dylan Rieder
Clem is at breakfast with the texter. Street League starts up later today. Go Mo!
Skater Profile: Mike Mo Capaldi
More texts from Clem: his other breakfast companion before Street League starts up. What would you eat for breakfast the day you're trying to win six figures in a skateboard contest? I think Malto is having spinach like Popeye.
Skater Profile: Sean Malto
More texts from Clem at Street League: did Batface just rob a bank?
Skater Profile: Braydon Szafranski
Good morning Grizzly Grip.
Skater Profile: Torey Pudwill

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