School's Out Jam 2011 Presented by KR3W

Posted on Monday, June 20, 2011 by Rob

By Rob Meronek
Footage by Joe Pelham

Joe Pelham Footage

Some of you were probably nollie flipping in 2000. Nick Noel was born in 2000 and today he nollie flipped the stairs in his run. Wow. I missed the nollie flip, so this boardslide is going to have to do for this time.
Skater Profile: Nick Noel
This is Chris Noel, Nick's twin brother who is just as amazing for his age. I can't believe he can do backside bigspins with pop like this.
Skater Profile: Chris Noel
Winners from the 8 and Under Division.
Skater Profile: Joe Debosky
Winners from the 9 to 12 Division.
Skater Profile: Nick Wallace
Ah man, there has to be at least one Who Dat in every Contest. Sorry I forgot to get your name, frontside feeble guy.
Skater Profile: Who Dat?
Gom Schroeder's loose style is looking good out there. That's a lipslide in.
Skater Profile: Gom Schroeder
Jake Mills has the mandatory hop to flatty for the day.
Skater Profile: Jake Mills
You can't see David Jordan's landing from where I'm at, but based on the first few frames, you know those feet are square on the hardware. David killed it and won the 13 to 15 Division.
Christian Lazarski had to pull a Torey Pudwill in his Jam. He took a break to puke then went right back at it. That's a kickflip.
Skater Profile: Christian Lazarski
Ish Cepeda is frontside flipping his way to 2nd in the 16 and Up. I've watched him go from deck checks to full clearance over the last few Contests.
Skater Profile: Ish Cepeda
What a crazy looking move. This kickflip mute grab is Steven Herman. This would probably look pretty good if he learned to put his knee on the other side of his arm.
Skater Profile: Steven Herman
Nikolaos Psilopoulos has that crazy style lookin' like he has his finger in a socket while skating. When he's not shocking the course with lipslides up the hubba, you can find him slangin' pizza in the Snack Bar.
Skater Profile: Nikolaos Psilopoulos
Shane Potter - 5-0 backside 180 out with Skatelite assist.
Skater Profile: Shane Potter
Treshan Oshaughnessy snaps over and into the bank.
Skater Profile: Treshan Oshaughnessy
As Clem on the mic put it, "Porpe had the best four minutes of skating of his life" during his Jam. That only equates to 26th place, but still, good job Porpe!
Skater Profile: Jorge Angel aka Porpe
Devin Abreu came out on top for the Sponsored Division Finals this time around.
Skater Profile: Jorge Angel aka Porpe
You can find Darrell Gordon running through downtown all bike messenger style with Jimmy John's sandwich delivery. This heelflip was so good.
Skater Profile: Darrell Gordon
So many "Schaefers" this weekend and they were all ripping. This is Pat Shaefer with a perfectly level switch flip.
Nick Marcisin has been waiting to throw his move down in the Jam, executed perfectly.
Skater Profile: Nick Marcisin
Josiah Portillo - overexposed backside flip.
Skater Profile: Josiah Portillo
Yet another Schaefer, Bryan Schaefer, frontside bluntslides his way to the Finals.
Skater Profile: Bryan Schaefer
Cream of the crop in the 13 to 15 Division.
Skater Profile: David Jordan
I like filmer Joe Pelham's custom DSLR set-up, but I would have made the handle either a samurai sword handle or maybe a set of brass knuckles.
Skater Profile: Joe Pelham
Climbing the contest ladder in the 16 and Up Division.
Skater Profile: Anthony Garcia
Titans of the Sponsored Division. Thanks everyone for coming to another one of our Contests.
Skater Profile: Devin Abreu

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