Day-By-Day At Woodward Skate Camp Part Two

Posted on Thursday, June 12, 2003 by Ryan

Day-By-Day At Woodward Skate Camp Part Two

June 11, 2003
Words By Ryan Clements & Photos By Big Dave

Day Four

Camp life - chillin' with Mr. Sullivan
Tampa represent
The morning stretch
Fat guy trick #2 - backside 50-50 across and down Fat guy trick #3 - Mike V. influenced wall-jam to fakie
     I’m a morning person, so I had every intention of getting up a 7am, but my alarm didn’t go off. This is a good time to tell you that Woodward is seriously out in the middle of nowhere and cell phones don’t work out here. Apparently, my cell phone spent the entire night searching for service; hence, the battery lost its charge.

     When I finally rolled out of bed at 8am, I grabbed some coffee and hung out with Kevin Sullivan, Sr. in the cafeteria. He’s on call and has a little pager issued by Camp. When it goes off, he has to report for duty and take injured kids to the hospital. He got a page at 1am. Some dumb-ass kid took 30 Advil in a dramatically lame plea for attention. When the kid arrived back at Camp the next morning, it was peace out for more Camp. Woodward tolerates no crap. When you mess up, you’re out.

     After breakfast, I headed over to the Egypt warehouse to meet up with the kids and stretch. This is where the campers meet with their instructors every morning and go off on their training missions. We shredded the Egypt course for a while, which is basically just an exaggerated kiddie course. It’s cool, but very small.

Kevin Sullivan - I think he thinks double grabs are cool
Matteo - backflip into the resi-pit
Matteo - Christ air into the foam pit
Fat guy trick #4 - mute air into the foam pit
     From there, we went over to what they call the Playground. The Playground consists of this mini-ramp that’s about 75’ wide, a mini kidney bowl that goes to a crazy wall-ride, and a whole bunch of other little obstacles. I shredded with Matteo’s group, including Jeremy Knibbs and Kevin Sullivan, for a couple of hours. Man, these kids never ran out of energy. Everything that I skated, they skated with me (and ripped it up). Riding with these little guys gets me so stoked.

     After lunch, I decided to try and go find the Internet room that I had heard about. Little did I know, but right around the corner from my room was an Internet hook-up where I could just plug in my laptop. There’s nothing like being 1200 miles from home and instant messaging your homies to tell them how your Woodward vacation is.

     Dinner comes soon when you’re occupied, so after a decent salad, I met up with Florida native, Dave Malinsky, and skated the School. This warehouse is more of a training type area with small handrails to resi-pits (resi-pits are like plastic areas that ‘give’ when you fall
Dave Malinsky - frontside rock on the tight quarter
Dave Malinsky looks hung over every day but doesn't drink
Dave Malinsky - frontside rock on the tight quarter
Renton Millar - backside ollie
Mike Frazier - tuck-knee invert
Fat guy trick #5 - Rock fakie on 2ft of vert with 2ft of tranny
Fat guy trick #6 - Tail block on the tight quarter
Kevin Sullivan - pivot on the parking block
Sketchy ass Trevor Ward - nosegrab to fakie
Mike Frazier - believe it or not, this is one tweaked-ass stalefish to fakie
on them), among some other quarterpipes and banks, kind of all close together. One of the obstacles is this really, really tight quarterpipe, with about 2.5 ft. of tranny and 2.5 ft. of vert...gnarly. If you skated it, you’d know what I mean.

Sick of pivot to fakies yet?
Scotty Conley and Ryan Clements serving pizza to Channita's team
Anthony Furlong - lein air
The pros
Harlan Hodges from Texas - kickflip wallride
Andrew Currie from Florida - switch kickflip wallride
     At the end of my first long day at Camp, Scotty, Dave, and myself went to the local hotel/restaurant/bar. After full meals and a few drinks, the total bill was $28. Don’t ask me, because I don’t know how that’s possible, but that was the deal. Let me add one more thing...I can’t remember the name of the closest town, it may be Milheim, but the townfolk are of the oddest variety.

Jeremy Knibbs - gap to mini-ramp in the Playground
Jeremy Knibbs - nollie tail grab over the spine
Johnathon Herron from Nashville paid his own way to ollie over these foam blocks
Grant Taylor - crooked grind
Trevor Ward "To Yo Mutha" and some BMXer hangin' out
Jeremy Knibbs - frontside air with Furlong BGP's

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