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Recipie For a Kontest Killa'

Posted on Monday, October 1, 2001 by Barak

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My name is stephen and i am really thinking about competing in the all ages contest in november. I would be in the 13-15 range. But my question is what do the judges look for when you are in that range? What tricks do the judges like? What is the best way to make it to the top 10? How does the contest work?

Thank You Very Much, Stephen
My response:

Dear Stephen,

If you want to do well in a contest, here are some things you should know: Judges look for creativity, trick difficulty, and use of all the obstacles. I suggest you plan your runs out ahead of time. How the contest works is, you get two, 45 second runs. Set up your runs to flow trick-to-trick from one end of the course to the other. Try to hit a little bit of everything, ledges, pyramid, banks, rails, quarter pipes, and whatever else you have tricks on. If you don't land a maneuver, keep on going, don't waste your time trying to land the same trick your whole run. The highest run counts, so if you do well and score high in your first run, you can try harder moves in your second run that you don't always pull off. If you don't do well your first run, try the same run again on your second to get the points. The most important thing is that you have fun and skate your best. That's what it's really about.

See you at the next contest, November 17, 2001!

Good luck,

Barak Wiser
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