Maloof Money Cup South Africa 2011 Street Qualifiers Jams

Posted on Saturday, October 1, 2011 by Rob

Top 12 make the cut to the Brackets on Sunday. This is an open/invite contest so you'll see some ams in there.

Jam 1

Andrew Cannon
Westchester PA
World Industries, Theeve Trucks, ERGO, Fairmans, Dakine, Alchemy, Swiss
Evan Smith
Orlando FL
Element, DC Shoes, Bones Wheels, Swiss, Indy, Creative Life Support
Johnny Layton
Murrieta CA
Toy Machine, Vans, Pig Wheels, Theeve, Vans Apparel, Furnace, MOB, Bones Swiss
Pete Eldridge
Pennington NJ
Mystery, Thunder Trucks, Adidas, Mighty Healthy

Jam 2

Bobby Worrest
Krooked, Spitfire, Independent Trucks, Roughneck Hardware, Pitcrew, Chrome Backpacks, Swiss Bearings
Garrett Hill
Vista CA
Zero, Fallen, Theeve, Active, Altamont, Ashbury
Kurtis Colamonico
Long Beach CA
Famous Stars and Straps, Famous Footwear, Kontrol Wheels, Furnace Skateshop, JW Motor Sports, Ink Works Tattoo Shop, Kicker Sounds, Diamond, Venture, Daggers
Ronnie Creager
Orange CA
Blind Skateboards, Etcetera, Tensor, Mob Grip, Bones Wheels

Jam 3

Christi Weihahn
Cape Town South Africa
Billabong, Von Zipper, Forgive, Nike SB (flow)
Geng Jakkarin
Bangkok Thailand
Cons, Preduce, Billabong
Lizard King
Salt Lake City UT
Deathwish, Shake Junt, Indy, Krew, Spitfire, Celtek Gloves, Skull Candy, Skatepark of Tampa Party Team, Supra, Stance, CCS
Ryan Decenzo
Vancouver B.C. Canada
Darkstar, Globe, Nixon, Dakine, Red Bull, RDS Apparrel, Neff, Bones, Empire Shop, Arnette, Orion Trucks

Jam 4

David Bachinsky
Lowell MA
Think, Oakley, Pioneer Skate Shop, Hubba, Venture, FKD, Vox, Dickies
Greg Lutzka
Milwaukee WI
Darkstar, K-Swiss, Rockstar, Indy, FKD, Pantech, Ricta, Oakley, Active, Neff, Incipio, Jose Cuervo
Matt Miller
San Francisco CA
Expedition, DC, Indy, Gold, FTC, Diamond, Swiss
Tom Asta
Langhorne PA
Mystery, Fallen, Reign Skateshop, LRG, Spitfire, Thunder, PIIQ

Jam 5

Dlamini Dlamini
Durban South Africa
Element, DC, Skull Candy, Nokia
Jack Curtin
Washington D.C.
DGK, Gold Wheels, LRG, Venture, FTC, Mob Grip, Fallen, Swiss
Moses Adams
Cape Town South Africa
DC, Volcom, Skull Candy, KFD Skateboards
Tommy Fynn
Brisbane Australia
Matix Clothing, Stereo, Lakai, Picture Wheel Company, Modus bearings, Ashbury, The Bay Skate

Jam 6

Es Sutat
Saraburi Thailand
Fallen, Real, Thunder, Spitfire
Jake Duncombe
Sydney Australia
Blind, Volcom, Globe, Electric Sunglasses, Theeve, Bones Wheels, Fast Times Skateshop
Nick Merlino
Atlantic City NJ
Foundation, Dekline Footwear, Pig Wheels, Krux, Neff, RPM
Andrew Reynolds
Lakeland FL
Baker, Emerica, Independent, Altamont, Nixon, Shake Junt, Pharmacy Skate Shop, Stance

Jam 7

Steve Nesser
Minneapolis MN
Spitfire, Familia Skateshop, IPath, Independent, The High , Adeline Apparel
Ishod Wair
Hamilton NJ
Nike SB, Real, Thunder, Spitfire, Fourstar, Reign Skate Shop, Anthony's Cookies, Stance Socks, Monster Energy Drink
Geoff Rowley
Long Beach CA
Flip Skateboards, Vans, Ricta, Independent, Volcom, MOB
Manny Santiago
Lowell MA
Ammo, Famous Stars and Straps, Venture , Hubba, Axion, Pioneers Board Shop, Seige Adio, Quinton

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