Halloween and Guavaween at The Bricks Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Halloween and Guavaween at The Bricks

Posted on Monday, October 31, 2011 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

Started off with a drink at Clem's joint where he revealed his act for the night. If you haven't seen the footage of how this went, get it here: 7th Avenue Guavaween Crazy Preacher in Ybor City.
Satan here was making fun of me for not using a flash on this photo. He was the first one that got all hot on Clem and we weren't even 100 feet from his house yet.
Dr. Durke.
Check the footage for how angry this lady was. Damn, how do you get through life being that uptight?
Clem's quote: "I ain't gonna lie, Jesus likes the Catholic one."
Fonzie and Lt. Dangle don't know what to think.
Skin is the local strip bar in Ybor. We are patrons of the joint, but tonight they were throwing beads overhand in anger at us.
Peace, love, and The Lawd.
Freaks love freaks.
Lt. Dangle and Tha Lawd on break.
Man, when The Lawd had to drop the sign, I almost thought it was on for a fight.
These people get it and they love Thy Lawd.
Clem's quote: "Late for the parade because of pot brownies."
Drac at The Bricks is like a fly on the wall. I wish he could tell stories.
The night before, we headed out to The Bricks for This Ain't Guavaween. The clown is being funny.
The Joker, the midnight toker.
Pause for a foot fetish.
Chris has a pube pile dome.
Where's Sarah Connor?
When choosing your costume, make sure you have easy access to the pisser.
A reminder to watch Kill Bill again.
If you were in this crowd, thanks for coming to The Bricks.
I guess my hot dog suit wasn't a one of a kind. That's Leonard Trubia and Wayne Schaefer.
Ybor City represent.
Kevin, see you at the Bro Bowl in that getup.
Uma reminds me to watch Pulp Fiction again.
Pause for another foot fetish.
My dawg, Durk.
Is Andrea the Planter's Peanut Girl?
Somebody's hungry.
Find Gib at SPoT Skate Shop Ybor next door.
Casey did two nights of door duty.
Chipmunk Kory didn't win the Costume Contest.
Good night, thanks for gearing up for the costume shindig at The Bricks.

7th Avenue Guavaween Crazy Preacher in Ybor City

Ryan Clements always goes all out on his Halloween costumes. This year, he gets the Oscar for acting like a crazy Ybor City preacher. Some people get right away that it's a joke and others just can't seem to get past their anger. His Rebel flag belt buckle isn't helping matters. Check out a small sample of the amazing characters we encounter on 7th Avenue during Guavaween, including a near fight with a roofer kid bragging about his GPA. I shot this on an iPhone 4S and edited in Premiere.


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