Digital Product Toss Results: Johnny Romano Real Deck Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Digital Product Toss Results: Johnny Romano Real Deck

Posted on Saturday, December 3, 2011 by Rob

Everyone gets a random number assigned, sorted, and someone whose email starts with "jblackburnjr" came out on top. Check your email, Mr. jblackburnjr. Thanks for diving in on this DPT. Check out all the comments submitted here. They're in the random order that was done for the drawing. Watch for another DPT real soon.

jblack: When keepin it real' goes wrong... 12/01/11 10:36 AM
florid: he has a nice stache... 12/02/11 07:15 AM
wetwil: Why am I Asian...... 12/01/11 06:09 PM
ishbu1: God shall supply all my needs 12/01/11 10:38 AM
calico: good ol Johnny Romano 12/01/11 08:20 AM
Cakewa: When I win. You keep it for boards for bros 12/01/11 07:33 AM
Chrism: Apple Pie.. 12/01/11 09:47 PM
tonype: third time is the charm...Alex needs a team to ride with...hook em up 12/01/11 11:44 AM
danizz: the manakin wats it more than i do 12/01/11 11:08 AM
chirii: If a professional athlete is visiting you in the hospital, sorry but its over. 12/01/11 08:09 AM
sickbo: dude, Im down... 12/01/11 07:37 AM
fldude: lurk nasty style! 12/01/11 12:42 PM
thuble: Look, down on the ground..its Impotent man! 12/01/11 09:01 PM
blane5: I like turkey and gravy! p.s. and hippos. 12/01/11 01:49 PM
Shikle: First entry and I need a deck. Blooh blah blibbity bla why is that dude wearing that I belt? Ohh and I went to the johnny Ramano skate jam!! 12/01/11 07:27 AM
iondre: Can i have that sweet ass mannequin instead? 12/02/11 02:15 AM
fred.f: That board would go great with my board on the wall collection, it would mean alot since I have also lost a family member to cancer. 12/02/11 07:13 AM
kaleka: fork cancer. happy holidays 12/01/11 01:14 PM
mtz@uw: AHHHHHH!!!!!!! 12/01/11 12:43 PM
kevin_: die for springfield, hommer 12/01/11 11:52 AM
arpell: i am random all of the time...I should win this 12/01/11 11:42 AM
weezys: Not going skating doesn’t help you become a pro skater any more than swimming in water helps u become a fish. 12/01/11 05:32 PM
Thisiz: My birthday is December 4th, hook me up 12/01/11 03:26 PM
disney: Poop or Die. 12/01/11 07:31 AM
salvat: No funny comment here. Just respect to a terrific cause. 12/01/11 08:40 AM
laserp: REAL erryday 12/01/11 11:42 AM
carasa: I would like to give this to one of the local childrenz at the park (spot). Serious christmas deal. Sorry no laugh 12/01/11 11:37 AM
grantg: is the size of that deck bigger than my deck...:D 12/01/11 08:36 AM
Joehea: Usually post a joke for dpts. Hard to come up with a joke when a Romano is the prize. Good kid. Good cause. 12/01/11 08:22 AM
mass.v: Rest in Peace Johnny! 12/02/11 12:44 AM
jhered: if you work for a living, why do you kill yourself working? 12/01/11 07:47 AM
sk8r4l: forget about a comment 12/02/11 05:04 PM
jrj071: keep it REAL son 12/02/11 12:05 AM
jeffwo: keepin it real 12/01/11 09:49 AM
ntorre: I should win because I love Romano cheese on my pasta. 12/01/11 12:10 PM
EmoryM: I could continue my chubbie chasing with this, woop woop! 12/01/11 03:20 PM
artich: crap, now shell know i'm not really 8" long..... 12/01/11 09:36 AM
Chisox: Kick cancer for Johnny !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if you dont win go buy a J.R deck, proceeds will go to fight childhood leukimia 12/02/11 01:10 AM
jpenic: No funny or witty comment, here. 12/01/11 10:29 AM
dewayn: I came, I saw, I skated and i woke up n realized i wasnt pro yet 12/01/11 07:48 AM
sambop: im a dirty slut 12/02/11 11:59 AM
haloce: sick ! johhny romano for life ! 12/01/11 10:25 AM
alex78: Its a good cause good grief. 12/01/11 10:56 AM
tpelle: I am random boys pop...give it to me 12/01/11 11:43 AM
dbthum: How you gonna put that deck next to Porpe like that. 12/01/11 08:30 AM
djamor: My pet giraffe wont learn how to speak Spanish. 12/01/11 06:29 PM
little: The airforce 1 of decks. Jump on this ish in case of the Apocalypse. That kid ripped hard. May he rest in peace. 12/01/11 07:34 PM
mlab80: R.I.P. 12/02/11 06:51 AM
lpress: got my name on the top ! 12/01/11 10:18 AM
iradea: Romano front flips fo real. 12/02/11 01:51 AM
andybu: Sweet 12/01/11 01:10 PM
brando: Children in the dark cause accidents, accidents in the dark cause children.Putting the laughter back in manslaughter :D now hook it up dawg 12/01/11 08:43 PM
chrisg: RIP Johnny shred the skies lil guy 12/01/11 08:13 AM
ndudek: blowup man? 12/01/11 08:12 AM
tjbsk8: Gnar! 12/01/11 03:32 PM
sbowes: gimmie gimmie gimmie some more 12/01/11 09:14 AM
jdunn1: Keep it Real! 12/01/11 09:25 AM
Crab_G: so is the manican in part of the toss 12/01/11 12:41 PM
alejan: i want this. 12/01/11 08:18 AM
sean.b: I went to his skate jam this year 12/01/11 05:04 PM
paulco: WIsh I could have shredded with him, his inspiration lives on, and I am proud of how the industry has embraced this young hero. 12/01/11 09:38 AM
driska: 12/01/11 03:51 PM
bright: im not a comedian 12/01/11 12:19 PM
alexus: i win 12/01/11 11:39 AM
ntnned: Who arted? 12/01/11 12:08 PM
rdb201: Laughable comment 12/01/11 05:07 PM
clintb: Why was 6 afraid of 7? Because seven was a rapist... 12/01/11 07:28 AM
Matted: Alright I am really getting worried about u guys with all the naked men in the background 12/02/11 02:11 AM
chrise: rip johnny ramanooo 12/01/11 06:18 PM
pingsk: niggaz in the hood eat bitches when they get out of line dood. - Texts From Bennett 12/01/11 07:17 PM
Loganm: This may be my only chance to get a punk card! 12/01/11 02:59 PM
toyfig: Its to early in the morning to to be funny. Let me get some coffee and take a dump then I can come up with something to make you laugh. 12/01/11 08:15 AM
piggyt: Herman Cain for president. Erect a real leader. 12/01/11 01:08 PM
blue6s: I can tell you a little bit about Satanism. 12/01/11 06:08 PM
browni: Black bitches 12/01/11 07:39 PM
crawfo: ALL I DO IS JIZZ 12/01/11 08:37 PM
matthe: No funny comment here. Just respect to a terrific cause. 12/01/11 08:40 AM
chocal: i was at black friday:DD the kid with the hello kitty beanie woot i need a new board my sheet snapped and im broke as fork. 12/01/11 07:42 AM
dennis: My eyes see h, but my heart sees i 12/01/11 08:39 AM
lamle1: Sharks are scary! 12/02/11 02:56 PM
quarto: too early to be throwin elbows. 12/01/11 07:40 AM
strang: that maniquin tried to do grabs..didnt work out so he sticks to manuals 12/01/11 01:18 PM
gabrie: RIP johny, i hope that your cause can stay in skateboarding so we can help families that might be gowing through what yours went through. 12/01/11 06:49 PM
spudz1: I could hang this on my wall 12/01/11 07:36 AM
glenny: Johnny rolls forever. 12/01/11 02:35 PM
Kylech: REAL sheet! 12/01/11 07:43 AM
enjoid: bitches and hoes 12/01/11 03:37 PM
makaya: does a hitler-stached, bow legged armless mannequin put up much resistance? i was thinking of upgrading. 12/01/11 09:42 AM
camden: rest in peace homie 12/02/11 02:26 AM
cheese: keep moving moving moving, though theyre disapproving 12/01/11 08:08 AM
black_: Banana Clip 12/02/11 10:13 AM
stephe: I Need this!!! 12/01/11 08:02 AM
leeway: who shot JR? 12/01/11 09:16 PM
upthad: needle needle needle 12/02/11 09:49 PM
goodma: no money for a deck, need one 12/01/11 08:57 PM
hawtho: romano isnt that a cheese oh or is it the pizza place in lakeland FL or is it the sickness that killed the pillgrems lol jk 12/01/11 03:07 PM
tmurph: suvivor of a live crew, not out to jive you 12/01/11 03:13 PM
marywh: Please pick me!!!!! 12/01/11 08:03 AM
matthe: No funny comment here. Just respect to a terrific cause. 12/01/11 08:41 AM
josip.: cool desk 12/01/11 07:28 AM
celery: bring the bricks 12/01/11 12:27 PM
freepa: Hook me up, if your not convinced how about this "me wruve u wrang time" only if you give me the board though 12/01/11 05:16 PM
dewayn: Not going skating doesn’t help you become a pro skater any more than swimming in water helps u become a fish. 12/01/11 05:26 PM
xdwell: My husband wold love this, he needs a new board...and the manican looks like hitler...just saying :D 12/01/11 12:44 PM
jiahao: HERES JOHNNY. Hes in a better place now 12/01/11 12:55 PM
zerozi: I told him to take his "personal growth" and go reflect on how boners dont qualify. 12/01/11 09:05 AM
camero: Asian pride. 12/01/11 02:27 PM
mcmaho: Make a wish! 12/02/11 03:52 PM
soliem: Yeah, sheet.... I mean.. I just want a board. Nothing too out of the ordinary here. 12/01/11 04:33 PM
the_im: Little naked dude says, "Welcome to our planet. We wear I-belts talk on I-phones and shield ourselves from Shiva with this wooden utensil." 12/01/11 07:56 AM
dbetz@: politicians and diapers have 1 thing in common,they both should be changed regularly and for the same reason 12/01/11 08:21 AM
matt.s: No funny comment here. Just respect to a terrific cause. 12/01/11 08:40 AM
reigns: sheet yeah! 12/01/11 08:33 AM
shakej: give to the away daddy 12/01/11 07:44 AM
saulos: R.I.P Johnny you were a great skater. 12/01/11 06:36 PM
enjoij: I wanna live! I want to live my live my life!! Hey Ho R.I.P Johnny Ramone!! 12/01/11 09:14 AM
marlon: Dang! You owe me a new pair of shorts because I busted out of this when I got that goddamn boner that you gave me! :D 12/01/11 08:02 AM
overth: 12/01/11 02:35 PM
alex.a: robs wonder woman costume was tight! all you were missing were the breasts 12/01/11 09:48 AM


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