Friday at Tampa Am 2011 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Friday at Tampa Am 2011

Posted on Tuesday, December 6, 2011 by Rob

By Rob Meronek
Footage by Colin Clark and Joe Pelham

There is no shortage of the skate coverage through filming, so I only shot a few sequences on Friday. The rest are hard lurkin' photos. This is Andre Colbert with a frontside 360 into the bricks.
The nollie frontside noseslide is a good looking trick that people need to do more. It looks even better when done the other way. Auby's got a fakie backside tailslide to fakie on the rail.
It's interesting to see who's back there skating the Bowl during the Contest. I found Tim Zom doing frontside nosegrinds over the hip.
Chris Jata was one of the locals in it this weekend. His nollie inward heels and nollie half Cab heelflips are some of the best looking ones out there.
Atomic Tattoos was in the courtyard inking up your favorite companies.
The Thrasher Skate Goat was a popular one.
This heavy metal parking lot circle was way in the back by Innetech with cold Coronas all around at 11am. I wish I could join.
When we're all working from 6am to whatever-pm, it's easy to forget to eat.
This was Lewis Marnell's first time in Tampa. Thanks for joining us for the Chronicles Premiere and this crazy Tampa Am weekend.
Kearley's usually at a desk with me back in Innetech. This weekend he battled flames to feed the masses.
True locals at SPoT. There's a lot of history in this snapshot of Chris Jata, Yonnie Cruz, Tommy Presley, Jereme Knibbs, Scotty Conley, and Manny.
Gram Bickerstaff has sunglasses made out of skateboard decks. You can see the 7-ply in the sides of them. They're called Deck Specks.
I wonder if David Loy and Shawn Hale know about Dr. Octagon? We're at the Show now.
One time when another company was picking up the tab for our rental car, we tired to go all gangster and got a Camaro. It was a nightmare because our bags would barely fit and the back seat was so small it may as well have been a motorcycle. Maybe we'll get the Caddy next time like the Pharmacy crew.
Schaefer and Clements had this view for most of the weekend. Bob here wants to put together a pilot for a show.
Things are getting heated when you're rolling dice for VIP wristbands.
Inside it's pitch black and tough to focus because I don't want to be blowing flashes up in people's faces. Jacob and Chris Blake are ready for a stage dance.
Get macho.
Ybor City locals.
Paul Schmitt is here to win the Old Man Bowl Jam.
Jon Mann used to pack and ship your online orders. Now he's FSEC.
Gabe Clement and my drunk focus. Did you see how the city of Montreal loaded the Big-O onto a truckbed and moved it to save the spot? Damn, America ain't never doing that.
Ryan Clements and his client, Bryan Herman.
Justin Brock was here with the Nike SB crew. It was sick having all these pros in town for the Am.
HiDefJoe has the footage of Dr. Octagon "falling" off the stage. Looks like he got shoved to me.
That's Manchild crowd surfing like he just won Tampa Am.
Strangers in the night? Nope, it's Tom and Bobby in the crusty dark corners running the nightlife. You could find them in the Shop behind the counter the next morning.
Thanks to our ladies for supporting us working nearly 24 hours a day for the entire weekend.
More drunk focusing in the dark. You can find Alex in the Shop behind the counter, too. Clive's looking like he's got the bedroom eyes on.
Here's where the night gets real fuzzy. Something interesting happened here to make me shoot the photo, but I can't remember. Oh well, next time.
The brothers of Ed Selego (Matt and Drew) are here at The Bricks with FSEC member Adam Burgess. Right now Elisha has the camera while I'm off doing something I don't remember.
Elisha knows you need to pause for a foot fetish every time you have the camera.
Looks like she's trying to shoot an ad for the website.
The SPoT staff is lurking late. I wonder what time Gib had to work on Saturday.
Stalker Steve and Deluxe TM John Alden. Is it just me or is Stalker Steve going Single White Female on Pat Stiener?
Well there's Elisha, so who has the camera now? I don't know, Brittany maybe? I spy Single White Female in the making.
A horse walks into a bar. Bartender says, "Why the long face?" Good night ya'll. Saturday is going to be a long ass day at the Park.

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