Tampa Am 2011 After-Party and Damn Am of the Year Awards

Posted on Friday, December 9, 2011 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

I rolled into The Bricks to find Luke Hampton and family psyched on his 2nd place finish today.
Carl Carson, my fellow downtown local.
Deluxe TM John Alden and Volcom's Remy Stratton. It's amazing that Drac here made it through the night with no abuse this time.
The Damn Am of the Year Awards are starting up. Hope you're in this crowd having a laugh with us.
Rodent picked up the award for The Skateboard Mag. Thanks to all our sponsors throughout the year on all the Damn Ams: Volcom, Nike SB, Red Bull, CONS, Woodward, Independent, Zumiez, Plan B, Skullcandy, Mob, Deuce, Bones, Dakine, Slap, and The Skateboard Mag.
Shawn Hale was the Zumiez Destroyer of the Year.
TJ Rogers is our favorite CanadiAm.
Alex Midler is Little Big Man, just like Weezy.
Alec, thanks for having a laugh with us over the Don't Dew It Award.
Evan Smith, we missed you at all the Damn Ams this year.
Trevor Colden came out of nowhere earlier this year and then won Tampa Am. Wow.
Ishod Wair got Damn Am of the Year. Check the full results and Awards list here.
Pro Before You Know is Felipe Gustavo.
Nassim Guammaz is one of our favorite Euros.
Okay, time to party. Well, if you have these on your hands, it's just time to hang out at the party.
It was nice to see the homies from Chile, Nicolas Ferrando and Diego Vargas, who did whatever it took to make it to Tampa Am. From landing in Miami to figuring out how to get to Tampa to figuring out where to stay once they got here, they made it happen. You should be doing that, too.
Elisha with the Israeli dance party that's about to begin: Misha Cracker and Alon Daniel.
With Schaefer's new brick tattoo on his wrist, there is no counterfeiting the thumb's up photography style now. There's only one and you're looking at it right here. Check DailyBS on Instagram.
Yep, it's another bedroom eyes photo, this time Elisha sends the beams to Colin Clark.
Porpe and Devin need a bedroom eyes photo. Next time.
Leo Heinert and the Chile homies.
Good thing these girls were there so it wasn't a 100% dude dance party.
Chany, SPoT local Nick, and Tommy Fynn. Thanks for coming all the way from Down Under, Tommy.
According to my camera, Abdias was part of the dance party with me. Hell yeah, glad you made it to town this weekend, Abdias.
Look at this crew of cool-guys. Not too cool to dance, though. Thanks DJ Wade and lots of Gansett sauce for the dance party.
There was about 100 photos in my camera like this after I got it back from whoever was using it while I danced and lost my voice because DJ Wade played "F$%k the Police."
Andrea sure has a good looking mean mug.
Douwe and Thomas Vintr with Elisha. Douwe's first time in America was this Tampa Am weekend. Afterwards, he went to Venice Beach with Colin Clark and filmed a bit there. See you in Europe next summer Douwe and Thomas.
I met Aaron Cano through email as I have with most of you sending in footage for Tampa Am. Aaron's footage ripped so he was able to get a spot and make the trip all the way from Hawaii. Thanks for coming and hanging out for the nightlife, Aaron.
Our sauce supply for the night. I hope you took care of The Bricks bartenders. I can't imagine trying to tend to the requests of that rowdy crowd.
At times the dance floor was thin, but that didn't stop the Israeli dance party along with Leo, Luis, and Taylor McClung. Okay, me too.
I bet Cody Hale wishes he could bottle up this weather and bring it back to Vermont with him. Thanks for coming all the way down here with the crew, Cody.
The amount of alcohol running through your system is inversely related to the level of dude dance party participation. You first start out by cool-guying everything, you're chillin'. Next thing you know, you're bouncing in your seat like these guys here. The final stage is where you want to be. Alon shows you how fun that stage is. For me the final stage is rapping at the top of your lungs. I have an unreal level of ignorant ass hip hop lyrics memorized and it spills out at the final level.
Ripping ginger, thanks for coming to Tampa for the weekend.
Brandon Moser also came from Hawaii with Aaron Cano here. One day we'll return the visit.
The ladies are loving the sophisticated style of Daniel Shimizu.
Gerson, thanks for lurking all weekend!
I think this is the third, maybe fourth, time Chet has brought out the red frank and beans. Yep, he's naked below this photo. Zoom out if you dare by clicking here.
Myles, thanks for your service at The Bricks tonight. I hope everyone left it in one piece.
One of my favorites of the weekend, Auby Taylor. See you next time, buddy.
Kilian Zehnder was out late. He was killing it all weekend. Looking forward to seeing more of your skating and possibly making it to your homeland in Switzerland next year, Kilian.
Of course the girls got holla'd at as they were walking down the street far ahead of me. Just so you know, Brittany there is my wife, ha! It's about 2am and we're finally out. Good night!
When I saw the list of all the people that were going to be in our 10am meeting the next morning, I started wondering who would be the most hungover. Turns out it was me. We were not resting on Monday morning after Tampa Am. We were at The Bricks with our partners at Nike SB already going over all the good and bad of Tampa Am and what we can do to improve things for next year and 2013. I love being part of a hard working crew that never stops getting better at what they do. See you all next year.

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