Day-Bay-Day at ASR - Sunday Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Day-Bay-Day at ASR - Sunday

Posted on Friday, September 26, 2003 by Ryan

Day-By-Day at ASR
Words by Ryan Clements. Photos by Barak Wiser.

After 10 years of going to tradeshows, Brian Howard is less than excited Diguised TNT breath mints
Foundation was giving out free ink
     I forgot to mention that somehow we ended up hanging out with the infamous Baby Schitzo last night. Since he didn’t have anywhere to stay, we let him crash on our floor. Waking up to Baby Schitzo in our room was definitely an experience in itself. First off, I found that his real name is John, but that Smolik gave him his current title. I don’t know if the average skateboarder is ever going to know who Schitzo is, but he certainly has an interesting perspective on the skateboarding industry. All I can tell you is that Baby Schitzo is one of a kind. If not you’re already a hater, then give him a chance, because he’s not a bad guy at all and he knows a lot of dirt on many pros.

Guess who this is and win nothing I believe that this is actually Ellington's leg! I, like, chill with famous journalists - Clements on L. and Neiratko
     After listening to a ton of Schitzo gossip, I headed to the show for another early morning mini session. Barry was too broke off from yesterday’s session to even walk properly, let alone skate. Although I invited about 10 guys to join the session, only two took me up on the offer. The rest were either hungover or just didn’t want to hang out with me. After a fun session, I took a walk around the show.

Barry and DC mastermind, Damon Way You can't help but smile when you hang out with Karl Watson The return of American Gladiator! Some random dude with Nick Matlin and John Montessi
     As I previously mentioned, there were quite a few bigtime pros at ASR this time, including MUSKA and TOM PENNY! Yep, for real, Dog, Tom Penny was there. Although he probably doesn’t know it, Tom and I have a unique bond. He got his board taken by some overzealous, muscle-bound security boy with a bad attitude. I stepped in, trying to be diplomatic, and the asshead insulted me and got all up in my face. It wasn’t difficult to win a battle of the wits with ol’ Jocko, so after a little bit of coercing, Penny had his board back, but the security goon as still pissed.

Muska is always down for a fan photo Rob Mertz is so punk with his new Silver Trucks Sinclair rocking out at the Fender Roadhouse gimmick Sole Tech was doing all types of weird product!
     Muska, instead of garnering attention on his skateboard, actually spent the entire weekend filming. I don’t really know what was going on, but he was rocking a sleeveless shirt that said “Death Metal” and “666” and a pair of gloves with the fingers cut out to hold the camera. Cool? I’m not sure. Entertaining? Yes. In addition, he was rolling with a mixed crew of Venice thugs and a black guy dressed like a pimp...white clamdiggers and all.

     I tried to pick out the more memorable stuff, but there’s so much more to tell. Since I don’t want to bore the hell out of you I’ll end it right here. Thank for reading.


Gershon is now on Shorty's Grecs was not interested in doing a photo with Barry and I, but he did it anyway It was like a science project at the Sole Technology booth L. to R. - super rep Will, Ellington, Lenoce, Barry Real life hippie gone bigtime...Field rules!


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