LRG Demo 2012 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

LRG Demo 2012

Posted on Monday, March 19, 2012 by Rob

Photos and Words by Rob Meronek
Video by HiDefJoe

HiDefJoe Footage

Wow, that's you how backside flip. Rodrigo TX guided this thing back in like an air traffic controller. Damn!
Tom Asta did everything on that rail, including this overcrook.
Billy Marks' fellow Gambling teammate Mike Frazier was watching the demo, too.
Chuckie got the most Instagram coverage out of anyone. We have to go back to get this varial flip to fakie so for now it's a Take a Poop. He's got it next time.
Man Rodrigo TX has so much snaps. That's a fakie flip.
Felipe Gustavo has such a level switch frontside flip that it's easy for him to take it to noseslide like this.
Rodrigo TX - frontside flip lipslide.
There's such a tight crew of little shredders at the Park these days. Ollie Tawoosi - frontside flip.
TJ Harris - nollie bigspin back lip.
And that's how you look good on a one foot tall quarter. Jereme Knibbs - fakie switch front crooked grind. I just realized I got no chill shots at this one. Had to break out a little early due to sneezing my brains out. I got the classic nerdy allergies going on. Thanks to the LRG team for hanging out and killing it on the street course. See you guys at Tampa Pro.


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