Tampa Pro 2012 Skaters and Heats Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Tampa Pro 2012 Skaters and Heats

Posted on Friday, March 23, 2012 by Rob

Top 30 make the cut to the Semi-Finals on Sunday where the whole thing will be on live webcast at 11am EST at skateparkoftampa.com/TampaPro.

Winners of prior Tampa Pro Contests go straight to the Semi-Finals on Sunday and don't have to skate the Qualifiers on Saturday: Mike Vallely (1995), Chris Senn (1996), Andrew Reynolds (1997, 1998), Gershon Mosley (1999), Kerry Getz (2000), Kyle Berard (2001), Eric Koston (2002, 2007), Tony Trujillo (2003), Bastien Salabanzi (2004), Dennis Busenitz (2005, 2011), Greg Lutzka (2006, 2008, 2009), Paul Rodriguez (2010)

Heat One

Pennington NJ, Age: 31
Mystery, Thunder Trucks, Adidas, Mighty Healthy. Music choice: Hip-Hop
San Paulo Brazil, Age: 28
Lost, Connexion Wheels, Your Face Skateboards, Base Skateboards. Music choice: Anything
Lafayette LA, Age: 39
Preservation, Indy, All I Need Clothing, The Mothership Skateshop. Music choice:
Guaynabo PR, Age: 25
Ergophobia, Vans, Indy, Rockstar Bearings, Plan B, Covert Skate Shop. Music choice: Hip Hop
Melbourne Australia, Age: 22
Nike SB, Fourstar, Thunder, Spitfire, CCS, Skate Mental, Diamond, Grizzly Grip, Monster, FKD. Music choice: Anything
Hamilton NJ, Age: 20
Nike SB, Real, Thunder, Spitfire, Fourstar, Reign Skate Shop, Anthony's Cookies, Stance Socks, Monster Energy Drink. Music choice: Hip Hop
Orange CA, Age:
Blind Skateboards, Etcetera, Tensor, Bones Wheels. Music choice: Any
Aberdeen CA, Age: 34
Zero, Thunder, Modus, Poler, MOB Grip. Music choice: Rock
Sao Paulo Brazil, Age: 19
Rockstar Energy Drink, Broken Skateboards, Theeve Trucks, Qix Shoes, Moska Wheels, HD Clothing. Music choice: Rock
Charelston SC, Age: 17
Charleston Skatepark. Music choice:
Santiago Chile, Age: 21
Red Bull, Quiksilver, Vans, Nixon, Gangsta. Music choice:
Westchester PA, Age: 26
World Industries, Theeve Trucks, ERGO, Fairmans, Dakine, Alchemy, Swiss, Heavy Wheels. Music choice: Wade's Choice
Jax FL, Age: 33
Ninja, Sunrise. Music choice: Hip Hop
14: Jared Lee
Waynesville NC, Age: 28
Untitled Skateboards, DC (flow), Red Hatchet. Music choice: Hip Hop
Los Angeles CA, Age: 34
100 Percent. Music choice: Hip-Hop
Barcelona Spain/Brazil, Age: 24
Osiris, About Skateboards, Free Skate Shop. Music choice: Hip Hop
Carlsbad CA, Age: 22
Brixton, Slave, Active, Theeve, Mouse, 9 Five Sunglasses. Music choice: Classic Rock
Vancouver BC, Age:
Almost, Independent Trucks and Clothing, Bones Wheels, Vestal, Dakine, Globe, Swiss, Gypsy Grip, Leftover Hardware. Music choice:

Heat Two

Whitefish MT, Age: 25
Circa, Venture, Foundation, CCS, Dakine, Bones Wheels, Arnette. Music choice: Biggie
Fontana CA, Age: 25
Emerica, Toy Machine, Pharmacy, Eswic, Independent, Pig, Bro Style Grip Tape . Music choice:
Vancouver, B.C. Canada, Age: 27
Powell-Peralta, BONES Wheels, Bones Bearings, Quiksilver, Theeve, Active, 9Five, Neff, Etcetera. Music choice: Colorado Koolaid
Chicago IL, Age: 17
Zoo York, FKD, Silver Trucks, Gatorade. Music choice: Hip Hop
State College PA, Age: 24
Alien Workshop, Gravis Footwear, Autumn Skate Shop, OJ, Bottoms Up MFG. Music choice: Classic Rock
Brasilia Brazil, Age: 21
Plan B, Silver, FKD, Bones wheels, DC, Nixon, LRG, Diamond, Foot Printer Insoles . Music choice: Hip Hop
Corona CA, Age: 26
Toy Machine, Dekline Shoes, Pig Wheels, Furnace, Ambiguous, Mob. Music choice: 80's
San Paulo , Age:
Nike SB, Crail, Agaace Boards. Music choice: Morissey
Cascavel Brazil, Age: 26
FTS, Media Arts, DC, About Skateboards, Rufus Skateshop. Music choice:
Kansas City KS, Age: 22
Girl, Nike SB, Spitfire, Escapist, Thunder, Diamond, Fourstar, Glassy, Grizzly Grip. Music choice: Rock
Vancouver B.C. Canada, Age: 25
Darkstar, Globe, Nixon, Dakine, Red Bull, RDS Apparrel, Neff, Bones, Empire Shop, Arnette, Orion Trucks, Kicker. Music choice: Hip Hop
San Juan PR, Age: 32
ICONICA, Bones, Indy, DC, Skateboard Federation. Music choice: Rock
Collingswood NJ, Age: 35
Bacon Skateboards, Jetty Life Apparel, Autobahn, DaKine, Fallen (flow), Kinetic Skate Shop. Music choice: Punk
NYC NY, Age: 27
Zoo York, Hubba Wheels, Red Bull, Swiss, Tensor, Mob Grip. Music choice: Hip-Hop
15: Max Genin
Grenoble France, Age: 24
DC, Propaganda Skateboards, WESC, Indy, Moscova, Laglisse Skate Shop. Music choice: Anything
Sao Paulo Brazil, Age: 28
DGK, LRG, Gold, Venture, Mob, Bones, Diamond, Matriz Skate Shop. Music choice: Hip-Hop
San Clemente CA, Age: 22
Plan B, Independent Trucks, Etnies, Grizzly Grip, CCS, Nixon, Oakley, Red Bull, Go Pro. Music choice: Motley Crue Kickstar

Heat Three

Carlsbad CA, Age: 23
Black Label, Independent, Gold Wheels, Altamont, Surf Ride Skate Shop. Music choice: Country
DC DC, Age: 25
Krooked, Spitfire, Independent Trucks, Roughneck Hardware, Pitcrew, Chrome Backpacks, Swiss Bearings, Death Squad. Music choice: Rap
Vacaville CA, Age: 32
Analog, Habitat, Venture, Nike SB, Liberty Board Shop, Mob, Bones Bearings, Glassy. Music choice:
New Bedford Chen Du, Age: 28
World Industries, All I Need, Thunder, Autobahn, Stelth, Solstice Skate Shop, No Problemo, FKD. Music choice: Hip Hop
Sacramento CA, Age: 28
Alien Workshop, Nike SB, Independent, Spitfire, Bones. Music choice:
Los Angeles CA, Age:
Ammo Surplus Company, Famous, Indy, Lexani. Music choice: Hip-Hop
Wilmington DE, Age: 25
5boro, OJ, Volcom, Ax Throwers, Kinetic Skateshop, Emerica. Music choice: Rock
Portland OR, Age: 34
Skate Mental, Nike SB. Music choice: Electric Wizard
Vancouver B.C. Canada, Age:
Girl, Thunder, Anit-Social, Swiss, Momentum, Nixon, Raen Sunglasses. Music choice: Anything
San Diego CA, Age:
Blind, Laced Clothing. Music choice:
Porto Alegre Brazil, Age: 21
Flip Skateboards, Globe, Flip Wheels, Matriz Skate Shop, Indy, Mob. Music choice: Mobb Deep
12: Ron Deily
Union Beach NJ, Age: 25
Zoo York, Vans, Red Bull, NJ Skateshop, Matix, Venture, Autobahn. Music choice: Bruce
Mission Viejo CA, Age: 25
Dogtown, Socal Skate Shop, Type S Wheels, Oakley. Music choice: Biggie Smalls
Ventura CA, Age: 22
Krooked, Spitfire, Thunder, Matix Clothing. Music choice:
Vancouver, BC Canada, Age: 30
Vans, Zero, Spitfire, Independent, Anti-Social Skateshop, RVCA. Music choice: Slayer
Hawthorne CA, Age: 21
Baker, Nike SB, Altamont, Thunder, Spitfire, CCS, Shake Junt, Ashbury, Mountain Dew, Neff, Bones Swiss, Skull Candy, Markisa, Stance Socks, Shake Junt, Meister Watches. Music choice: Hip Hop

Heat Four

Redlands CA, Age: 36
Chocolate, Converse, Indy, Satori, Swiss, Poler. Music choice:
Jacksonville FL, Age: 35
Finesse, Independent, Pacific Drive, Bones, Brixton, Paradox. Music choice: Moby
Medellin Colombia, Age: 21
Flip Skateboards, Globe, Volcom, Libra Skate Shop, Indy, Mob, Ricta. Music choice: Rock
St. Helena CA, Age: 23
Organika, C1RCA, Force, 510 Skateshop, Spitfire, Elm Hats. Music choice: Hip Hop
Philadelphia PA, Age: 30
Zero, DC, Thunder, Spitfire, Reign Skate Shop, Omit Apparel, Stance, Kershaw Knives. Music choice:
Simi Valley CA, Age: 21
DVS, Matix, Skatelab, Bones Bearings, Venture Trucks, Primitive, Select Wheels, Plan B, CCS, Grizzly Grip, Dakine, Red Bull, Nixon. Music choice: Lil Wayne
Atlanta GA, Age: 21
Alien Workshop, Nike SB, Volcom, Independent, Stratosphere, Spitfire, Modus. Music choice: Hip Hop
Phoenix AZ, Age: 23
Converse, Pig Wheels, Thunder, Mob Grip, Cowtown, Neff, Shake Junt, Brigada. Music choice: Hip Hop
Lake Stevens WA, Age: 21
Girl, RVCA, Nike SB, Spitfire, Royal. Music choice: Old Hip Hop
SF CA, Age:
Real, Circa, Omit, Thunder, Spitfire, Roughneck Hardware, Newell, HUF, Dakine, Monster. Music choice: Metal
San Francisco CA, Age: 30
Think Skateboards, Satori Wheels, Venture, Swiss Bearings, MIA. Music choice: Hip-Hop
Bauru Brazil, Age: 26
etnies. Music choice: Hip Hop
Placentia CA, Age:
Blind, Small Wheels, Venture, Libertyboardshop.com, Etcetera. Music choice: Hip-Hop
Madison WI, Age: 36
Westside Skateshop, Perfect Skateboards, Gullwing Trucks, Avenue Wheels, Cream Company Clothing . Music choice: Anything

Heat Five

Sewaren NJ , Age: 33
Habitat, Domestics, Ipath, Independent, OJ. Music choice: Black Sabbath
West Covina CA, Age: 23
Lakai, Chocolate, Dickies, Spitfire, Royal. Music choice: Reggae
Paterson NJ, Age: 28
5boro, Fallen, NJ Skate Shop, Autobahn, Cost Prevention. Music choice: Classic Rock
San Diego CA, Age: 25
Santa Cruz, Billabong, OJ Wheels, Independent, Pacific Drive Skate Shop, FKD. Music choice: Hip Hop
Inglewood CA, Age: 23
Famous Stars and Straps, Kontrol Wheels, Warning Skate Shop, Black Bear Energy Drink, Dogtown. Music choice: Hip Hop
Corona CA , Age: 29
Toy Machine, Fallen Footwear, Thunder, Mob Grip, Skatepark of Tampa Gambling Team, Pig, LRG, Reign, Vitamin Water. Music choice: Ace Hood
Lowell MA, Age: 26
Think, Oakley, Pioneer Skate Shop, Hubba, Venture, FKD, Vox, Grizzly. Music choice: Hip Hop
Long Beach CA, Age: 27
Famous Stars and Straps, Famous Footwear, Kontrol Wheels, Furnace Skateshop, JW Motor Sports, Ink Works Tattoo Shop, Kicker Sounds, Diamond, Venture, Daggers, Mophie. Music choice: Hip Hop
Middleton RI, Age: 24
Famous Stars and Straps, Black Bear Energy Drinks, Selfish Skateboards. Music choice: Hip Hop
Curitiba Brazil, Age: 22
Kronik. Music choice:
MTA NC, Age: 24
Real, Thunder, Spitfire, Nike SB, Roughneck Hardware, Huf, Quiksilver, Stratosphere. Music choice: Metal
Buffalo NY, Age: 27
HUF, Spitfire, Thunder, Sunday, Skate Mental, Stratosphere, Bender Hardware. Music choice: Anything
Jacksonville FL, Age: 36
Consolidated, Ace Trucks, Team Pain, Paradise Wheels, Sunrise. Music choice: Anything
San Francisco CA, Age:
Santa Cruz, VOX Footwear, Krux, OJ, Swiss, SkateWorks, Silo Boxers, Skatepark of Tampa Party Team, Roughneck, DAF. Music choice: Anything
Lowell MA, Age: 26
Ammo, Famous Stars and Straps, Venture , Hubba, Axion, Pioneers Board Shop, Seige Audio, Quinton. Music choice: Hip Hop


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