May the Fourth Be With You at The Bricks Article at Skatepark of Tampa

May the Fourth Be With You at The Bricks

Posted on Saturday, May 5, 2012 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

I rolled through Ybor and The Bricks last night where the Star Wars nerds got loose...

Miles has a cast that gives me bad memories of when I had the exact same one trying to write code with one hand and a thumb.
These are not the droids you're looking for. Somehow, I went the whole night without seeing C3PO.
Ewok Andrea and Leah Brittany.
The bid'niss folk call this "personal branding." Porpe is building his little empire one fin at a time.
There could be an entire art show with just photos over the years of when Brian has painted his face black.
Chewy was running the dance floor like the galaxy.
Serious Princess Leia imposter.
DJ 90's Guy and Darth Face Painter.
No, he does not have Juicy J or Kreayshawn, Lanna. He's DJ 90's Guy. It's damn good 90's hip hop, though.
Texts from Darth: "Death Star gone. WTF Troopers? SMH."
Pause for a foot fetish with E and Wife-E.
So many Slave Leias.
There is no way to hold a light saber without it looking like a big old ding a ling.
Legit Slave Leia.
Bid'niss Trooper.
Junior Executive Vader pushing papers around the galaxy.
Thanks to everyone that dressed up.
Epic light saber battle at the bar.
Double pits to Millenium Falcon chestie.
You can't roll in the Falcon without your flashy galaxy gear.
May the photo grain be with you.
The crouching tiger is a nice alternative to the hand gesture photo stance. Brittany is sticking with the thumbs.
Pause for a foot fetish with Devine running the floors with those loud towers.
Bum love.
Porpe's extended family runs deep.
Pause for another foot fetish with Elgin and his Sunday country kickers.
Oh yeah, we're at Reservoir now. Here's your standard pool table shot with T4PREZ.
Pat Stiener's Who Wore it Best Feature applies here.
Good night Ybor.


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