Vans Size 10 Digital Product Toss Results Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Vans Size 10 Digital Product Toss Results

Posted on Tuesday, June 26, 2012 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

Everyone gets a random number assigned, sorted, and someone whose email starts with "panderthelocals" came out on top. Check your email, Mr. Panderthelocals. Thanks for diving in on this DPT. Check out all the comments submitted here. They're in the random order that was done for the drawing.

pander: I had the original AVEs; Like to see how these ones skate 06/25/12 08:11 PM
illwil: old man steeze 06/26/12 07:31 AM
tjsidg: vans are raw, type IIs were the longest lasting shoes i've had 06/25/12 05:02 PM
iam4g1: next stop start trouble inside the waffle house 06/25/12 09:08 PM
dennis: Im not a size 10, but I'd cut off my toes for these. 06/25/12 04:44 PM
kevin.: Im a size ten. Give me shoes. 06/25/12 04:46 PM
Troyki: Nice shoes 06/25/12 07:00 PM
michae: derp 06/25/12 08:31 PM
adamwa: If I "WIN", I hope Vans throws some Wrangler wear in there as well. And whats up with 47 Brand? Knock off of Droors and DUB brands? 06/25/12 05:23 PM
Milan@: I would appreciate a free pair of kicks, and maybe some laces cuz Im almost out of belts! 06/25/12 06:47 PM
mewile: If theyre free AVEs, they're for me... 06/25/12 05:07 PM
bivens: Get Crackn 06/25/12 08:21 PM
tlesch: spot pls 06/26/12 01:29 AM
nichol: Never win shoop but why not there bad ass and my size 06/25/12 05:00 PM
mjbibo: duck CCS 06/25/12 08:34 PM
brian.: Lil Tunchi Vs. Bo Turner Best Switch Hard flip, who you got ROB? 06/26/12 09:47 AM
Sportz: Classic joke monday: What does a snail talk on? On His shell phone ;) Hahahahaha 06/25/12 09:55 PM
jcphan: Buttery Ass Shoes! 06/25/12 08:53 PM
Whyme1: I need them shoes. 06/25/12 04:49 PM
vPrinc: I just really need the shoe for my cousin, always complains about never having ones to skate. -.- 06/25/12 11:19 PM
Jseltz: 06/25/12 07:43 PM
skillz: Give me these so I can skate like a God! 06/25/12 09:09 PM
bybh_c: a brave man asked a u like dragons.cause ill be dragon these nuts down your face later tonight ;) 06/25/12 05:03 PM
Casey.: Them things are sweet ass shoop . 06/25/12 04:47 PM
justin: love me some ant Vans 813 06/25/12 07:21 PM
Culber: My son needs these!! :) I need to have them in my hands, hes a crazy teenager 06/25/12 06:33 PM
Afrene: Vans for my mans! 06/25/12 05:11 PM
cashhe: hook me up! 06/25/12 04:51 PM
fialak: get there while you can 06/25/12 05:00 PM
dvsmzr: i wear vans with my disco suits 06/25/12 04:38 PM
Jbruc0: Av sk8 low are one of my favorite shoe. Cant wait to check the native Americans. 06/25/12 11:12 PM
bzarit: i think im turning japanese 06/26/12 01:44 AM
Meando: Hey baby you wanna lipslide my handrail...haha? please never use this line ever again meronek 06/25/12 04:48 PM
heathe: How about you let me get on my sons good side for once and pick me to win these shoes for him! also, his birthday is this month:) 06/25/12 04:54 PM
j.bell: At least they aint the cheetah or leopard print cause those are ones that shouldn't have been made 06/25/12 09:41 PM
btw117: Just happens to be my size. I enter them all but REALLY would love this one. 06/25/12 11:44 PM
pimpbo: Like the email B)? Well not me pretty old :( 06/25/12 09:44 PM
Tyler_: search cris angel skateboarding on youtube...if you want to laugh 06/25/12 06:14 PM
rustyl: Im 34 these will easily last a year or so for me. 06/25/12 04:39 PM VANS ARE OG! 06/25/12 04:54 PM
rory-o: my shoes are all dead so it would be chilled if i got some fresh new ones for free! 06/25/12 04:41 PM
Jstowe: If I get a free pair of shoes, I can afford more weed! 06/25/12 05:47 PM
reigns: read this if you are gay 06/26/12 01:12 AM
tjbsk8: VANS FOR LIFE! 06/25/12 11:43 PM
AFFILI: im always satisfied when i order from SPoT and my type iis are done so i would be very greatful for any one of these vans 06/25/12 10:24 PM
esisk@: SPOT got the hookup... 06/25/12 05:44 PM
chriss: Every time I dont win a giveaway, a puppy cries. Don't make a puppy cry, do the right thing! 06/25/12 04:58 PM
gabe97: i could use those bad boize 06/25/12 05:37 PM
Swit90: Tall Vans in the air let me see them! Size 10 for this guy with two thumbs! 06/25/12 05:08 PM
dyson_: Just broke das boot, need something to drink beer out of! These should do the trick 06/25/12 10:49 PM
kanese: Free vans....sign me up 06/26/12 09:40 AM
goodma: 06/26/12 12:04 AM
Skater: What dude those are so primo!!!! 06/25/12 05:29 PM
chocal: hook a nigga up 06/25/12 09:53 PM
jamesb: hello, goodbye wish me luck :) 06/25/12 09:47 PM
cainjw: hope i win 06/25/12 05:25 PM
rjd2@c: Rob Meronek is the poo poo bandit 06/26/12 12:41 AM
Ianb@b: Periwinkle blue... 06/25/12 05:28 PM
wabass: please 06/25/12 10:10 PM
Mhcohe: Why did lady Diana have problems with prince Charles? Because she thought a ruler was supposed to be 12 inches. 06/25/12 10:05 PM
nicksp: boner boner boner boner boner boner boner boner boner boner boner boner boner boner boner boner boner boner boner boner boner boner. Thanks. 06/25/12 06:52 PM
mabirc: I know tony hawk 06/25/12 05:40 PM
joseda: i swear if i had a dollar for every pair of vans i have ripped because of skating i would be a millionaire yo 06/25/12 06:32 PM
gvnrae: What do you call a fat computer? Adelle. 06/26/12 08:20 AM
cs2521: Probably some of the best shoes ever! 06/25/12 09:26 PM
conor1: Bukkake 06/25/12 06:05 PM
Kickfl: Get Huck or die, shotgun city bih 06/25/12 10:11 PM
Ta2edg: I want to win! 06/26/12 11:14 AM
davewa: got my vans on but thet look like sneakers!! and i want them BAD 06/25/12 09:08 PM
wongan: VANS for life! 06/26/12 12:11 AM
masonm: native american sounds like aberrican but spot is better it makes the girls wetter. :) 06/25/12 07:37 PM
jbell1: FREE FREE FREE >;] 06/25/12 09:42 PM
jamesb: Peacock!! :-p 06/25/12 09:43 PM
Camgr9: Please let me get them i need new shoes bad !!!! 06/25/12 04:43 PM
Matted: ThaT would be sweet! It is so stinking hard to keep a 13 year old skater in shoes 06/26/12 12:41 AM
Devinw: Native American lows >>>>>>>> 06/25/12 04:39 PM
matthe: When the rep left the shoes there was it payment for the best handy ever? 06/25/12 09:09 PM
americ: i need shoes 06/25/12 10:27 PM
slothw: these shoes are tight! 06/25/12 08:34 PM
jdunn@: Waffle grip is sticky like sizzurp. 06/26/12 09:14 AM
andrew: all hail cardiel 06/25/12 04:37 PM
ed.sla: where did the boy go after the explosion? EVERYWHERE! 06/25/12 05:26 PM
robmer: Dum ditty dum dum blah blah blah blah blah 06/25/12 04:24 PM
zachir: !snavevoli 06/25/12 04:46 PM
iam4g1: next stop start trouble inside the waffle house 06/25/12 09:09 PM
jsmene: Sup! I can't make you laugh... :) sorry... ;) 06/25/12 09:18 PM
frodri: Digital vans toss 06/25/12 10:42 PM
Matthe: When i was born God sent a message to my mother stating that on the 26th of June 2012 i would win a pair of shoes. NO JOKE! 06/25/12 05:03 PM
xsandx: Repping that Vans brand since 91 06/25/12 11:10 PM
andrew: tonguepunch my fartbox? 06/25/12 09:04 PM
bgress: i need shoes 06/25/12 04:41 PM
rachl2: when are the African Americans coming out? 06/25/12 05:29 PM
biz@ga: Wouldnt mind some shoes with no holes worn in them. 06/26/12 12:13 AM
mcmaho: Thats my size! 06/25/12 07:31 PM
Pwgott: My couch pulls out, but I dont. 06/25/12 05:19 PM
highgu: i need some new Vans 06/26/12 09:18 AM
sneath: anal vandals 06/25/12 04:46 PM
Manika: Those red ones are the fire. 06/25/12 04:39 PM
davism: pickles. that is all. 06/25/12 09:15 PM
vchind: Vans hits the SPoT ! 06/25/12 04:55 PM
nmusta: If this were a real product toss, Id be tall enough to just reach up over everyone else and grab them anyway. So, you should give em to me. 06/25/12 05:07 PM
jakehe: Dear DPT God, I NEED shoes desperately. 06/25/12 06:24 PM
deadey: next stop start trouble inside the waffle house 06/25/12 09:09 PM
wrxtre: Swag, swag swag, on you. Chillin by the fire while we eat fondue. 06/25/12 10:01 PM
btha1s: I would love to skate those vans!!! 06/26/12 02:27 AM
nickas: dont stick an eggplant up your butt that's not healthy man 06/25/12 07:03 PM
doomsw: FART 06/26/12 01:44 AM
scottf: clownfaceshouldhavewontampaam 06/25/12 05:32 PM
mqmora: because my exwife has been under more sheets than the KKK. 06/25/12 04:43 PM
atorre: You guys are awesome!! Free shipping and no tax on my janoskis, Cant wait to order again. AND a digital product toss.... Ridiculous!! 06/25/12 11:46 PM
alex.1: need new shoes 06/25/12 10:39 PM
Zombie: Whats brown and rhymes with snoop?. Dr Dre 06/25/12 05:09 PM
leeway: i am a shoe in 06/25/12 11:34 PM
andybu: I need new shoes so come on hand them over 06/26/12 09:07 AM
Skatin: 2pac without a nose rang, thug life, 1 wife a mistress and a girlfiend 06/25/12 07:43 PM
Louis.: AHH just bought vans slips and im running through socks with these holeseses! gotta stick with the suede from now on. sk8 highs here i come! 06/26/12 02:05 AM
Kwhiru: Nice wouldnt mind a pair 06/25/12 09:26 PM
rockst: The money I will save on buying new shoes I will use to by new lube... not skate lube... 06/25/12 05:36 PM
sk8r4l: since 1966 06/26/12 10:26 AM
potter: this is crazy, pick me maybe 06/25/12 06:36 PM
ganjag: dude those look tight! 06/25/12 08:08 PM
Lostin: Got vans on my feet, ready to skeet skeet, size ten for this man, your biggest fan! 06/25/12 05:10 PM
brenda: love the AVnativE! 06/25/12 09:05 PM
xtreme: If I snapped my board for everytime I didnt win a DPT..I'd have about 8 snapped boards.. 06/25/12 08:32 PM
Shawn2: Pick me Ill pay for them! 06/25/12 10:31 PM
kylepg: im wet 06/25/12 09:41 PM


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