Vans Size 9 Digital Product Toss Results Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Vans Size 9 Digital Product Toss Results

Posted on Friday, June 29, 2012 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

Everyone gets a random number assigned, sorted, and someone whose email starts with "sjhurle" came out on top. Check your email, Mr. Sjhurle. Thanks for diving in on this DPT. Check out all the comments submitted here. They're in the random order that was done for the drawing.

sjhurl: Titty Sprinkles 06/28/12 11:10 AM
dtcsk8: fresh n fly, tryin to slip these on push some wood and ride up to make move on a couple fine breezies worst case least my shoes r steezey 06/28/12 09:17 AM
brian.: Will varial flips ever be cool? What if you YO the pluck out of it? 06/28/12 10:45 PM
iguoda: wow awesome!! 06/28/12 02:17 PM
shaqui: Classy-classic Vans. 06/28/12 10:28 AM
Gohawk: Cows On The Moon Moo When it Rains 06/28/12 09:17 AM
TimDre: Stay rad, have fun! 06/28/12 05:37 PM
Swit90: Wafflesole is where its at! Off the wall since 66! Represent! 06/28/12 11:31 AM
Skater: Keepin them hobos fresh 06/28/12 12:48 PM
Atr502: I heard that ave designed these shoes specifically for benihanas and double heel flips. I wanna find out. 06/28/12 09:30 AM
cashed: ave! 06/28/12 11:05 AM
cs2521: Somebodys gotta win right? 06/28/12 11:19 PM
pmiddl: How is each participent given an equal and just chance? 06/28/12 06:17 PM
paalle: Hit me off cuh! Pappy needs some new kicks! 06/28/12 10:28 AM
sk8r4l: since 1966 06/28/12 06:10 PM
dvsmzr: I have holes in the holes of my shoes 06/28/12 09:42 PM
jchare: i would really appreciate it if you sent these shoes. i been skating the same ones since last fall and i like to do kickflips and no complys 06/28/12 09:33 AM
manoli: i want em potato i want em potato i want em potato titstitstits potato i want em tits potato 06/28/12 09:17 AM
Lpesca: I love vans! And spot has some sick prices! And these are my size 06/28/12 09:33 AM
ELJARA: sheep looks dope! 06/28/12 01:49 PM
russel: Republican Buttocks 06/28/12 02:07 PM
mitche: my armpits smell like puppies 06/28/12 09:15 AM
tjsidg: vans 06/28/12 10:44 AM
Jonath: 8=====D~ 06/28/12 11:23 AM
sapsat: i need waffle grip! i got snaked at Tampa pro my only year in florida during the contest... didnt even get in -___- swing me a pair sz9 ! 06/28/12 09:58 AM
loyuji: Its the vans toss/ I'm like Shaefer, the dam boss/Tampa's so hot, but I stay cooler than Jack Frost 06/28/12 08:17 PM
chocal: need these 06/28/12 11:44 AM
cjccas: hi 06/28/12 10:42 AM
crawfo: Stick that fat daddy in your blouse 06/28/12 02:34 PM
cycleh: love vans, 10.5 06/28/12 09:30 AM
Lucasb: What have I been doing the past week........... Skimboarding. 06/28/12 10:16 AM
davism: i have yet to win one of these things 06/28/12 09:48 PM
donnel: I like them 06/28/12 09:32 PM
tashic: Pick me. 06/28/12 12:55 PM
Afrene: Vans for my boyfran! Got that waffle action! 06/28/12 11:38 AM
Spitin: Those aves are sick! 06/28/12 09:54 PM
Matted: Why do gorillas have big nostrils? Cause they have big fingers.... Still makes my 11 year old laugh. Miss the pix w/the wall backdrop :-( 06/28/12 09:19 PM
carson: Gimme that there pair o foot protectors, please. 06/28/12 11:53 AM
abskat: those shoes are the same color of my house!! 06/28/12 10:34 AM
dement: Id like these for my son. He's had Nike's (OH THE HORROR) for too long and I set them on fire yesterday. This would really help me out. 06/28/12 09:26 AM
Kurz11: 06/28/12 09:52 AM
Lakais: This is what happens when you pluck with SPOT!!! 06/28/12 09:23 AM
reigns: whhoooop! 06/28/12 02:13 PM
ffm39f: Brown all the way.......... 06/28/12 09:32 PM
skateb: Best shoes 06/28/12 09:48 AM
michae: what a great skate shoe 06/28/12 02:10 PM
delane: real men wear size 9! 06/28/12 09:55 AM
robmer: Sample size! 06/28/12 09:08 AM
Flysoc: Orgasmc pickle 06/28/12 09:17 AM
tjbsk8: ALL HAIL CARDIEL! 06/28/12 09:25 AM
nutsac: tittysprinkles. 06/28/12 09:20 AM
deanan: ay whas goin on pope can i get them shoe ples yo 06/28/12 10:09 AM
babyan: Hey man my name is Justin, I like to skate hard so I go through shoesquick, and where I live we have shop, so its hard to get quality good 06/28/12 01:50 PM
highgu: lemme get dat free chit 06/28/12 12:53 PM
curtis: if i win, this better come with stickers 06/28/12 04:25 PM
Lostin: Vans for my feet, get that got that waffle sole, waffle soul! 06/28/12 11:38 AM
xwilly: pluck my hass! 06/28/12 01:39 PM
jason7: Always remember, broken glass stays crunchy in milk. 06/28/12 09:09 PM
Shadow: 06/28/12 09:15 AM
collin: All i skate is vans, sick shoes. 06/28/12 02:39 PM
jmcrae: I might actually be able to fit these ones 06/28/12 10:35 AM


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