AmsterDamn Am 2012 Semi-Finals Heats

Posted on Saturday, July 7, 2012 by Rob

Top 10 from the Semi-Finals below join Youness and Hermann that are already in the Finals from getting top two in the Qualifiers. The format for the Semi-Finals and Finals is back to runs, not jams like the Qualifiers were.

Heat One

Zurich Switzerland, Age: 18
Nike SB, Volcom, Thunder (flow), Bones (flow), 242 Skateshop. Music choice: Hip Hop
London England, Age: 21
Vans, Almost, Dephect Clothing, Roots Movement. Music choice: Reggae
Manhattan Beach CA, Age: 17
Autobahn (flow), Left Over Hardware, Spyder Skate Shop . Music choice: Hip Hop
Rijswijk Netherlands, Age: 19
Hard Core Skate Shop, Almost, Crail Trucks, Quiksilver, Jessup, Skateboard Sweat Shop. Music choice: Metal
Rijswijk Netherlands, Age: 17
Vans, Volcom, Ricta Wheels, Independent Trucks, Manus Skateshop, Sweatshop Skatepark. Music choice: Anything
Porto Portugal, Age: 17
DC Portugal, Kate Skate Shop, About Skateboards. Music choice:
Malmo Sweden, Age: 19
Nike SB, Street Lab Skate Shop, Real, Spitfire, Thunder, Yellow Bearings, Darkness. Music choice:
Perpigan France, Age: 21
Nike SB, Cliche, Official, Spitfire, Indy. Music choice:
Caxias do sul Brazil, Age: 23
New, Identity, Liga Trucks, Hip, Freeday. Music choice:
Vierakker Netherlands, Age: 20
Burnside Skate Shop, Analog, Alien Workshop, Monster, Thunder, Spitfire, Iron Horse Grip. Music choice:
Ashford UK, Age: 21
Volcom Europe, Superdead Skateboards, Converse. Music choice:
San Francisco CA, Age: 23
FTC SF, Organika (flow), DC (flow), Spitfire (flow), Fourstar (flow). Music choice: Anything
Oklahoma City OK, Age: 18
Volcom, Thunder, Spitfire, Real, Vans, Active. Music choice: Juicy J
Rha Holland, Age: 18
El Santo Skateboards, Emerica, Theeve, Burnside Skatepark/Shop. Music choice:

Heat Two

Holland, Age: 16
Vans, Anti-Hero, Spitfire, Indy, 100% Skate Shop, Area 51. Music choice:
Gouda Netherlands, Age: 21
Lakai, Sevenply Skateshop, Royal, Girl, Bones. Music choice:
Larvik Norway, Age: 15
Indy, Volcom, Red Bull, Aktivist, The Shop, Bones, Vox. Music choice:
Rochester MN, Age: 17
3rd Lair, Volcom, Vans, Flip Skateboards, Spitfire Wheels, Thunder Trucks, Nixon. Music choice: Hip Hop
Belgium, Age: 24
Nike SB, New Era, LRG, ODK Skate Shop, Cliche (flow). Music choice:
Salvador Brazil, Age: 23
Vita Boards, Mad Rats, Crail. Music choice:
Deventer Netherlands, Age: 21
Emerica, Volcom Europe, Emerica Europe, Zero Europe, Indy, Burnside, Music choice: Hip Hop
Calabasas CA, Age: 13
Thunder Trucks, Real, Spitfire, Etnies, Volcom, ValSurf, Skatelab. Music choice: Anything
9: Tim Zom
Rotterdam Netherlands, Age: 24
Ben G, The Hundreds, Skate Mental, Nike SB. Music choice: ODB
Helsinki Finland, Age: 24
Volcom Europe, Emerica, Alien Workshop, Destructo, Perus Wheels. Music choice: Hip Hop
Deventer Netherlands, Age: 23
Burnside Skateshop, Ezekiel, Stereo, Theeve, HI-FI Wheels, Modus. Music choice:
Poperinge Belgium, Age: 17
Volcom Europe, Bones, Etnies, Red Bull, Zumiez, Alien Workshop. Music choice: Anything
Milan Italy, Age: 16
Nike SB, Enjoi (Flow), Contest Board Shop, Royal, Spy, Small Wheels. Music choice:
Gent Belgium, Age: 25
Volcom Europe, Globe, Zero, Zumiez, Home Made Skateboards. Music choice:

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